ReCore: Definitive Edition briefly outed in Xbox achievements list

Though we have yet to hear any official word on the matter, a ReCore: Definitive Edition appears to be on its way. Some eagle-eyed Reddit users spotted a change to ReCore's art in the Xbox One achievement list. The new cover, which was only briefly displayed on the list before being pulled, clearly shows the title "ReCore: Definitive Edition."

ReCore: Definitive Edition

What's curious about the spotting is that the image was swapped with the standard ReCore achievement listing. This could hint that current owners may be in line for an upgrade to the Definitive Edition once released, but that's only speculation for now. Given the criticism of the game for launching in an unfinished state, however, it would make sense to form some good will with those who have already made the purchase.

Given that the Xbox One X is also right around the corner, it's likely we'll see some enhancements for the new console as well. A move to 4K and enhanced visuals could be in the cards.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Free upgrade, or inexpensive upgrade like Ori and the Blind Forest would be swell! I liked what I've played of ReCore so far, but I've had a hard time getting into it. I might have to give it another chance, especially if the framerate smooths out in this definitive edition. Unfortunately due to my GTX 760, it's no better, or slightly worse on PC, than my Xbox.
  • How does it get a definitive edition if its still not complete......or am I missing some dlc out there?
  • Yes. New DLC incoming.
  • Usually "Definite Edition" means the game, plust all DLC and patches. 
  • Hope this comes on steam soon...
  • I wanted this game but it's so expensive. In the Store, in the local currency translated to USD, it costs like 70 bucks. No kidding. W. T. F.
  • Except that it should be renamed - ReCore: The Full Game We Should Have Originally Launched 
    Subtitle: How we killed an original Microsoft IP
  • Was waiting to jump in I guess when the X drops I'll be picking this one up!
  • This game needs to fix its ending..