Stardock's new ShadowFX utility for Windows 8 and 8.1 adds shadows to windows

Developer Stardock, which has released a number of popular Windows 8 programs such as the Start8 desktop menu, has launched a new utility for Microsoft's latest OS called ShadowFX, which allows users to add shadows to desktop windows.

Stardock states:

"ShadowFX enables users to add distinctive drop shadows to the windows of Microsoft's Windows 8 user interface. ShadowFX immediately personalizes the user experience by offering a choice of standard or colored drop shadows that add dimension and visual separation to the desktop. Nearly a dozen drop shadow styles are included with each ShadowFX download and more will be available for download soon at Stardock's community site.

ShadowFX is priced at $4.99 as a stand alone product or it is included in the company's Object Desktop collection of Windows utilities for $49.99 a year, which includes access to beta versions along with access to new programs as they are released. What do you think of Stardock offering Windows 8 and 8.1 desktop users some new features?

Source: Stardock (opens in new tab)

John Callaham
  • I think it totally undermines the whole flat design language, but to each their own. I'd be trying to make windows MORE flat, not less, personally.
  • You have some good taste, kind sir.
  • Absolutely right.  I use to be a Stardock subscriber.  When Windows 8 came out I dropped them like a diseased chicken.  They just ruin Windows 8 with their software.
  • yea, the only program of theres I like is deskscapes, all this other stuff is jsut annoying! let people adapt to the change D=<
  • The one that lets metro Apps run in windows (and in the background) is the most useful and made me subscribe to their service
  • Flat and monocrome is actually the thing I hate the most about windows 8.x. I don't like the start screen on desktops, but its great on my tablet. However I miss Aero Glass. I miss the round corners. I miss the nice colorful icons. I do not like the windows 8 aestetic at all.
  • Shadows... I do like most of the work Stardock has done.
  • Shadows? Why? To consume resources?
  • Yepp, cause lot's of people where happy with Win7 and it's performance and see no point in improvements,
  • yeah you'll lose about 0.0000001% of your GPU's power. That means its can play crisis, but instead of 120 FPS, you'll run it in 119.9 FPS.
  • Oh why do people insist on keeping bad things.
  • Like Stardock?  Yep, I have the same question.
  • Interesting to see how their new products work when threshold is released
  • Not for me but its good to have choices
  • I remember when I tested WindowBlinds to personalize Windows 2000, so he looks like Windows Xp... Ow man... Time flies.
  • People would actually pay just to add shadows? How about actually getting some work done, seriously.
  • Windowed Bing Sports?!?! That's a Metro UI app isn't it?
  • Yes, that's another Stardock product called ModernMix, that lets you run Modern apps in a window on the desktop...
  • It's more than likely running in one of Stardock's other applications, which also costs $5. Note that I can't remember the name of the other application at the moment.
  • Love Fences; a necessity for anyone who loves to dump everything on the Desktop! Don't use Start8; happy with how Win8.1 works Can't see the point in ShadowFX; I can just squint & I see shadows, without using any of the PC's resources :)
  • I use windows blinds, to anyone else it looks spotless and clean like a newly laid carpet however my desktop dir is a landfill full of shortcuts, folders and documents. You would never find anything unless you did a search lol.
  • I like the concept of fences, but looking at screenshots, it looks ugly...
  • I agree it's not the best looking of interfaces; however I am a little 'OCD' & I like things in neat little boxes with everything in it's place, so it works great for me & gives me great satisfaction in knowing I have 'tamed' my wild desktop!
  • Lol I am OCD too and it's precisely why I hate looking at it...and almost anything 3rd party.....and Linux.........I have yet to see any Linux distro not make me want to puke at the sight of it.
  • I think I'm a wannabe OCDer. Personally I'm trying to get out of the (bad) habit of keeping all sorts of crap on my desktop. I've tried Fences but then I had a conversation with myself to do the right thing rather than bandaiding the issue. Clean the desktop of all those crazy icons, files and shortcuts and store the files in proper locations on OneDrive or My Libraries (docs, pics etc). Life is better now, the air seems cleaner, the sun shines brighter and there is a definite reduction in polutants in the atmosphere (okay getting a bit carried away) Whatever floats your boat I say. Use accessories for enhancing your desktop environment or not. Choice is good. :-)  
  • I give it a few months before MS incorporates this. Jk :P.
  • Touch app is awesome on my tablet ;)
  • I just uninstalled ModernMix. It seemed a good idea at the time but I grew weary of it flipping to the desktop but only showing the icon on the task bar. Windows that floated to appear pulled off the bottom of the screen. Hopefully native Windows will act better. Don't get me wrong. I have used Stardock products for years and recently renewed all my license. But this one did not give me any thing more for value.
  • I downloaded the 30 day trial... installed it, put it, and it doesn't work. why? becuase it doesn't work with aerolite, which I am using for a while from now. maybe until Win9 preview appears, which I will install as my main OS, even if it gives me error installing software and I have to do some work around like 3dsmax (when I used it) when win8 developer preview appeared. so while yesterday I was testing other shadow software, the truth it's i don't need it... so.   And people wondering why is there no "shadow under windows" well the shadow appears in menus, right click ones. and in normal aero theme, there is a small shadow but not important one, still a shadow is not a reason to install this program, pay 5 dollars and just see a useless shadow under every window, maybe win9 will give a large shadow back? I would use it but I won't die if it keeps the same, I will still not pay 5 dollars for it.
  • Is Mobile Nations owned in part by Stardock, just like Johnny America's former employer?   If not, why do we need this advertisement?   
  • I used to be an avid WindowBlinds user but once I got to Windows 8 there was no need, actually stopped during WIndows 7. I do like Decor8 and ModernMix though they are too expensive for what they do. I don't see any point in getting this ShadowFX. I use full-screen windows mostly so this program is useless to me.
  • In my Introduction to Python class, my professor just revealed she uses Classic Shell. Major facepalm from me. Unrelated to Stardock but related to stupid Windows 8.x "enhancements."
  • I actually liked the drop shadows in Win7 better--they helped me pick out individual windows from a whole stack of them. I wish 8.1 had a way to adjust the distance or depth of the existing shadows.
  • Oh noes some more customisation for people who want it! Let's but in with fire! Everyone should embrace and love what the all mighty corporation tell us to love. So sad to see people turning into OneSheep...
  • It's cool that you guys wrote an article about this, and some people will probably use it. But seriously, what makes Stardock think people will actually want this? Even in the screenshot above I didn't think it looked good at all. Especially with the smaller window having the unprofessional looking white glow.
  • Pff ... They should rather concentrate on making a new Sins of a Solar Empire :)