State of Decay 2: Known bugs [Updated: Patch 2.0 live]

Several bugs hindered the overall experience in State of Decay 2 at launch, but Undead Labs has already dropped tons of patches to fix the experience.

Here's our changelog and bug tracker, updated as State of Decay 2 develops.

Updated May 23, 2018: Added new bugs discovered by myself and the community. Including invincible zombies and missing UI elements.

Updated May 23, 2018: A new patch is currently being tested on the game's closed technical beta, expect bug fixes and polish soon.

Updated June 3, 2018: A new full reinstall patch has arrived fixing tons of stuff.

Updated June 18, 2018: Undead Labs has issued Patch 1.4 fixing several notable issues, including door states.

Updated June 28, 2018: Undead Labs just dropped Patch 2.0 which has an insane amount of fixes and new content, find the patch notes here.

Current Update: Patch 2.0 (June 28, 2018)

This patch fixes tons of things, as well as adds new content. Head here for the full patch notes.

Patch 1.4 (June 18, 2018)

  • Fixed issue with ladders where players would sometimes not mount the ladders properly during descents and as a result fall off and take damage.
  • Fixed some rare instances of odd follower behavior where players would sometimes lose their follower entirely, or the follower would disappear and then teleport to the player later.
  • Door state should now always match its visuals. (No more running face first into a door that looks open!)

Bugs we've found on Xbox & PC

  • Door open/close states are often inaccurate. (Should be fixed as of June 18, 2018)
  • Inventory access is often broken in multiplayer. (Should be fixed as of June 3, 2018)
  • Some players are reporting unplayable multiplayer lag, but it could be due to host/client multiplayer infrastructure. (Should be improved as of June 3, 2018)
  • Zombies raining from the sky (should be fixed as of May 20, 2018).
  • Host facilities don't always load in for clients during multiplayer sessions. (Should be fixed as of June 3, 2018)
  • While driving, sometimes cars appear to crash into an invisible wall (although they might actually be clipping into the floor somehow). (Should be fixed as of June 3, 2018)
  • Sometimes opening doors and flipping cars can cause you to fall through the floor, although it looks as though Undead Labs accounted for this possibility by teleporting your characters back up to the surface, avoiding perma-death.
  • Viewing certain facilities can cause the UI to lock up, specifically the Bell Tower on the Church on the Hill base.
  • Sometimes newly built facilities like watchtowers have no floor collision. Rebooting the game can fix. (Should be fixed as of June 28, 2018)
  • The leader mission(s) that follows clearing out all Plague Hearts sometimes doesn't trigger properly, reportedly. (Should be fixed as of June 3, 2018)
  • Sometimes the game won't give you the option to cure a Blood Plague victim. Logging out and logging back in can fix it.
  • Seen reports of invincible zombies that seem immune to player attacks, but can still deal damage.
  • Reports of missing UI elements/garbled text (seen on Xbox One S).
  • Reports that the community tab on Xbox One X can cause overheating problems.

What bugs are you seeing?

Hit the comments below to let us know what bugs and other issues you might have encountered in State of Decay 2, providing as much information as possible. Undead Labs encourages you to email bug reports and support requests to, providing reproduction steps and platform information where possible.

