Here is the new Solitaire Collection found in Windows 10 10061 preview build

The virtual version of the classic Solitaire PC card game from Microsoft has returned as a free bundled feature in the new Windows 10 10061 preview build.

The game was previously included in older versions of Windows but was removed from Windows 8 in 2012, although Microsoft did offer a version of Solitaire as a free-to-play app in the Windows Store, complete with Xbox Live support. That same game was released for Windows Phone devices in 2013.

While the addition of Solitaire to Windows 10 is not as big of a deal as, say, the return of the Start menu, it does show that Microsoft wants people who abandoned Windows 8 to know that many of the features that were ditched for that OS are returning.

Via: Steve Troughton-Smith (Twitter)

  • Looks pretty much like the Microsoft solitaire game on the Windows phone store!
  • Not exactly, the current 8.1 version is a closer match
  • Great
  • Nice addition... Keep up the great work Microsoft... Can't wait for it to get released
  • Not good for low-memory Windows tablets...
  • these apps hardly use any space and they do not affect RAM or anything. What's the problem exactly?
  • On a 4GB memory phone, every MB matters...
  • I remember seeing an ugly looking recycle bin icon in the beginning of W10 previews. But in these screenshots, recycle bin looks far better and infact beautiful!. Did they changed it or what?
  • They brought back the Windows 9x Recycle bin.
  • ^THIS
    I really hope they change that thing before the final build. It just looks plain ugly, imo.
  • Please stop this stupid recycle bin nonsense. The engineers need to focus on features, not on how you percieve a little icon. But for the record, this one is even worse, IMO.
  • Flash news: The engineers don't do the art, they just integrate it. And if they have time enough to integrate a recycle bin icon, why on earth does it have to look like crap?
  • Because no matter what they put in there, someone is going to say it looks like crap. Simple fact is it doesn't matter how he trash icon look. The app just need to perform the function it was designed for. Can't the user just change teh icon if they don't like it later?
  • @RHoudek: Design is not nonsense my friend. If it was, windows phone would've been a huge success. People 'see' things first. That gives the first impression. Then they use it. I respect your opinion but i believe this one looks far better than the childish-doodle-looking icon we saw in the beginning. I'm not saying this one is the best. But this one is better.
  • I'm a huge fan of design, I just think the hullaballo about the bin icon is way overstated. Also, I think the design of the one above, looks very old. At least the one you hated matched the rest of the new windows 10 design.
  • \\Also, I think the design of the one above, looks very old.\\
    True that. There is a saying that "If it aint broke, don't fix it". But unfortunately Microsoft never heard about it. This old design looks far better than the one i hated. Oh and one company who know the meaning of that sentence is raking profits with selling Moto G2 like hotcakes. They didn't remove anything. They added(improved) things. Microsoft always remove people's favorite or let me say their selling point features and hope for the best. It's like removing a parachute, just before you jump off a plane. I don't know if i will ever understand microsoft's business strategy for Windows phones.
  • And we used to have pinball ..
  • Pinball FX2 is great!!
  • Oh yeah!
  • Wen in india?
  • If you're joking, it's funny. If you're serious, it's annoying.
  • It stopped being funny a long time ago. Now it is just stupid and/or annoying.
  • It's up there with "seems faster". Sad thing is Daniel seems to endorse it.
  • Minesweeper is what I'm really waiting for...
  • Here's hoping they bring back Chess, Minesweeper, Pinball...
  • one word: pinball
  • I couldn't play Asphalt 8 in Build 10061. Does anybody know how to solve this problem?
  • Can't wait to play it next time my internet goes down! ..   I'm looking at you Comcast..
  • I wonder what's inside that hamburger menu...
  • Hamburgers!
  • Lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and pickles.
  • A lot of time is gonna be passed playing this...i myself have wasted a lot of time in solitaire in Win 7...but never really bothered to play in 8
  • This is good news and a pretty big deal.
  • That wallpaper
  • That wallpaper though.
  • Bring back every classic games! Especially: CHESS
  • hopefully the do this with all the classic microsoft games ;) like minesweeper, chess, etc etc hopefully this is going to be a universal app and daily challenges are coming to windows 10 phones as well? :)
  • Still the same five games. Why? There are dozens of solitaire variants!
  • Seems faster? ;-)
    Really: solitaire collection is the game that makes my surface pro run hot like hell and I removed it from phone because you can't recharge as fast as it sucks power from the battery. I really don't get it how such a simple game can drain the batteries this fast.
  • It's no better on the phone. :/
  • Looks like the Arkadium version for Windows 8. Lots of adverts and use the battery up but a good game. Need internet.
  • My mom just gonna love this!!
  • So is this version a stripped-down version of the w8 build
  • Wish they'd bring back tinker with level editor/sharing
  • like the graphics of this game
  • Hope this is an indication that they're considering bringing back the many other GUIs they removed from Windows 7, including the network management GUIs...