Sprint Arrive running Mango captured in the wild

We've heard of a few sightings of a Sprint HTC Arrive running Mango and now one has been captured on film. WPCentral forum regular Coolaaron88 was in his local Sprint Store out in Vegas and stumbled upon the HTC Arrive running OS Version 7.10.7720.68.

We haven't heard anything official or unofficial from Sprint and finding the Arrive running Mango doesn't guarantee an impending release. As with the Verizon Trophy being spotted in the wild running Mango, we like the odds that Sprint will join the Mango crowd sooner than later.

Thanks again to Coolaaron88 for sending this in!

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  • Haha Sweet!! Thanks George :)
  • BOOYAH!!!
  • Anyone want to check out their local AT&T and T-Mobile stores?
  • I had to run out last night and happened by the local AT&T store. It normally has 3 area of the store to find WP7 but last night is was down to one. That one location had WP7 but no Mango. What I suspect is, the store is making way for the new arrivals. I expect the Titan to make a major splash in that store. And the other handsets are down to be upgraded to Mango. Just my suspicion because AT&T seems to be the ONLY wireless carrier (in this town) to promote ALL that they sell. Unlike Sprint and Verizon that only care to promote ad agency devices.
  • Sprint is usually very good about pushing updates (or maybe just laissez faire with their network, who knows!), so I expect we'll see official Mango Arrives very soon.
  • I spoke to a Sprint rep today and he said HTC was going to release the update for sprint with in the next couple of weeks. He said we should have it on the Arrive with in 2 to 3 weeks. Starting next week.
  • Hope its true.
  • Great news for me!
  • My guess is developer unlocked and flashed with the latest leaked RTM mango software. I have my HTC Arrive running mango and show customers all the time in the sprint store to show them what it will be like.
  • Your guess is wrong. Compare your firmware numbers to this one... I thought the same thing too at first...
  • you are right the bootloader and chip SOC versions are different on this one... everything else is the same tho
  • Stop over my house with Arrive and you'll leave with it on Mango 7720.68.Wana see one at the Sprint store...give me your Arrive and I'll upgrade it and take a picture of it in the store...So, someone took a picture, sorry, anyone at home could do that. So how can we prove it's true ?Till it comes from Sprint's site or an offical Sprint document, it could be BS....Sorry.... At least verizon has a web site up with documents on how to do the upgrade (and versions match correctly)
  • You can pretty clearly see behind it, that it locked down to the demonstration table like all cell phone providers do.
  • You sound like you're the type that disappointed with most things in your life pal and this is no exception. I feel sorry for you. NOT. These pictures are legit. When you get to Vegas, drive up and see for yourself. And I DOUBT any upgrade you can do in your apartment will include tethering and Visual Voice mail as this one did. I'm running RTM and on Sprint and it includes NEITHER.
  • Woah woah woah, go back to that part about tethering.
  • Yep. There in the wifi settings. Its called "Internet Sharing" aka tethering.
  • Sprint rep told me to go on HTC web site. That's were the info will be. Again, I hope its true.
  • lmao they are not shipping them with Mango! It's retail mode being installed into the devices they already had on display!Man you guys will run with any little piece of info lol!It's so peole can play with it and build hype!
  • No one said they were shipping them with Mango, Who told you that? Stop trying to bring down the point of the article.
  • At least you chose the right name Mr Magoo. Your eyesight is whack. Go back and read the title. Then do a Bing search and find the meaning of "in the wild". This isn't android so take that nonsense outside.
  • This is awesome news but i wish sprint will be having more newer windows phone 7 phones. The Arrive is nice but I want a wp7 to have a front face camera and with a dual core chip and with 8mp camera. If sprint will be getting new wp7 phones than i will for sure get one asap.
  • Windows Phone doesnt need dual core, they will have them at some point but you dont need it
  • The FFC would be nice and is coming in the next gen of WP7 devices. But tell me what you want/need the dual core for? 1080P recording?
  • "on film"? Really? What's film?