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  • Beside having cars stuck in the decor none really...
  • Not able to use hosts building when playing as gues in their world, ie workshop or infirmaries to heal infections or repair weapons etc
  • Yeah I have the same problem
  • I play on PC and xbox., These are the bugs I've personally encountered. 1. Every ambulance I've seen/used flickered in/out but are still useable. 2. During my first session (4hrs) the HUD periodically flickered in/out and item icons didn't show up in my supply locker inventory. Note this was on XB1X. I closed the game and re opened to play later that day and it was fine. Haven't seen since. Other than these my experience has been quite enjoyable! Great game.
  • When using the lockers when I scroll down it instantly scrolls back up.
  • I think this game is great love it has a lot of bugs but is totally playable also a issue I ran into was I can't climb down ladders on view points I fall its not registering for some reason
  • What I found is that entering sneak mode (kneeling) and moving slightly in the direction of the ladder will bring up the ladder pop up. Then, simply move in the direction of the ladder with a slight motion and you'll mount. This was a problem in SoD as well. It comes from not being able to map the climb/descend action to a button.
  • On Xbox One the companion is often invisible and, although they track on the map and comment on zombie locations, you can’t request a different companion nor do they help you kill zombies. Literally while typing this I’ve thought of a work around but it’s still a pain. (Resetting Xbox or closing the game does not appear to help, though I guess you could change to the companion then send them to bed, effectively removing them temporarily from available characters)
  • At any time during gameplay there is a horizontal line a few millimeters think (probably tens of pixels) across the middle of the screen that flickers. Sometimes it's there, sometimes not. It usually lasts for minutes at a time. I haven't figured out a pattern to when it occurs. I'm gaming on a Vega 64 with the latest AMD drivers. R7 1700, 16gb ram, windows 10 all updated, ASRock Taichi Mobo.
  • Not seeing this with a system very like yours (R7 1700x, X370 mobo (Gigabyte), 16gig ram) but I have an Nvidia GTX1080. So I assume it is your vid card drivers? Doubtless this will be fixed when AMD get a game-ready set released for SoD2.
  • I get the line across the centre of the screen sometimes too and I have a gtx 970 so its not amd gpu drivers.
  • I experienced this on my XB1X too so you're not alone
  • I get the same orange line on Xbox one x it was when I was driving around
  • Get it as well on a GTX 1070.
  • I have the same issue except I have an intel I7 4790k paired with an nvidia gtx 1070. Its really annoying and I cant figure out whats doing it.
  • This happens for me too and I'm playing on an Xbox One X
  • When playing xbox multiplayer, the second persons flashlight is super buggy and has a bunch of moving dark spots in it making it extremely annoying to travel during the long nights for the guest players, also the hosts facilities sometimes do not load in as well as the supply lockers themselfs not working for the guest players, forcing the host to create a new outpost for thr guest player to stash their things they have scavenged, it would be amazing to see these bugs fixed in the near future
  • I’ve noticed these issues as well. The flashlight is basically useless in multiplayer. Occasionally it works for some characters, but for the most part it’s pretty scuffed. It looks like the light is getting rigged inside the player model. I also experienced the supply lockers not appearing once, but leaving and rejoining the host fixed the issue.
  • Cant see any infestations. Had to invite a friend into my game and they had to tell me where they all were. The infestation got so bad that the text turned red and my community threated to leave. Lol please fix
  • I was wondering if anyone else was having the same problem. The only time I can see them is if they are part of a mission.
  • yeah, I am having this problem on Xbox1...maybe they should have added a locate infestations call on the radio along with the locate plague heart request...
  • Issues I've found so far:
    1) Killing a bloater leaves the cloud of death at the area for some time before it dissipates. However, if you drive through the area (rather than run) after the cloud is gone, it still affects the vehicle, injuring all passengers.
    2) Statue: while dodging an attack during an assistance mission, my controlled character froze in place. No actions were possible (all commands ineffective). I tried to use the "Stuck?" command and while it did move me, the character was still frozen. A zombie came up and swung several times, missing, until it finally connected, breaking the freeze and allowing me movement again (strangely, the attack that landed did no damage.
