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Sneak Peek: SEGA emulator for Windows Phone 7 [Video]

We mentioned Sonic's Jewels (SJ7) the other day as coming to Windows Phone. The SEGA Game Gear and Master System emulator has been submitted to the Windows Phone Marketplace and should be made available to all in the next few days. Coming with a free trial, the emulator will ultimately fetch for $1.29 which we find to a great price for this well designed app.

We've playing with it for a few days now and while there is currently no sound (the devs are hoping to get that working in the future) we found the emulation and presentation top notch. The app is fluid, intuitive to use and has built in Skydrive support for importation of your ROM collection. With the ability for three saved-states per game, pinnable Live Tiles for each game and the excellent progress indicators, we're very impressed with the effort here.

We'll keep you posted when Sonic's Jewels goes live in the Marketplace in the next few days. Until then, enjoy our video tour.

Update: This app is now known as Blue Tomato.

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  • Why is sound an issue with these emulators? Good news either way though
  • Was wondering that myself
  • Emulating sound is not an easy thing. we hope to get sound working soon. 
  • Sonic!!!
  • cool, but where's that sonic cd game?
  • I have an iPod touch so I just got that about a month ago and while playing, I thought, wait, when's this coming for my optimus 7q?
  • Oh happy Sega Genesis days!
  • I love the counter-clockwise transitions ;)
  • Looks really nice, can't wait =)
  • Dude what we really need is a snes emulator. That would be so cool!!! I would faint if we got one of those for FREE
  • Yh I'd love to play some legend of Zelda on my phone
  • Or some super Mario RPG or chrono trigger or earthbound! Oohh man that would be awesome!!! Well for now I can just dream.
  • Because sonic is licensed by SEGA how can this make it thru the marketplace?
  • It could be 3 or 4 dollars with sound... Someone is providing a service, you get what you pay... When sound is added, it just may raise the price... Support the dev now for a better price!
  • well its nice to know someone will get $1.29 from something that would be useless without illegal roms.
    I dont want to sound rude or something and I know developer spent time and all, but seriously, charging for something that would mean nothing without something illegal like roms, its annoying.
    its not like i hoped all apps in marketplace were free, but first, this emulator doesnt even have sound, and second, my problem is that it is an emulator and like i said it works with roms that aren't legal, becuase noone will pay for them.
    yeah I know people would hate me because i would ruin the party and remove it if i was Microsoft lol but i just dont think this is legal (of course because of the "free" roms, since i know developers wont pay license for each game people play). and charging because its the only sega emulator for windows phone so there is no free alternatives, doesnt make it better.
    I dont know I dont know i must be just a troll, who has never paid for an emulator but donating becuase i choose to do so like i did with GGPO software. ;)
  • But you see, saying that you don't troll makes you into one here because there are some people (me included) that actually found out the legal process in obtaining ROMs. 
    For the record, if you have in your posisiton Sonic 2, you are allowed to have a backup (read: ROM) for your personal use.  You can't sell it and on a state by state basis, you can give it others (only without charging). 
    If you never owned the the Cartridge, then downloading the ROM is illegal. 
    Where things get dicey, when emulators alter the original code or when someone hacks the ROM.
  • That's friggin' AWESOME. I was always a Sega fanboy, so seeing 9001 NES emulators and zero Master System emulators made me weep hedgehog-shaped tears. Phantasy Star, Space Harrier, on the go... my life is almost complete! :D My sincerest and humblest thanks to the devs. Looking forward to sound, and maybe someday... a Genesis emulator? Buying this one the second it hits the marketplace.
  • Really, people questioning the devs asking a little contribution should just say they prefer to leech off of tpb and get a life.. Seriously..
  • I would love to be able to play any Shining Force part on my phone. It should be properly ported to WP7.5 though and I would be willing to shell out quite a lot for it.
  • You just made my day by mentioning shining force. Those games are so awesome. I wonder if either of the shining force gaiden games have English translated roms out there? Double dream come true.
  • Why is it called Sonci's Jewels, if there are no sonic games for those systems?
  • There are Sonic games for both Master System and Gamegear, my good sir.
  • Actually, if you can get the orginal cart  of Sonic for the master system(with box and manual), it's worth some $$$$, it's pretty rare these days.
  • I'm so looking forward for a GameBoy Color emulator, even if it's homebrew, so I can rock my pokemons on the go. I don't even know if it's doable, but it'd be so cool.
  • Never mind. Just found one.
  • I have a suggestion for those upset about the price, develop a free emulator. Just because this is the only emulator does not mean you have to purchase it.
  • I will order it likely. I like to support the developer. Plus if I can play some Lanstalker, Shining Force and Aerobiz, I am game. Sound or not. I got my own music I can listen to.
  • I hope more emulators come out for WP it's a great reminder how far we have come from our early days of gaming. Hopefully they come out with SNES emulator=)
  • Nice find, I hope they get the sound working, I wont buy it till then. vNESlight is a really nice NES emulator and while sound can get "choppy" time to time, it's almost 95% perfect on a first gen device. It's pretty impressive.
    The Dev who created it has put many hours into it, and his is free.
    Hi DavidinCT,
    I'm Samuel Blanchard, the creator of Sonic's Jewels.
    I'm also the creator of Wario's Jewels, a gameboy pocket emulator on Windows Phone. 
    I've read the line of your post "The Dev who created it has put many hours into it, and his is free." and I want to explain why Sonic's Jewels is not completly free.
    Wario's Jewels (my old emulator) is also completly free, with a donation to support the developper (me), as VNes Light. After 4000 downloads (it is not on marketplace cause it's a pure homebrew) and fews month of share, the amount of all donations is 5$. I'm not obsessed by money but 5$ !
    I don't know if Nuduaa, the creator of VNes Light, has earned a lot of money with donation but now I prefere a model more participatory. You can play at one game in trial mode but if you love the app, want more options and support the developper, you could consider to buy the app for the price of a coffee (in France ;) ).
    Sorry for this long explanation and my hasardous english.
    To be forgiven here is a little scoop : The sound is now implemented in the next version. You'll lost one or two frames when you play with the sound (depend of the game) but the experience is more immersive :)
    Bye !