Microsoft unveils new 'Microsoft 365' hub app for Windows, mobile, and web

Microsoft 365 app logo
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft is rebranding the Office hub app as "Microsoft 365."
  • It features a new logo and a handful of new features.
  • New features include an updated feed UI and redesigned apps module interface.

Microsoft has unveiled a big update to the Office app on Windows, Android, and iOS at Microsoft Ignite 2022, which rebrands the app to “Microsoft 365” and adds a handful of new features and changes. The new app is an “evolution” of the previous experience, designed to align the service with the rest of the Microsoft 365 brand.

In addition to the already available features of the old Office app, which consists of being able to create new documents, see a list of recently opened documents, and access locally or cloud-saved files and content, the new rebranded app experience adds the following new features and enhancements:

Microsoft 365 app on Windows

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  • A new feed: A new way to keep up with work by showcasing shared files from the people users work with and trending content in a bite-sized card format.
  • Apps module: A redesigned interface to access any Microsoft 365 app and related third-party apps. The apps module is now available on mobile for the first time.
  • Tagging: A new, intuitive way for users to organize their work independent of where files are stored.

Microsoft says the updated app with the new Microsoft 365 branding will begin rolling out in November. The new app, just like the old one, is a web app and is based on web technology, which allows Microsoft to provide the same experience across different platforms, including the web browser, Windows, and mobile platforms.

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