Microsoft Edge Dev now notifies you when earning Microsoft Rewards points

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft recently released an update to Edge Dev that brings the browser to build 104.0.1287.1.
  • The update adds the option to show a notification when a person earns Microsoft Rewards points.
  • It also includes a handful of improvements and changed behaviors.

Microsoft Edge Dev build 104.0.1287.1 is now available. The latest version of the browser includes a few new features, including the option to show notifications when a person earns Microsoft Rewards points. It's a relatively small update, but it also includes the standard set of reliability improvements and changed behaviors.

Here are the added features in the build, as listed in a Microsoft Tech Community post:

  • Added a display notification when Microsoft Rewards points increase.  
  • Added an option to provide translation information with feedback for Android. 
  • Added a new policy to manage mini menu settings. 

Below are the changed behaviors brought by the update:

  • Improved accessibility for screen readers by changing the narrator announcement from "item, selected" to "item, checked/unchecked" after invoking a checkbox menu item.  
  • Enabled the ability to return to the new tab page news feed after opening an article by pressing the back button. 
  • Fixed a crash when selecting an option on the permissions notification on mobile.  
  • Improved discoverability of restored bookmarks, instead of putting them into the Other Favorites they now go into a folder called Restored Favorites 

In related browser news, Microsoft retired Internet Explorer earlier this week. The company has tried to shift people toward Edge for years and took a major step in that direction with the retirement of Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer helped people connect to the web for over 25 years, but Microsoft has taken a more modern approach to browsing with Edge.

Microsoft Edge Dev

Microsoft Edge Dev

Microsoft has several Insider versions of Edge, including Canary, Dev, and Beta. Edge Dev sits in the middle of those channels, allowing people to test out experimental features without dealing with the instabilities seen in Edge Canary.

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