Elgato's new teleprompter looks perfect for streamers and content creators

Elgato Prompter
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What you need to know

  • The recently announced Elgato Prompter is a (relatively) affordable way to add a teleprompter to your PC.
  • The Elgato Prompter attaches to a display or laptop and works with a variety of cameras, including Elgato's Facecam Pro, smartphones, and both DSLR and mirrorless cameras.
  • The Elgato Prompter is available today for $279.99.

Elgato just announced and launched a new accessory that may become a must-have for streamers. The Elgato Prompter is a teleprompter that lets you read a script or the comment section of streams while looking straight at your camera.

The Elgato Prompter is essentially a small monitor that connects to your PC through USB-C. The 9-inch screen is then reflected through glass, allowing a camera behind the prompter to record you without showing what's on the screen. The device works with Elgato's Facecam Pro, smartphones, and other types of cameras, including both DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

Because of how it can be positioned on a screen, you should look natural while reading text from the Elgato Prompter when it's placed in front of your webcam. To make that setup more achievable, you can attach a camera to the Elgato Prompter directly.

Elgato Prompter | $279.99 at Elgato

Elgato Prompter | $279.99 at Elgato

This teleprompter lets you read from a script or Twitch comment stream while looking at a camera directly. It works with Elgato's Facecam Pro, smartphones, and both DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

Back in the day, teleprompters were well known for helping newscasters and actors read from a script. They're still useful for that, of course, but the Elgato Prompter can also help game streamers. When you stream to an audience, it's fun to interact with your viewers. Having comments from a Twitch stream or a video call directly at eye level should make interacting look more natural.

Since the Elgato Prompter acts as a secondary monitor, you can place any content from your PC onto it. That means there aren't any limits regarding which apps you can place on the screen. The accessory also has a Twitch mode that shows the comment section of a stream.

An Elgato Stream Deck plug-in lets you control text that appears on the Elgato Prompter as well.

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