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Sprint Treo Pro: Yeah, It's Probably Real

Oh Sprint, how I love thee. Especially with simple programming errors.

As noted below, Sprint has finally rolled out Picture Mail (MMS) for their Windows Mobile devices.

I chimed in how it didn't work on the 800w, but alas I was wrong (see comments). I had to choose my device from their selection picker and download the special 800w version.

But what is listed on the device selector? How about the Treo Pro. LMAO


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  • Redemption FTW! Well done, Mal!
  • well that's just great I just barely got my touch pro last week too lol.
  • That's it, I'm officially pissed off...VERIZON YOU SUCK
  • verizon is shrewd -- can you blame them?
    for some semi-subtle economic reasons, it's in their best interest to release as few phones as possible --> I wish I could use virtually any other carrier, but, shockingly, in manhattan/queens/NJ where I spend time, my old old nokia candybar cdma phone (from 2003) works better than my at&t blackberry 8310 from my job
  • [COLOR="Navy">I don't agree. People can be tempted to leave over a hot phone at another carrier. Especially since their prices can't be considered low.[/COLOR]
  • Hmm, I'm recently out of contract, and really like the Treo Pro, but I think I"ll probably wait a while. With Android slowly starting to get into the swing of things, WM 7 on the horizon, a possible Nova device, etc, I think I'd rather wait before locking in for another year or two.
  • yeah, people can be tempted to switch over this, but I'd imagine the number of people is small and the lost profits from those people would be less than, for example, the loss from unsold treo 700wx laying around if they "prematurely" release an updated model
  • I had to go look for myself b/c I typically don't believe any of these things. To my disbelief, I googled Sprint Mobile and found the drop down listing Treo Pro still today - they don't seem to be in a rush to clear it up, so maybe it wasn't a mistake and this is due sooner than we think? I can only hope Verizon is on their heels and thus the reason for the 700wx to be "While Supplies Last" - otherwise I may have to come over to the Sprint side!