If you've been following our ongoing coverage of the Sprint SERO program, you'll know that it was ended a few weeks ago and replaced with "Everything Plus".

While not as cheap as the old plan, "Everything Plus" is no slouch either, offering 500 anytime minutes plus unlimited...everything (Text, Internet, PictureMail, Nights & Weekends, Sprint Navigation) for $59 a month.

The problem is that up till now you needed a Sprint employee's email address and their last 3 digits of their employee number. A significant challenge without actually knowing someone at Sprint!

Problem solved! Sprint has always had a wink-nod approach to these special referral programs and this one is no different as Vice president of strategy for Sprint, Russ McGuire has posted all the info you need ;-)

So you or someone thinking of signing up with Sprint, maybe picking up a new Treo 800w or that $99 Touch (c'mon, there's like at least 5 of you) then you'll definitely want to do the above.

(Of course as we write this, the site is down. Figures.)

via GearDiary