Some big ReCore news is coming on August 20

Some big ReCore news is coming on August 20

News around 2016's Microsoft Studios-published ReCore has been relatively tame since the game's launch, but it looks like something fairly big is coming . The official ReCore Twitter account has teased an announcement for August 20, seemingly hinting at a new addition to game's lineup of robot companions (via OnMSFT).

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The image accompanying the tweet shows off Tank, a robot that was promised to be added to the game with an update. It's also possible that we may get our first official hints at what's in store for ReCore: Definitive Edition, a version of the game that was recently leaked in a mistaken change to the game's official Xbox listing.

While the addition of Tank seems to be a given, it's less clear what a ReCore: Definitive Edition might contain. However, since the release of the Xbox One X is right around the corner, it's possible that we could see some visual enhancements — including a bump to 4K — tag along in a future update.

In any case, we'll know much more about what's in store for ReCore on August 20. For now, you can grab the Xbox Play Anywhere game and give it a shot for $40 at the Microsoft Store.

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  • It is a real cool game, but I'm an older not so skilled gamer and wish I had some easier to play abilities
  • it should go free to play, that's the only way anyone will care about it. it was a mediocre game when I played the demo
  • I bought it when it was $19.99.  For being an XBOX Play Anywhere title it was a no brainer.  I haven't beaten the game myself, but from what I played I enjoy it.  My daughter is close to beating it and hopes there is more to the game soon.
  • Such a good game.  Sad that it was released in an unfinished state.  Hoping the Gamescom announcement will fix that
  • This should be the "ReCore: Definitive Edition". Again, I'm hoping for a steam version.
  • Let's be honest: the addition of Tank will not bring much value unfortunately as your can access the running sands area with other robots and play the dungeon (yes - it's playable already!). What I'm really hopping? ReCore 2!