SongArc version 2.0 rolling out, adds native Windows Phone 8 support and much more

It’s no secret that SongArc is one of our favorite games. It’s also quite popular with you guys and the Windows Phone community at large. It has north of a 500,000 users playing and is by far the most popular music game in the Windows Phone Store. A few weeks ago we gave you a sneak peek at the changes coming in version 2.0 of the game, which will be rolling out into the Windows Phone Store in the next few hours.

The list of changes and new features in version 2.0 of SongArc is huge. There’s your general bug fixes, sure, but the biggest changes include support for 720p and 768p devices, plus the game is now transition to a free-to-play model. Here’s the full changelog for SongArc.

  • Native Windows Phone 8 support, including an extremely crisp 720p and 768p design!
  • Search - find playable songs by artist or title quickly
  • Song position indicator - your progress in a song is now shown on the bottom of the screen
  • Even more premium quality Sheets by the SongArc Team!
  • Continued support for Windows Phone 7
  • A brand new Sheet Details screen that does a better job explaining that you need the Sheet and the Song together to play, with other usability enhancements
  • Better indication and progress feedback on what is happening when the app starts and it is contacting the server
  • A nicer way to enter sheet description
  • Free-to-play

So why is the free period of SongArc ending? It’s not cheap to support servers for over 500,000 people. The SongArc team is hoping the model they chose is the best solution to support the needs of both those wanting the game for free and the reality of running those servers.

The new payment model breaks down like this. Coins are needed to buy Sheets. There are two categories of sheets, regular and premium. Regular Sheets are those created by the community and will cost 10 coins, while premium sheets are made by the SongArc team and cost 20 coins. Once you purchase a Sheet you can play it as much as you want without ever needing to “buy” it again with your coins.

SongArc V2

If you never want to pay for SongArc, but still want to play, the team has a solution for you. You can earn coins by liking the SongArc team on Facebook and Twitter. You can also earn coins by returning every day to get your daily coin bonus. Coins can also be obtained through in-app purchases. 100 coins go for $0.99, 300 coins for $1.99, 500 coins for $2.99, and 1000 coins for $4.99. That means you’ll get either 10 community Sheets or 5 premium Sheets for just one dollar. Not a bad deal for a game that’s really hard to quit. There’s also a feature called a “doubler’ which gives you doubles your daily bonus. All Sheets also let you trial the first 30 seconds, this way you won’t spend your coins on a Sheet you might not like.


The SongArc team also has created the Fan Pack for the game. Buy this and you’ll never have to pay for a Sheet, current or upcoming SongArc features. You’re also gaining the undying gratitude of the SongArc team. Again, another good deal. We’re not seeing the update live in the Windows Phone Store just yet, so no word on how much the Fan Pack costs. We’ll update once we get the information.

Rocking a Windows Phone 7.x device and want in on the new SongArc awesomeness? No worries, the team has your back. While Windows Phone 7.x does not support in-app purchases, the team has implemented a PayPal solution so you’ll be able to enjoy version 2.0 once it hits the Store.

Like we said this update has been published in the Windows Phone Store and will be propagating through the Store over the new hours. You might not see version 2.0 just yet, but you will soon enough. Want SongArc for Windows Phone? Grab it in the Windows Phone Store. You can also use the QR code below or swipe to the right in our app. 

  • Awesome game. The coin system seems fair.   EDIT: The update isn't showing up on the store :/
  • Patience grasshopper
  • Until they make the controls easier to press and give it some kind of sound or something so you know you pressed it right the game feels incomplete.
  • The update is now beginning to show up in the Store.
  • Damn I fucking hate spending all my shit on a Lumia 900.
  • Nice, been waiting for the search functionality and support for higher resolutions... Hurry up store! Haha If the fan pack is less than $10 I'll buy it for sure, but much more than that and the daily free coins will have to do it. If the app was also available for my windows 8 tablet though, it would be a different story. If/when that happens, I hope you just have to buy the fan pack once and login to your account to use.
  • Wait, was this previously built for Windows Phone 7?
  • Yes, SongArc has always been available for Windows Phone 7 users too.
  • I hate Free-to-play games :( I bought SongArc when it was Free without limitations, now I'm thinking to not update :S
    It has awesome changes, but they want more money.
  • "I bought SongArc when it was Free...but they want more money"
    So you gave them $0 and haven't paid them anything and now you're mad that they want an optional method to make money off of their work? Some of you in comments consistently disappoint me...
  • Maybe he meant he did pay for it but now has to pay again for sheets etc. Perhaps SongArc should only apply freemium model for new downloads only, not to existing player?. However I agree. Devs work very hard and should always be rewarded unless they are happy to publish their work 100% free.
  • There was no way to pay for SongArc previously, so he couldn't have paid for it... We initially said that the game would be free for one month, but it got extended and we were free for two months. If you have downloaded a Sheet previously, you should be able to play with those sheets without spending any coins until you remove it from your phone or uninstall the game. So, in a way this is what you asked for :)
  • My mistake. I did not know it was not paid previously. In which case, pay up people :D If you're not a developer, I think you don't always realise the effort it takes to bring a polished game to market. That or users just don't want to cough up.
  • Cheers!
  • 500,000 million? Hmm...
    In the beginning of the article. Love this game! 720p for me and I'm all in. Good to see them getting it popular!
  • Yeeeaaaah.. Just noticed that too.
  • Shhh. Nobody saw that ... lol
  • No we did
  • Can we quote you on that? Investors would love those numbers :) Thanks for the great article again, Sam!
  • So you're saying before we update, we should download any sheets we'd rather not pay for? Gotcha.
  • Not only that, it also means that current sheet creators got a nice "ktnxbye" as compensation for taking the trouble. Noice...
  • We haven't said that. Please send us an email via the feedback option in settings about this.
  • What does Native support actually mean?
  • It supports 720p and 768p resolutions and has a ton of underlying changes :)
  • Available for download now .
  • Awesome. A cool WP exclusive game just got better.
  • Finally new update came out. !!!!
  • Now it keeps showing "connection failed" although I'm connected to a WiFi using WP7
  • Hello,   Unfortunately, a bug slipped into the Windows Phone 7 version which makes the app unable to connect to the server. A fix has been submitted to the Store, and we hope it will be approved soon.   We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience. :(
  • No problem:)...good to know that a fix is on the way:)
  • Waiting for multiplayer mode,
  • I like the game, the new update has crips visuals.   However, the trial is too short. Most of the times I can't even try the sheets past the intro. Gonna send a feedback email as well.
  • How do we get the Fan Pack?
  • I'm on WP7 an its not connecting, an its gone from the WP marketplace, what gives? I really like this game.