Stardock's TouchTasks brings touch actions to the edge of your PC's screen

What you need to know

  • Stardock released a new utility for Windows PCs called TouchTasks.
  • The application assigns tappable tasks to zones on the edge of your touchscreen.
  • TouchTasks is available as a standalone tool for $5, though its regular price will bump to $10 after the introductory period.

Stardock is no stranger to creating useful tools for Windows 10, and its latest, TouchTasks, continues that trend with a unique take on how to add some extra features to your touchscreen.

TouchTasks takes advantage of the fact that the screens touch area doesn't end at the edges of the display area. TouchTasks allows you to use this quirk to assign tasks to five zones around the edge of the display.

"By default, TouchTasks assigns the left middle edge of the touch screen to bring up a dock for launching apps," Stardock said in a press release. "The right middle edge is assigned to displaying active windows to switch between. The top right is assigned to bring up the brightness control and the top left brings up the on-screen keyboard."

Each of these zones can be assigned a number of different tasks besides the defaults. You can even set one up as a launcher panel, with a selection of apps appearing when you touch the zone. For tablet use, the zones will also rotate with the display, allowing them to remain in a familiar position whether you're using, say, a Surface Pro 7 in portrait or landscape.

TouchTasks is available now at a launch discount for $5 at Stardock. After the introductory period, Stardock says the tool will be available for $10.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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