Sony currently in talks to sell off its PC division - various options are on the table

Are you enjoying one of Sony’s VAIO Windows PCs (such as the Sony Duo we just reviewed)? If so, you may be in for a bit of surprise when you hear that the company is possibly planning to sell off its PC division. Sony’s PC line has performed poorly for the company, especially when compared to their gaming and home entertainment division.

According to reports from, Nikkei, the Sony Corporation has plans to sell off its PC division for up to 50 billion yen ($490 million). Sony has been reported to be looking into either possibly selling the division off to a new company and then investing stake in the firm or forming a joint venture with Chinese PC manufacturer, Lenovo.

A Japanese NHK reporter voiced the original claim that a Lenovo joint venture might be in the process on Saturday. Sony responded by saying that the NHK statement was inaccurate, but stated that the company was in fact looking at different possibilities for the future of their VAIO brand. Lenovo was not willing to give any official comment to news at this time.

Sony's VAIO Duo 13

In a complimentary report, Engadget states that they had spoken to a Sony representative who had said that the company was looking at various options for VAIO, but a joint venture with Lenovo was not something that was currently on the table.

"A press report on February 1, 2014 stated that Sony Corporation ("Sony") is discussing with Lenovo Group ("Lenovo") the possible establishment of a joint venture for the PC business. As Sony has announced previously, Sony continues to address various options for the PC business, but the press report on a possible PC business alliance between Sony and Lenovo is inaccurate."

Sony has always focused on higher end Windows PCs and has apparently been unable to hit the numbers to compete in the space without financial loss. Sony had made a comment that the possible change of strategy for VAIO comes at a time when smartphones and tablets “chip away at its PC business”.

There has been no concrete statement that VAIO will be sold off at this time, but Sony does not dismiss it as a possible option. We expect to see some restructuring of the brand’ internal product strategy at the very least in the near future.

Are you currently a Sony VAIO user – how would you feel if they sold off the brand?

Source: Engadget, Nikkei; via Reuters

Michael Archambault