Starfield is officially exclusive to Xbox Series X|S and PC

Starfield (Image credit: Bethesda)

What you need to know

  • The Starfield trailer shown during Xbox E3 2021 has confirmed that the game will be exclusive to Xbox Series X, Series S, and PC.
  • This answers the question many have been asking, which is whether or not Starfield would truly be exclusive to the Xbox ecosystem.
  • Starfield is expected to launch on November 11, 2022.

According to the Starfield trailer that leaked ahead of Xbox E3 2021 via The Washington Post, Bethesda's upcoming new IP Starfield is officially going to be an exclusive for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PCs. This is significant as many fans have been wondering whether or not Starfield (as well as other upcoming Bethesda games) will be exclusive to the Xbox ecosystem.

It's exciting to see a massive exclusive title like Starfield come to Xbox, and it's also exciting to think that other Bethesda games like The Elder Scrolls VI might be exclusive to Xbox as well. The game is targeting a November 11, 2022 launch window, and represents Microsoft's strategy to win gamers over with high profile exclusives alongside the likes of Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5. Considering Sony has dominated this part of the market for several years now, seeing Xbox start to fight back is exciting.

What do you think of the new Starfield trailer and the news that it will be an exclusive to Xbox and PC? Let us know. Personally, I'm interested to see more of what Starfield's gameplay is like in the future.

Brendan Lowry

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