StarCraft 2: Nova Covert Ops DLC packs announced for spring 2016

The third and final StarCraft II retail expansion pack, Legacy of the Void, will be released on November 10, but developer Blizzard isn't done yet with adding content for its hit sci-fi RTS game. It will release a series of DLC packs called Nova Covert Ops, the first of which will launch in spring of 2016.

The DLC packs center on Nova, the Terran who was supposed to be the lead character for Blizzard's console third-person shooter StarCraft: Ghost before it decided to cancel the game several years ago. Blizzard's Chris Sigaty told Polygon:

""We're focusing on a story that's a little more intimate, a little darker in tone," Sigaty says of Nova Covert Ops. "We've been so focused on the galactic conflict [in StarCraft] and the galactic story. We'd like to explore something a little bit closer to home."

There's no word yet on the pricing for these StarCraft II DLC packs.

Source: Polygon

John Callaham