Logitech's Streamlabs Ultra Product Suite adds a powerful new podcast editor on PC

Streamlabs is partnering with Rhett & Link to promote their new podcast editor software.
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What you need to know

  • Logitech's Streamlabs provides free and paid subscription tools for life streamers.
  • The Streamlabs Ultra subscription service is being updated with a new Podcast Editor
  • The Podcast editor uses text-based editing to auto generate transcripts, resize content for Tiktok and other platforms, and customize their clips and images.
  • Logitech partners with large creators to promote the Streamlabs Ultra subscription, including Rhett & Link from Good Mythical Morning.

Logitech's Streamlabs service is adding a new set of podcasting tools to its Streamlabs Ultra subscription service.  With these new tools users who are subscribed to Streamlabs Ultra will be able to utilize the built in Podcast Editor to make the most of their content by auto-generating transcripts, resize content for easier promotion across platforms like Tiktok and Instagram, include real-time translations and further customize their clips. Streamlabs uses text-based editing methods for these functions, making them easy to use and accessible regardless of your editing skill level.

Streamlabs will also be embracing AI-assisted tools to make it easier for the user to locate clip highlights, truncate silence and remove filler words like "ums" and "oohs" from their content. This quick and efficient method for editing will speed up the process by hours.

According to Streamlabs more than 464.7 million people listen to podcasts globally, so the addition of the Podcast Editor comes at a time when more people than ever have the potential to tune in and hear your content.  This further expands to Just Chatting content on Twitch which has an estimated 826 million hours of watch time just in Q1 of 2023. With the Podcast Editor software those Just Chatting streamers can further optimize their content for redistribution on other platforms, expanding their reach to new viewers and listeners.

While Streamlabs Ultra subscribers have the option to edit up to 40 hours of content through the software as part of their subscription, you can try out the Podcast Editor tools in order to edit up to one hour's worth of content per month for free.  A Streamlabs Ultra subscription also comes with additional software including Streamlabs Desktop, the Streamlabs Web Suite, Streamlabs Mobile, Talk Studio Pro, Video Editor Pro, and Cross Clip Pro. Regardless of the content you make or how you want to share it Streamlabs has a tool to help you further improve your engagement.

As part of the Streamlabs Ultra program, Logitech and Streamlabs have partnered with a multitude of streamers to promote the software. One streamer, QTCinderella, has grown her Twitch subscriber count by nearly one million users since she began streaming in 2018.  "If you're not posting to other platforms, you're shooting yourself in the foot", said QTCinderella. In addition, to further spread the news of Streamlabs' new Podcast Editor the Logitech-owned brand has partnered with Rhett & Link of Good Mythical Morning fame.

We wish the Streamlabs Podcast Editor and Talk Studio tools existed when we were first starting out as creators. We could have saved a lot of time and tedious work. Maybe we could have even moved out of Rhett’s father-in-law’s basement quicker. Although the large pipe directly above our heads that made a loud noise whenever someone flushed the toilet did add a little flair to our live streams.

Rhett & Link, Good Mythical Morning

The popular Youtubers have amassed a large audience across their long-running Youtube channels and have stated that they wished the Podcast Editor software had been around when they were just starting their Youtube journey.

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  • GraniteStateColin
    Cole (or anyone who has used this), do you know if this could be used for other narrative recordings, like to provide an AI based summary of spoken content, or is it purely for podcast specific applications? What's included with a one-time purchase and what requires a subscription?

    If this could do summaries (text or spoken) based on an audio recording, this could be a huge deal for us and tens of thousands of our clients, but most probably wouldn't want to pay an ongoing fee for a subscription.