Space Jam: A New Legacy — The Game is an arcade-like game launching exclusively as an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perk

Space Jam A New Legacy The Game Screenshot
Space Jam A New Legacy The Game Screenshot (Image credit: Digital Eclipse | Xbox)

What you need to know

  • Space Jam: A New Legacy is the sequel to a legendary movie that combines Looney Tunes with the NBA, and it releases later this summer.
  • Xbox and Warner Bros. have teamed up with developer Digital Eclipse to turn fan ideas for a game adaptation into reality.
  • Space Jam: A New Legacy — The Game is a casual arcade-like game that launches exclusively into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks.
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate players will be able to jump into the game on July 1, 2021, with wider availability on July 15.

Space Jam: A New Legacy officially releases on July 16 in theaters and on HBO Max, continuing the universe from one of the most beloved movies of the 90s. Fans looking forward to the new Space Jam movie with LeBron James won't have to wait until July 16 to jump into the movie world, as Xbox and Warner Bros. have revealed the details of Space Jam: A New Legacy — The Game. Yes, Space Jam: A New Legacy is getting a video game adaptation, and it's a casual arcade-like coming exclusively to Xbox (and launching through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks).

Late in 2020, Xbox asked fans to submit ideas for a Space Jam: A New Legacy game, and this game is the result of developer Digital Eclipse's efforts to bring that idea to life. Space Jam: A New Legacy — The Game is a classic-style beat 'em up game that aims to ignite a sense of nostalgia for veteran players, while offering some casual fun for newcomers.

There were two winners that inspired the idea for Space Jam: A New Legacy's game adaptation. One of the winners, Narayan, said, "I love playing video games to experience the story, environment and mechanics. I am very excited and overjoyed to have my game idea brought to life by Xbox. It's a dream come true."

Ricky, the other winner, said, "The biggest inspiration for my ideas for the game was my love for classic beat 'em up games. With the theme and settings of 'Space Jam: A New Legacy' and Looney Tunes there's so much room for creativity and having such lively characters makes even the thinking process so much fun!"

What makes this game especially unique is that Space Jam: A New Legacy — The Game launches first through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks on July 1, 2021. Subscribers will be able to play the game a full two weeks before everyone else, before the game becomes more widely available on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One on July 15.

While Space Jam: A New Legacy — The Game may not instantly become one of the best Xbox Game Pass games or anyone's game-of-the-year contender, it may offer a splash of pure fun for anyone looking forward to the release of Space Jam: A New Legacy later this year. You can check out more images of the game below.

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