    3)Fuel consumption is abnormally high for vehicles. I could not complete a single circuit of any map on 2 full tanks.
    4)Missions happen at an insane rate. It seems that the idiocy of NPC's from the first game has carried over. No one but you can seem to accomplish anything.
    5)Infestations also occur at an alarming rate. For every infestation I eradicate, three more occur.
    6)Lily Ritter survived? I mean, come on! Haven't we heard her voice enough, nagging us to death? Get real. She had Lupus! She was always whining about being close to death. Give her (and us) a rest.
    7)Fights are occurring by characters that are at Stable or better morale and even when that character is following you and far away from base.
    8)The amount of resources lost to "Oops" issues at the home base occur far to often. I lost 4 meds, 5 food, 3 ammo, and 4 fuel in one game day. That's a bit much.
    Yeah, there's more but these are the ones I've found since I started playing on my XBoxOneX.
  • -The plague zombies leave plague samples that are unable to be picked up.
    -Some bases don't have a main area to "claim" as an outpost marked. had to roam around until the text popped up.
    -deceased character's possessions disappear and are not at the site where they perish despite their being a quest to retrieve items from them.
    -Fuel usage on all cars is ridiculously high and not at all realistic. (game play issue not a bug)
    - I feel like missions to help neighbors come up so frequently that you can really only help maybe 30% of them. (another game play issue) A side note.... how horrible is the eyesight of these characters? I am 43 and have better night vision out in the country with no lights that they seem to. Our eyes do adjust to the dark outside and moonlight helps...
  • Re. the darkness, try adjusting the game's gamma setting.
  • I feel like the map should stay clear when you go to a house etc. and loot it? but on the pc version when I exit the game and go back the map goes back to normal and the only places that are clear are your home and your outposts which can be a bit frustrating when you go back to a place you've already looted.
  • hears a look a bug in action, or is it bad driving clipped it on my twitch last night. i was particulary shocked lol.
  • Bug with Warlord legacy mission. Spoiler alert stop reading now.
    During last few nights you are given an option to kill or let Kyle live (Coalition member), if you choose to kill your gun is replaced with a pistol no matter what you have and I lost a Assault rifle that had a 101 drum magazine I paid a ton of IP for and it disappears. Not in the vehicle, inventory or player base stash. Also legend game when you start a new if that file is corrupt or deleted you can't choose that legacy character again only one of the others from enclave. I loved the first game and waited so many years for this to come out. The permanent loss of 3 characters I wanted to continue to my next survival is a shame. Not sure if I'll even continue playing anymore knowing these game breaking issues exist. Permanent death already sucks and to lose weapons and characters you built due to misinformation or bugs is pathetic. Thank you Undead Labs I used to love playing your games and told everyone about how it was such an enjoyable experience and they should too. I've lost that feeling. Also why not have the ability to have a community map for everyone to build a base on? 4 friends able to build either out of one base or multiple on the same map/session. Would unfortunately be difficult without hosted servers.
  • I really hate the trend in gaming of developers treating the paying consumers as their play testers. What happened to launching with a finished product?
  • That concept died in the 90s. Us 80s gamers can only dream of the good old days and load up our retro collection. Basically, once big production companies got involved quality control fell apart very swiftly.
  • @Andy
    The thing is that others manage to do it. Companies have tools they can use. alpha, betas versions, early access.
    It almost looks like they were forced to release the game incomplete because they needed to have a lineup.
  • @PLPW77
    Yeah. Totally agree. I think this should have been in early access.
    In Europe, the price is already down to 17-25 bucks. Metacritics is at 68 right now.
  • Jet Set Willy on the ZX Spectrum says 'Hi' - made in 1984, it still has a game breaking bug to this day that has NEVER been fixed (at least not by an official patch, although an unofficial 'POKE' fix was available). 'Unfinished product' is as old as the industry. People really need to take off the nostalgia goggles...
  • I think he is talking about the percentage of games being full of bug now vs the 80s or 90s. I think games are bigger and are more likely to have bugs nowadays than in the past but teams have more tools to prevent this. They are more than likely to have bigger budget to test games. Plus they have options like release beta versions or in early access. So when a game launches in such a state, I don't think we can forgive them and say it's always been in the industry...
