So, what the heck is Phantom Dust? This video explains the basics of how to play

Phantom Dust was a JRPG designed to help the original Xbox make it in the Japanese market 13 years ago. It's an action game, complete with a single player story mode and a complex multiplayer mode, that revolves around character customization through card deck building.

Microsoft Studios just posted a great video explaining how the game works, what it is, and what you can expect when it launches for free tomorrow on Xbox One and Windows 10.

Watch Microsoft Studios Creative Director @Ishmae1 talk deck building, multiplayer, and strategy in #PhantomDust.— Microsoft Studios (@MSStudiosBlog) 15 May 2017

In Phantom Dust, you play as an "Esper," who has the ability to manipulate the dust that has choked the Earth. Nobody alive knows how, or why the Earth died, but it's your job to venture into the ruins and attempt to piece together the truth.

In multiplayer, you'll be able to build combinations of all sorts of crazy abilities. From magic missiles, to giant lazers, to flaming swords. With limitless combinations, Phantom Dust players are encouraged to experiment and find a build that suits their playstyle and aesthetic preferences. Phantom Dust is a game where there is no true "perfect build," so synergizing with your friend's abilities and weaknesses will be paramount to victory.

Phantom Dust launches tomorrow as an Xbox Play Anywhere title across Windows 10 and Xbox One, and we can't wait.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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