The Spinner Cube is the ultimate desk toy for fidgeters!

It's safe to say that fidget spinners and fidget cubes were some of the biggest trends of the past year. They're especially popular with school-age kids who have issues with stress or a lack of focus, but they've struck a chord with all ages and are a popular work toy while sitting at a computer desk — I got my fidget cube right next to me right now!

Given the popularity, it seemed like only a matter of time before the next evolution of fidget toy emerged and here it is: The Spinner Cube

While this might look like your standard fidget cube looks can be deceiving. Four of the sides have a unique feature for your fingers to fidget with — a joystick for your itchy gamer's thumb, a spring-loaded trigger that also mimics a game controller, three rolling clickable balls, and five audible and silent clicker buttons for the pen clickers in the crowd. The remaining two sides features spinning pads with high-quality ball bearings that will spin up to 60 seconds unassisted, or indefinitely with a few shakes thanks to the off-balanced design.

Check out this (quite literal) breakdown of what's inside the Spinner Cube:

The Spinner Cube has already well surpassed its goal, but there's still time to back the project and get your own Spinner Cube at a discounted price. The team behind the Spinner Cube has spent a year designing and setting up production facilities in China, and have turned to Kickstarter to cover costs as they ramp up production overseas — and as always, that means there are deals to be had for backing this campaign.

The Spinner Cube will retail for $25, but you can save 28% and get a Spinner Cube of your own with an early bird pledge of $18. Got a couple people on your shopping list that would love a Spinner Cube? The savings and perks only increase as you pledge more — get two cubes at the $34 level, three with a pledge of $48, and so on up to a 100 Spinner Cube perk for a pledge of $900 or more — a great option if you happen to own a small business. They're also available in four color styles.

This is the first Kickstarter campaign created by this team and the good news is they've already well surpassed their goal of $9,000! This is arguably the ultimate fidget toy and just might keep the wheels spinning on this fad well into 2018!

See Spinner Cube on Kickstarter

Marc Lagace