  • Not able to use hosts building when playing as gues in their world, ie workshop or infirmaries to heal infections or repair weapons etc Reposting so that something gets done about it!
  • I experience of strange bug twice. My HUD (minimap, items, health bar, etc) would disappear and I couldn't access the map; so in an effect, I was running around blind!
  • Oh my, i just wanted to comment and the page even crashed.
    So i only have one bug, on win 10.
    It seems to be pretty gamebreaking. The game wont even start 👍🏻
    Starting to get irked out, betatester was once a job, and now we pay for it.
    But since launch is tomorrow, and i would've bought it anyway, i'll wait for a fix till then.
    Games have become such a buzzkill with those pre beta releases sold as full games
  • Wont start for me either. I tried to restart computer - nothing
    Uninstalling and installing again - nothing
    Tried to get some advice on internet - nothing
  • I didn't find any game breaking bugs but some of the listed here. Game is playable so im ok with it.
  • "im ok with it"
    Of course you are... :)
  • For the time i spent on SoD 2 i have noticed quite a few issues and bugs.
    1. Vehicles get stuck so freakin easy on the environment, Currently have 2 trucks stuck one on a guard rail and one on a rock. Attempts to unstuck have proven futile and fuel waste. Why cant we syphin gas out of unused vehicles?
    2. Playing on multiplayer random instants where when two or more cars are in motion and lag spikes hit sends cars skyrocketing and crashing some distance away.
    3. Multiplayer again.. Opening doors as a passanger or should i say not being able to open the door as a passanger for that sweet door kill.
    4. Is it just me or is everyone in my community a total moron when it comes to resorce waste? I mean every 5 minutes im getting a message or radio call saying they tripped and fell now 10 materials have been wasted or someone triped over a gas can and lost 5 gallons..
    6. Dead surviors hostile or friendly unlootable? I mean in the first game you were able to recover their gear if they died now their gear gets buried with them?
    7. Walking out of a building leads you to fall into a worm hole under the map for 10 seconds. It happend twice, seperate locations.
    8. Zombies seem to spawn really close out of nowhere. I have been ambushed by a few hoards that magically appeared from thin air. I get it hoards roam but thse instants i stop at a house to loot coast looks clear get out boom hoard waiting.
    9. The phantom car hit, multiplayer, trying to get inside a stopped vehical on friend's server, everytime i try to get in survivor touches car instant plays the being hit animation.
    10. Gas milage sucks... more money for big oil i guess. Seriously these things seem to suck up fuel but i guess survival game. Perhaps a car fuel/hybrid car mod?
    11. So using one fuel to gas can ratio seems a bit odd to me. Would make some since 2 cans for one fuel. Least you can do since gas runs out so quick.
    Other than a few frame rate spikes and lag, i still am gonna
    enjoy the game.
  • Infinite Black screen when I select "Start New Community" frustrating. Haven't been able to play at all during my "Early Access". I play on the Xbox One Original, and have reset my system many times. It's shouldn't matter the system I have, the game should work. I'm not spending$50O on an Xbox One X just for this game..I'd rather get a refund and use that money towards a PS4 Pro. Very displeased thus far.
  • To add to previous comment, my character got in a car and drove off however the camera stayed still as the car went off into the distance
  • I've found that while playing multi-player it's quite rare for anyone but the host to be able to open car doors to smash the zombies
  • I was playing as my leader, who was my best and favorite survivor. Got my car stuck from a tiny little bump, so I tried to get out. I was suspended in air in a falling animation, So the game gave me fall damage until my character died. The get unstuck option also didn’t work. I think that may be the first time I’ve ever rage quit a game.
  • I cleared out all plague hearts and cant finish the game without getting the rest of the sheriff missions. Ive tried resetting the game multiple times but it doesnt seem to help. Im pretty sure this is a bug because previously id get SO MANY missions every hour.
  • I also had my ultimate edition car get stuck to a pole and explode. I repaired it and then got in. It immediately exploded again. I tried to push the wreckage with another car and it spazzed out. It is now one with that pole.
  • There is lots of bugs, such as cars going into the air and shaking all over the place... Clipping Through the earth, multiplayer is basically unplayable because it's so broken, the game looks a little choppy... And I'm sure there is more issues... But that's just what i noticed... I hope undead labs fixes this really soon
