Microsoft Teams gets infused with a host of AI-powered features including Copilot to make hybrid meetings a breeze

Microsoft Teams gets Copilot features
(Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft is adding AI-powered capabilities to its video-conferencing app, Teams.
  • The features include intelligent call recap and enhancements for the Copilot in meeting experience, designed to provide information and insights from the meeting chat and generate meeting transcripts.
  • Hybrid meetings on Teams are also about to improve with Microsoft IntelliFrame, which will help identify and capture individual video feeds of each in-room participant.

Microsoft Teams is arguably one of the best video conferencing and productivity tools available in the workspace market. This can be attributed to the nifty features it ships with, which are designed to enhance communication while improving hybrid work. 

It isn't a secret that Microsoft is placing all its bets on generative AI. The company has integrated the technology across its wide portfolio of products and services, and it recently announced that it is supercharging Microsoft Teams with a handful of Copilot-themed features.

An AI infused Microsoft Teams for better collaboration

The feature is designed to provide AI-powered insights and recaps for VoIP and Public Switched Telephone Network calls in Teams.  (Image credit: Microsoft)

Right off the bat, Microsoft has highlighted its plans to enhance the Copilot in meeting experience in May. The feature will provide information and insights from the meeting chat and generate meeting transcripts for future reference. Teams users will get a comprehensive account of everything that transpired during the meeting directly from Copilot in the meeting chat, including the transcript and chat thread.

Copilot is also making its way to Teams' chat compose box. As you'd expect, you can leverage its capabilities to fine-tune your message before sending it. Microsoft says the capability to generate messages using a prompt will be available soon, too.

The new enhancements include a neat feature dubbed intelligent call recap. The AI-powered feature generates insights and recaps for VoIP and Public Switched Telephone Network calls in Teams. It's expected to ship to general availability for Teams Premium and Copilot users in June.

It's about to get even better for hybrid roles

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft acknowledges that Teams users often encounter issues, especially when the meeting consists of both h in-room and remote attendees. Trying to figure out the meeting attendees in the room or, even worse, who's speaking can be like an extreme sport.

But this is about to change with Microsoft IntelliFrame, a neat feature that leverages Cloud AI to "identify and capture individual video feeds of each in-room participant." The feature is enabled by default to ensure that hybrid meetings run smoothly and seamlessly. 

It's worth noting that Microsoft intends to complement the feature with automatic camera-switching. It will leverage AI capabilities to "determine and select the optimized view of each person in a meeting room." It is slated to hit broad availability later this year. 

While we've only highlighted some of the key AI features shipping to Microsoft Teams, even more features, including voice isolation and speaker recognition, are expected to ship to the platform later this year.

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