Gamers rejoice! Windows 11 is getting native support for configuring RGB devices and peripherals

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft has announced plans to bring native RGB peripheral controls to Windows 11.
  • Users will be able to customize RGB devices like keyboards, mice, and monitors directly in Windows Settings without needing to download third-party software.
  • The feature should roll out later this year as part of Windows 11's version 23H2 release.

Microsoft is adding native support for customizing RGB devices and peripherals directly into Windows 11, the company has announced. Users will soon be able to configure the color of the keyboard, mouse, monitor, and other RGB accessories directly via Windows Settings without needing to download third-party software first.

This new feature is called Dynamic Lighting and brings native RGB customization options to Windows 11. Microsoft says the feature will go into public preview this month, giving users and developers a chance to try out the new functionality.

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The feature was announced as part of Microsoft's Build 2023 developer conference:

"With Dynamic Lighting, Windows users will be able to effortlessly setup and customize their devices with RGB lights directly from Windows Settings. It has never been easier to help all your RGB accessories seamlessly work together for Windows apps."

Many RGB devices come with their third-party customization software, which offers many unique features and variety designed specifically for your device but can often be bogged down with unnecessary extras and features you might not want or need.

Having basic support for customizing the lighting on a device will go a long way for users who want to change how their lights look without the need for a third-party program running in the background, taking up system resources. Some third-party OEM software is heavy (looking at you, Razer.)

Dynamic Lighting is just one of many new features that Microsoft has announced as coming soon to Windows 11 today. The company has also unveiled a new AI Copilot feature which brings Bing Chat and ChatGPT integration to Windows 11, improvements to the Taskbar, and much more.

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