Some Surface Pro 3s suffering from yet another battery drain bug

Windows 10 on Surface Pro 3
Windows 10 on Surface Pro 3

It looks like the Surface Pro 3's battery woes may not be over, as a number of users are reporting issues with fast battery drain following a recent update. In particular, while an update in late August addressed a specific battery drain problem in Surface Pro 3 units equipped with batteries manufactured by Simplo, the same update appears to have introduced a similar bug to units packed with batteries manufactured by another firm: LGC.

According to a long thread on the Microsoft Answers forum (via Infoworld), Surface Pro 3 units with batteries manufactured by LGC appear to be stuck at a specific percentage and labeled as "Not Charging," according to Windows, when plugged in. Once unplugged, some users are reporting that their Surface Pro 3s shut down within a matter of seconds or minutes.

For its part, it appears Microsoft is at least aware of the issue and is presumably working on a fix. In the aforementioned Microsoft Answers thread, community moderator and Microsoft MVP Barb Bowman posted the following reply from a Microsoft contact on the issue:

That's definitely a different problem from what we saw with the Simplo batteries. I'll send it back up to the engineering team.

Other than that response, Microsoft has remained silent on the issue. However, we'll update if and when the company outlines any plans for a fix. In the meantime, have you experienced any further battery issues since the Surface Pro 3's late-August firmware update? Let us know in the comments!

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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