  • Zombies raining from the sky? Don't fix that!
  • My main issuebis falling off of survey points because the game won’t let my guy climb onto the ladder from above. Of course thats more irritating because of camera angle making me climb on and off of ladders from the top when trying to descend.
  • Ive had the issue with ladders period. I found that slowly approaching them, until prompted left stick forward climbs lasders was the safe way to do it. I've also read others crouched up to that point.
    I'm all too familiar with this bug as my first playable survivor was fairly injured because of it. Lol
  • Having issues where I'm getting screen looks like it's tearing and flickering, maybe 4k issue?
  • The only major problems I've run into is a full tank of gas run out too fast... i can drive almost 300 miles on my tank IRL. I feel that I should be able to drive from one side of a map to another without needing gas. Also that issue where you're driving and you hit something that's not there. I've run into that too but because I hit a street sign (prob a stop sign). It fell down but I couldn't drive over that spot. I also had a car disappear? I found a car with stuff in the trunk but when i went back with gas it was gone. The Phantom car...
  • Hey in xbox one there is a bug that doesn't let me see my coop mp partner's backpack and weapons wen im visiting their world might not be game braking but is bothering me for aesthetical reasons.
  • I'd like to preface this comment with how much I'm enjoying the game, despite the issues I've experienced. Large and small.
    I'll list the bugs I've experienced from most impactful/serious to least impactful/mundane. I'm playing the Ultimate edition on an Xbox One X 1. Upon my most recent attempted play session I first experienced the infinite loading bug (not the bug being mentioned here). I managed to get the game to load and joined a friend. First thing I noticed that was odd was that one of my newer survivors wasn't available to use. I thought there may have been a reasonable explination and went ahead with the character I'd intended on using. Then within minutes I noticed my recently looted, quite coveted katana was not on my character. With this and the previous oddity, I decided to look in my community roster and not only was that newer survivor gone, my survivor who'd reached Hero rank was no longer a hero. Upon further research I'd found that for whatever reason I went from the 5th day of survival back to 3. I was and still am pretty crushed because I was really picking up pace in those 2 lost days. And obviously I'll miss that damned katana! 2. Infinite loading glitch. This was an annoyance but barely registered as soon after I experienced a progression loss bug. And it was easily fixed by power cycling my XBOX 3. When playing co-op (as a guest) the flashlight seems to clip through my character model and in some positions makes the flashlight near useless. 4. Again in co-op I was led to believe, I as a passenger would not be allowed to fire a weapon but would have use of the door attack. So far that has not been the case, there is absolutely nothing I can do, other than maybe leap to my death. 5. Doors often appear open but require you to open them... again? 6. A small screen tear seemingly when the game is needing to process heavier loads about 3/4 up the screen. I truly hope no one else suffers the game progression bug as it's very demoralizing. I've emailed Undead Labs and have yet to hear back from them. I doubt my progression will be restored, but hopefully they can identify the problem and make it a priority fix. I waited along time for co-op in State of Decay, even after Undead Labs to me broke their word after stating they would attempt to bring co-op to the original if it did well enough. 2nd only to Minecraft at the time, I think they did pretty well. I'm happy it's finally here, but please adress these issues ASAP!
  • Doing the mission warlord: notice of eviction. I destroyed the plague heart before talking to survivors and now i cant progress with the mission.
  • 1. Items disappearing from inventory’s and I lost an item when I clicked on it in car trunk then a zombie attacked me and I looked back into car trunk and the item was gone 2. Was gunned down by enclave and body was missing when I came back with another character
  • These are the bugs I’ve found on Xbox
    1. As a guest not being able to open the passenger door of car in multiplayer
    2. Not sure if it’s a bug or not but an enclave moving into a potential home site and not being able to move in there because they won’t leave
    3. Supply locker and other things(workshop, infirmary, etc.) not showing up in friend’s home base There’s some other minor bugs but I can’t think of any others specifically
