State of Decay 2: Known bugs [Updated: Patch 2.0 live]

Several bugs hindered the overall experience in State of Decay 2 at launch, but Undead Labs has already dropped tons of patches to fix the experience.

Here's our changelog and bug tracker, updated as State of Decay 2 develops.

Updated May 23, 2018: Added new bugs discovered by myself and the community. Including invincible zombies and missing UI elements.

Updated May 23, 2018: A new patch is currently being tested on the game's closed technical beta, expect bug fixes and polish soon.

Updated June 3, 2018: A new full reinstall patch has arrived fixing tons of stuff.

Updated June 18, 2018: Undead Labs has issued Patch 1.4 fixing several notable issues, including door states.

Updated June 28, 2018: Undead Labs just dropped Patch 2.0 which has an insane amount of fixes and new content, find the patch notes here.

Current Update: Patch 2.0 (June 28, 2018)

This patch fixes tons of things, as well as adds new content. Head here for the full patch notes.

Patch 1.4 (June 18, 2018)

  • Fixed issue with ladders where players would sometimes not mount the ladders properly during descents and as a result fall off and take damage.
  • Fixed some rare instances of odd follower behavior where players would sometimes lose their follower entirely, or the follower would disappear and then teleport to the player later.
  • Door state should now always match its visuals. (No more running face first into a door that looks open!)

Bugs we've found on Xbox & PC

  • Door open/close states are often inaccurate. (Should be fixed as of June 18, 2018)
  • Inventory access is often broken in multiplayer. (Should be fixed as of June 3, 2018)
  • Some players are reporting unplayable multiplayer lag, but it could be due to host/client multiplayer infrastructure. (Should be improved as of June 3, 2018)
  • Zombies raining from the sky (should be fixed as of May 20, 2018).
  • Host facilities don't always load in for clients during multiplayer sessions. (Should be fixed as of June 3, 2018)
  • While driving, sometimes cars appear to crash into an invisible wall (although they might actually be clipping into the floor somehow). (Should be fixed as of June 3, 2018)
  • Sometimes opening doors and flipping cars can cause you to fall through the floor, although it looks as though Undead Labs accounted for this possibility by teleporting your characters back up to the surface, avoiding perma-death.
  • Viewing certain facilities can cause the UI to lock up, specifically the Bell Tower on the Church on the Hill base.
  • Sometimes newly built facilities like watchtowers have no floor collision. Rebooting the game can fix. (Should be fixed as of June 28, 2018)
  • The leader mission(s) that follows clearing out all Plague Hearts sometimes doesn't trigger properly, reportedly. (Should be fixed as of June 3, 2018)
  • Sometimes the game won't give you the option to cure a Blood Plague victim. Logging out and logging back in can fix it.
  • Seen reports of invincible zombies that seem immune to player attacks, but can still deal damage.
  • Reports of missing UI elements/garbled text (seen on Xbox One S).
  • Reports that the community tab on Xbox One X can cause overheating problems.

What bugs are you seeing?

Hit the comments below to let us know what bugs and other issues you might have encountered in State of Decay 2, providing as much information as possible. Undead Labs encourages you to email bug reports and support requests to, providing reproduction steps and platform information where possible.

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