Sneak peek at exploring the world through sound with Foundbite

We've all been there. Whether it be on holiday or simply out and about, there have been those moments when you wanted to take some photos, but add a special element to bring them to life. This is where upcoming Windows Phone app Foundbite comes into play. The new app by Mendzapp, the developer behind VizAge and more, enables you to add sound recordings to photos and share them online. It's an interesting concept that bring photos to life.

The app sports a simple, yet elegant interface. Focusing on content, which is right up Microsoft's street. We've seen other apps and services attempt to put a spin on taking favourite snaps and sharing them with friends, but Foundbite really is a breath of fresh air. Utilising sound, Mendzapp is attempting to change how we share memories with others. An account is not required to browse around, but after registering you're good to go with creating your own entries. 


Capturing is the main focus of the app. Simply hit the capture button and you're taken to the main camera view with a handful of options available. These include the ability to configure the flash, as well as import previous sound recordings or photos. When you're ready to get cracking, simply take a picture as you would and the app will then start recording sound from that point (when the photo is saved), a counter will begin. You can then take more photos using the shutter button as the app continues to record sound.

The end result is actually really impressive (there are numerous foundbites on the official website - example 1 and 2). Here's a quick video looking at what Foundbite is all about (excuse the sample pasta cooking - seemed like the right thing to do at the time):

Those who are already on the beta have added some spectacular entries that will be worth checking out. You will be able to download Foundbite once the app is available on the Windows Phone Store. We'll let you all know when that time comes around. The official website is up, should you be interested to learn more ( and the team is still looking for beta testers, so be sure to get in touch with Mendzapp

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Definitely one of my favorite apps. I got in on it a month ago and it works without a hitch.
  • Thanks Mike :)
  • Love new ideas like this. Cannot wait to try it out!
  • There's actually a DVLUP challenge to do an app identical to this, so you'll probably see several more, all identical, apps very shortly.
  • No splash screen? Great.
  • Neat idea.  This is very similar to the "Sound and Shot" feature on the Samsung Galaxy S4.  
    The problem comes when you want to share these or any other recent innovative camera features (e.g. Cinemagraph, Blink, Photosynth; HTC's Zoe or Highlights).  These all look great on your phone, but for other people to actually see them they need to click a link and go off to some other hosted service site, or go through a separate social network.  Too much friction.  Then add in the issue of different operating systems and hardware and it becomes a bit of a crap-shoot whether the folks you share it with will actually see it the way you intend (if at all).  
  • Nothing was said on the capturing of the photo. Does this app have lens integration?
  • it does indeed :)
  • Awesome, many thanks!
  • "I´m cooking Pasta with tuuunaaaa" hahaha lmao! xD
  • Yay now I can share some sample foundbites, I've found it's great for live music and buskers:
  • wow those are fantastic. i can not wait to get this app when I have a WP8
  • Thanks for sharing. Does the app let you view full screen? Small image partly negates the idea of this bringing you closer to the experience of being there.
  • Yes the app lets you tap on a foundbite to make it larger
  • awww I can't use it because I still have the Lumia 900.... some day my phone will come. :(
  • Just saw a new camera where not only it takes a photo but also captures its aroma,like taking a photo of a flower. As soon as you open the photo,it releases the aroma also. That would be cool,right?