Developer Stardock, which has released a number of popular Windows 8 programs such as the Start8 desktop menu, has launched a new utility for Microsoft's latest OS called ShadowFX, which allows users to add shadows to desktop windows.

Stardock states:

"ShadowFX enables users to add distinctive drop shadows to the windows of Microsoft's Windows 8 user interface. ShadowFX immediately personalizes the user experience by offering a choice of standard or colored drop shadows that add dimension and visual separation to the desktop. Nearly a dozen drop shadow styles are included with each ShadowFX download and more will be available for download soon at Stardock's community site.

ShadowFX is priced at $4.99 as a stand alone product or it is included in the company's Object Desktop collection of Windows utilities for $49.99 a year, which includes access to beta versions along with access to new programs as they are released. What do you think of Stardock offering Windows 8 and 8.1 desktop users some new features?

Source: Stardock