Some big discounts to be had in the Xbox European Special Sale!

It's hard sometimes being outside the U.S. and watching all the sweet exclusive deals roll by. But Xbox has something special for those of us in Europe this week, with some big discounts on games that our American buddies can't have!

The European Special Sale Event has some tasty discounts to offer on a range of both Xbox One and Xbox 360 backwards compatible games, with some big titles in the mix. Here are some of the highlights:

There's plenty more where that came from, so check out the full list linked below.

All the titles in the Xbox European Special Sale Event! (opens in new tab)

Richard Devine
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  • yeah finally something for us too.
  • I see as many Amazon UK deals on here as the US, though if you are speaking of deals from Microsoft, then you may have a point.
  • Well I'm not British. In most parts of Europe we have the euro and without a credit card I'm not able to buy something from Amazon UK.
    And most deals and even some services are exclusive for the US. The e-book shop for example. And most of the big deals in the US. You guys even have different content in the store to begin with and that without any real reason.
    And I don't want to compare the US Cortana with the UK Cortana, the German Cortana or the fact that other German speaking countries don't have Cortana at all. That makes no sense.
    MS is still very focused on the US while other companies like Google and Apple bring their products and services to all people. That's sad. And btw I'm not talking about Windows central. I'm talking about MS.
  • I apologize, I wasn't aware of the shipping restrictions of Amazon, though it makes kind of makes sense. Don't get me started on digital purchase / streaming rights. To really don't understand why in this day and age everything isn't available everywhere. It's a joke even in the same country, this service can't have this set of shows or only for a period of time, and it's always changing.
  • I wonder if this is related to Games Pass. I expect that they may be trying to get some sales prior to some titles hitting that service.
  • Boooo... This isn't making America great again lol... Great deals for those across the pond.