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What you need to know

  • EarTrumpet is a third-party volume mixer that lets you control your computer's volume and audio devices.
  • The developers of EarTrumpet just released an update to version of the app.
  • The update adds several options and the ability to use the Windows key in shortcuts.

EarTrumpet is one of the first apps I install when I set up a new PC. It gives you granular control over the system audio of Windows 11 and makes it easy to manage all of your audio devices. Recently, the developers of EarTrumpet rolled out an update that brings the app to version 2.3

The update adds a list of shortcuts and changes that give more control over your computer's audio. For example, you can turn the ability to change volume with a scroll wheel on or off. Support for using the Windows key in shortcuts has been added as well. While none of the changes are major, they add up to an overall better experience.

Here are all of the improvements from the change log:

  • Added setting to turn on/off ability to change volume with the scroll wheel anywhere (thanks @Tester798!)
  • Added setting to turn on/off ability to change volume with the scroll wheel when hovering over the EarTrumpet icon (thanks @Tester798!)
  • Added new community settings area
  • Added new community setting to turn on/off use of a logarithmic volume scale (thanks @yonatan-mitmit!)
  • Added legacy shortcuts to the context menu pointing to [App volume and device preferences] / [Volume mixer]
  • Added ability to use the Windows key in shortcuts (thanks @iamevn!)
  • Added linguistic display name sorting for audio devices (thanks @Tester798!)
  • Added a workaround for Windows Search (CortanaUI) showing a default asset (X) icon
  • Fixed an issue where installation of EarTrumpet via AppInstaller would fail if the Visual C++ libs package was not installed
  • Fixed an issue where EarTrumpet tooltips were not updating live while scrolling the mouse wheel on Windows 10 (thanks @krlvm!)
  • Forced EarTrumpet to render in software-only mode to keep it off power hungry GPUs.
  • Improved the flyout animation (thanks @krlvm!)

While I personally prefer EarTrumpet over what Windows 11 offers natively, some may prefer the improved volume mixer that's new to Windows.

EarTrumpet | Free at Microsoft Store

EarTrumpet | <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">Free at Microsoft Store

This third-party volume mixer gives you granular controls over your computer's audio. It's one of the first apps I recommend to anyone setting up a PC.

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