  • On Xbox as a guest in another player game the flashlight is a bit messed up. It’s like the light source is behind the player character so it makes a bunch of shadows that block out the light making it harder to see in the dark
  • Loading bug for me I got early access the first day and just got the chance to try it out today and now it's not loading at all even the main screen has a bug
  • Had a really annoying gamebreaking bug where I couldn't finish an infestation. The zombie was stuck inside a crate. I had logged off for the night and came back to find the zombie was still there.
  • (PC) Loving the game so far. But Just want to bring up a few things and see if anybody else is having the same issues:
    1. Sometimes when loading into the game, it just straight up crashes. The game closes, and I get kicked back to my desktop. No warning, or anything. Has happened a couple of times, and even a few times in game.
    2.My followers are bugged all to hell. Alot of times, I'll have an "Invisible follower" pretty much. I can see the dot moving behind me on the mini-map, but there's nobody there. I try switching to that follower, to try to un-follow so I can get a new follower, but then the same thing happens to where I can't see the follower. So I'm pretty much stuck switching between people back and forth, until I can finally somehow manage to find the "Invisible follower" and dismiss him.
    3. Another thing with the followers. Just today, I had two people get infected with the blood plague. Which, no big deal, I'll cure them. Problem is though, when I go to the infirmary to have them check in, they never lay down. They'll start to lay down, glitch a little bit, then glitch back to where they're standing up. I still have the option to cure the plague when they're standing up, but it doesn't work. After restarting the game a couple of times, I finally managed to get it to where they lay down and was able to cure them successfully. Sometimes when trying to check them in, they wouldn't go to my infirmary at all. I would run around the base looking for them with no luck, and was unable to switch to them cause it said they'd be "Busy".
  • For PC you can't pick plague samples
  • Mine is that sometimes I jump the gun in missions and do the next thing before I should and the game doesn't recognise that the task has been done so I have to exit to refresh it...
  • (PC) I remapped keyboard and mouse controls and now certain actions (push to open doors for example) don't work .
  • (PC) After deleting all the keyboard/mouse input and remap the keys it now works.
  • (PC)Major bug that I've had happen twice is my follower just starts running in some random direction and keeps on going, eventually they will get killed because they keep running into things as I travel the map I see them randomly spawn in running and attacking stuff I try to get them to get in my car an it doesn't work, the 2nd time it happen I was able to fix it by going into my base selecting the character that kept running (take control) and then quickly dismissing the one I was playing. The first time it happen I never found a fix I just ended up losing them about an hour later.
  • (Xbox One) Upon completing the tutorial, I am brought to a loading screen that just stays for hours. I tried skipping the tutorial, but I get the same issue! Can't even play the game, and refunds are not optional.
  • I play on Xbox One.
    1.) Feral doesn't spawn on the mission where you find a car, joyride, kill 5 zombies and then have to run over a feral.
    2.)Followers stop following you while doing a mission for an enclave, leaving and then once you complete the mission, follow you again.
    3.) Traders run away.
    4.) Infestations no longer show up on my map. I have to click on buildings randomly to tell if they have an infestation.
    5.)Game crashed on mission with Mavs and Kate. Kate went missing and I tried to find her but my game would crash. Never did this before or after I left the mission alone and I've been playing for about 28hrs by now.
  • Hi I'm stuck at the loading screen after clicking on new community
  • When a juggernaut kills a survival that is following you, HUD disappears and you can't interact with anything.
  • Love the game so far but do have a pretty annoying bug im getting -3 morale from a person i exiled’s “fussy” trait
    I feel like it sould have went away after i got rid of him lol
  • The Magnum Ammo press crafts .50AP and 40MM Grenade Launcher Ammo instead of .357 and 44 HP rounds.
  • I've had issues navigating the terrain with my survivors, I noticed certain rock outcroppings were not walkable and would cause a falling animation after getting a quarter of the way up said rock. Also, there are doors that are stuck in incorrect states of open/close. Interacting with beds sometimes freezes the game and will fail to show the UI, I have to guess where the icon is to escape being stuck in an invisible UI. Sometimes there are collision issues, I can't reach a fellow survivor to aid them in combat. I was hoping for a more smoother game, but it's riddled with issues which I should have expected from this developer. Yet, I'm having fun regardless of these issues though I may end up giving State of Decay 2 a rest until some big patches handle these issues.
