Microsoft gives Microsoft 365 users ‘premium filters’ for Clipchamp video editor

Microsoft's Clipchamp video editor (Image credit: Daniel Rubino)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Clipchamp is its new video editor for Windows 11 that will be tied closer to Microsoft Office
  • Free users already get plenty of features, but now those with a Microsoft 365 account get a small bonus
  • Microsoft has substantially revised its Clipchamp subscription model over the last year

Microsoft Clipchamp may have an awful name, but its most-online video editor has improved since the company bought it in September 2021.

One of the significant areas for improvement has been around the complex pricing structure, which went from four tiers initially (free, creator, business, business platinum) ranging from free to $40 a month to a more streamlined free and $12 a month (essentials). It also bumped the free tier from a measly 720P output to full HD at 1080P.

New Microsoft 365 tier for Clipchamp with bonus feature. (Image credit: Future)

Now, in a slight shift, the company is giving those with a Microsoft 365 subscription another perk to the free tier: Premium filters and effects.

Microsoft noted in November 2021 that it was integrating Clipchamp into Office and Microsoft 365, so the news is not a total surprise, but now we see the first real signs of it.

Currently, if you log into Clipchamp with a non-Microsoft 365 account, you only get “free filters and effects,” with the premium ones being reserved for the $12-a-month essentials package.

Some of the premium filters in Clipchamp (Image credit: Daniel Rubino)

Out of the 57 filters in the library, nine are listed as premium, including warm countryside, dreamscape, soft B&W, winter sunset, cool tone, and sunrise. 

Likewise, for music and SFX, there are plenty of sound clips like hip hop, energy intro, bouncy walk instrumental, dark tense trailer, whoosh lower pitch, and dozens of others listed under premium.

Subscribing to the essentials package still gets you access to premium audio, image, and video stock in addition to a “brand kit” with logos, colors, and fonts.

It’ll be curious to see what else Microsoft brings to Clipchamp in the coming months and years, but at least it is adding value to its paying users with this small change.

You can read our Clipchamp review from earlier this spring to get more of an idea of what to expect from Microsoft's free video editor.

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