Sound Band lets you make sound effects on Windows Phone by moving your Microsoft Band

Ready to do something silly with your Microsoft Band? Sound Band lets you create sounds on your Windows Phone by moving your Microsoft Band. The UI is very basic and the only sound item available is a whip, but we think it has great potential. Watch our hands-on video to see it in action.

When you open Sound Band, you see a very basic user interface. Tap the connect button so the app can communicate with your Microsoft Band. Once it is connected, select an item in the sounds list. The whip is currently the only option. Motion data points are displayed at the bottom of the screen after selecting a sound. Tap the Start button to begin making sound effects.

Sound Band is a really simple app. It does what it's supposed to do. According to the Windows Phone Store listing, the app will bring improvements on whip-like motion detection and add more sound options. We look forward to that.

One issue worth noting is that Sound Band disconnects when you open another app or turn off the display. This can be good or bad. The good part of it is that it probably saves battery by automatically disconnecting. On the other hand, you have to keep reconnecting. It only takes a couple of seconds, though.

With the release of the Microsoft Band SDK to developers, we expect to see more third party apps for the Microsoft Band. Some examples that we've already covered are Fanband, Torch, and Pimp my Band.

Sound Band is free to try at the Windows Phone Store and 99 cents for the full version that removes ads. Give it a try and let us know what sounds you'd like to hear in the next update.

Download Sound Band for Windows Phone ($0.99 with free trial)

Mark Guim

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • Love it... Wooosh
  • And punch noises too!
  • I love it to and interesting fact I was the first person to download and review it
  • Bahaha
  • Time to put the Knight Rider car swoosh sound!
  • That would be cool
  • Ocourse, star wars light saber would be freaking awesome. Would be great if you can do that with 2 bands aginsts each other to do mock sword fight. But that is much more involved knowing where contact would be made is space, lol
  • Yep. Light Saber is the first thing that came to mind.  It think it could make the light saber movement sound and if you made contact with someone that was holding anything one would use for a light saber battle it would feel the jolt of the wrist and make the light saber contact sound.  Make for epic light saber battles with your buddies using anything that is available, lol
  • Just bought a band last night. Can't wait for it to arrive in the mail. I wanted to wait for teh 2nd generation but my girlfriend convinced me to get it now.   I guess my only wish would be that the straps were thinner.
  • You're going to love it.  All the talk about bulkiness is overrated.  I haven't worn a watch in 20 years and after one week with the Band I don't even realize it's on and when it is off (charging), I absolutely miss it.
  • Where there is nothing close to a hint of a version 2 yet, I think you made the right choice. I love mine, and when a v2 drops, I won't mind selling mine for a few bucks and dropping the cost on a new one. You'll be happy with what you got I think.
  • Microsoft Band is for Alpha males, would not trust the slender wristed Apple bunch ;)
  • This type of application could prove useful for the deaf and non-verbal community if developed seriously and intentionally.
  • Imagine if a deaf person is not looking at you and you want to call him. You can shake an accessory like band and their phone vibrates. That will be very useful.
  • Maybe a tile on band that sends an instant text saying, "Mom wants you".
  • Hmm While that may be a good idea, the Band already has haptic feedback.  Why not text message them? haha
  • Okay this is cool... Gonna try it out when I'm drumming. Wouldn't it be awesome to have two bands on and adding some cool sounds when playing the drums? Million dollar app idea... In your face again iwatch...
  • My employees are not amused LOL
  • I see what you said there... Back To Work my Subjects.....
  • How about sayings coming from the connected phone from reached goals while exercising like your average heartbeat is.... Or your max heart rate is.... Beyond that.. Set goals in the app that will encourage the exercises like. Way to get to your such and such goal. Or give me 10 whips....umm. Well you get the picture....
  • I can see myself messing with my dog with this...
  • Light Saber PLEASE!!!!
  • Brilliant idea, just made my day.
  • A 50 Shades sound pack?  Anyone?? You know you're out there???...
  • Randomized according to peaks and valleys of your telemetry....
  • :D
  • I don't know why, but this cracks me up. I'm using this on my kids later tonight when they're not listening to me. At least it will make me feel better!
  • I want my Windows Phone to fart when someone pulls my finger.
  • lol. or when you shake hands! make sure to grip their hand tight so they cant escape!! lolol
  • I thing one handed clamp would be nice because in the real world that is impossible :-D
  • I know its nasty, but a "fart" sound is cool, to make pranks. LOL
  • Can somebody help figure out wtf is going on with my new Microsoft band? I purchased it last night, updated the band, and everything else required. I'm running Windows phone 8.1 cyan on Nokia Lumia 1020.
    Something is wrong with my bluetooh! It'll connect for 3 second, then disconnect. I don't get text messages on my band, nor use Cortana. I tried everything I learned about.
  • They can help you here
  • Try reinstalling the Microsoft Health app.
  • FapTunes
  • Love it. Plugged it into my classroom speakers, and had some fun with my students today..
  • Scratching a record sound would be cool, or running your hand on any surface, with a different sound.  You could nock on wood and have it sound like metal or vice versa.  Rub your face and have a loud wisker rubbing sound.  A drum kit sounds, every other movement is a different drum sound, or other instrument, the faster you move it the lounder it is.  Glass breaking, pretend you throw a rock at a window and fake out your friends.  And on and on...
  • When you run the Six million dollar man sound.  
  • When you move around it makes a cow bell sound so everyone in the office knows where you are.  Okay not a great idea, it would be fun for a few.  
  • Article title made me think someone finally put music playback control on the band.....oh well
  • they should add farts, vomit, and of course the taking a dump sound.
  • I just want to control music with my band.
  • wow that's super cool, wish I had the band
  • Mark, thank you for taking the time to put this review together.  Please note that due to limitations of the Band Developer SDK and WinRT apps on Windows Phone, it is not possible to keep the connection to the Band alive when moving the app to the  background or locking the screen.
  • Kung fu sounds ala Bruce lee movies
  • haha great for hololens gaming with band :D
  • Maybe create an instrument with it, and if many people play together, you can create av band band
  • Turn your wrist and it makes that cow "moooooooooo..." sound
  • Ok, where's the light saber sounds????
  • I will buy when they Theremin it up!
  • High hat on one snare on the other....
  • I dont know who would come up with such an asinine idea...why would you pay for an app to make a sound that you can make with your mouth FOR FREE. There's this a**h*l* in my technical writing course who thinks its HILARIOUS to use this app during class and I'm about one whipping sound away from tearing his hand off, finger by finger, so I can slip his girly watch off his bloody stump and promptly whip him with it while I yell "IS IT FUNNY NOW??". All in all, the programmers for this app deserve a ring in the underworld where they get whipped for a thousand thousand years and I hope their children never learn to read. 7/10 for style, 0/10 for human rights offenses
  • Oh and you can take your parking sensor app and stuff it
  •    Even though this is a silly little app, I like it because it shows that developers are taking an interest in the platform.