Some Office 365 users accidentally got capped at 1TB of OneDrive storage

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Microsoft is offering an apology to some Office 365 subscribers, who suddenly found they had a 1TB cap on their previously-unlimited OneDrive cloud storage account. As a result, those users found that some of their files were available only as read-only documents.

You may remember that in November, Microsoft announced that the unlimited storage space on OneDrive for Office 365 subscribers was ending, due to what the company called the abuse of this feature by a few users. However, they were supposed to get a 12-month grace period so they could transfer their files before OneDrive would go down to the 1TB storage cap.

According to ZDNet, some Office 365 users found they had a 1TB OneDrive file cap over the weekend, and wondered if Microsoft had decided not to honor the 12-month grace period. However, a statement from Microsoft says this was indeed a mistake:

"Some OneDrive customers may have been prematurely migrated to a 1TB storage plan. Data stored with OneDrive remains secure during this process, and we're working hard to revert those users back to their original plan as soon as possible. All Office 365 users with over 1TB of storage will be able to keep that storage limit for at least one year as previously announced. Please stay tuned to the OneDrive blog for future storage plan updates."

Microsoft did not elaborate why this mistake was made, nor did they offer a specific date when they plan to restore those Office 365 users back to their original OneDrive plan.

Source: ZDNet

John Callaham