Start your engines: Project Cars 2 is coming in 2017

Having been announced way back in June 2015, Project Cars 2 is now a reality and it's a reality you'll be playing before the end of this year.

Alongside the first official trailer, Slightlymad Studios and Namco Bandai has given us our first concrete release information. Sure, it's still "late 2017," but after 18-months since we last heard about it, to learn it's less than a year away is at least comfort to race fans.

The first game endured a number of release delays but quickly became one of the best all-around racing titles available on any platform. The mix of gorgeous graphics, real-life circuits, and realistic mechanics quickly won it leagues of fans among hardcore petrolheads. There's little reason to doubt a sequel will be any less impressive, but we're crossing fingers and toes that the delays that plagued the first game don't rear their head again.

Project Cars 2 will, like the first game, be available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. If you haven't yet experienced the Project Cars world, it'll be free for Xbox One Gold members from February 15, so definitely make sure you grab a copy.

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Richard Devine
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