  • My Game Still Crashing after 20 - 30 m of gameplay , the game just close , no error message appears , i uptade windows , video drivers , direct x , and nothing changes..... iam sad
  • After I had set up my first home base and took materials back for the first infirmary, most of the on screen text apart from a few letters wouldn’t render so it was impossible for me to advance as well had no idea what anything said...
  • I can't access my preorder supply drops. Doesn't appear in my radio menu. I purchased the ultimate via Xbox please help.
  • I also experienced this issue with my Ultimate edition. Been playing since the 18th and it was not until a couple days ago that that radio command became available. Now after I call for the drop it lands nearby but when I open the crate I cannot collect the items inside, says something about the content not being allowed for this account or that the items are locked. I tried for all preorder drops and same result. I sent email to but have had no response.
  • Here's one that pisses me off and ruins my immersion when trying to be a ********* and have "dirty" fun lol. I ATTRACT 20 ZEDS OR SO TO A TRADER'S AREA (so he or she can get killed I presume and I can take their good ass gear for free!) and as soon as he or she is about to die, MY GAME FREEZES for about 10 seconds, then crashes to desktop...…. :( I just wanna see them die lmao, also the gear but seeing them die is kinda funny. They really put up a helluva fight before going down.
  • So far the concept of it makes it seem like a great game. I'm a huge fan of the first state of decay, but this one so far it starts off good then fails after a brief time of playing. The issues I encountered so far are mostly just the doors appearing closed/opened when they're actually opened/closed, cars getting stuck on everything and taking forever to get unstuck/unstuck by force, sneaking then getting stuck in every surface you sneak to close to, not being able to jump over objects you can jump over, and certain combos or thats what i call them things like rt + x or rt +a not working. Those are the lesser annoyances, but the game breaking bugs that just make me want to get a refund already are. First, deaths.. You dont actually die you just keep moving and the hud goes away and you cant interact with anything your options menu or up or down on the d-pad options, juggernaut kills i died once it was when i was sneaking and got sucked into the hood of my car then juggernaut did his finisher with an invisible body and i was free until i had to reboot and it was like nothing happened, and another juggernaut incident when it killed my follower and shut down my hud and everything else again. I had to restart the whole game over. Should mention my disc isnt scrated its brand new just got it two days ago.
  • The lesser annoyances i can live with for a while until it ruins just throws me off the game. The death issues are going to be the death of the game. I dont think anyone would bear with that for too long those should be priority fixes.
  • Don't mean to be annoying but just hope whoever fixes these issues sees this. Then well fixes them. Not joking those deaths fix them the followers and player deaths. Thanks to who reads these comments and fixes the problems
  • Dont forget to include Coop players who join, their flashlight is awful, can barley see anything with it on. Its like your own body is getting in the way of the light being cast outward. So lame! How does stuff like this for a game that was designed for Coop get over looked and not fixed? Also, anyone who joins a hosted game, the followers will not move out of the way for a client’s when trying to get around them or through a door. Oh my god this part is so annoying and very frustrating. Many other things that got mentioned. like doors that look like their open but are really still closed. I wouldn't call this a bug, but something that needs adjusting. Why do the people who are living in your camp constantly wreck the goods in your place? I mean come on, seriously. What is the deal with this? Its an Apocalypse and people scurrying around destroying goods accidentally and constantly thought out the day and several times in one day is ridiculous. I seriously want to exile every last one of them and go it alone. Its that bad! We need to have more control with options in the game to allow us to adjust or turn off some of these dumb options that make the game less appealing. The game is fun, but its getting old quickly having to deal with some of the stupidity and design decisions that were made for this game.
  • When I have max survivors and I exile one to get a new survivor, it still registers me as having max survivors and I can’t get another survivor.
  • I recently obtained the Barricaded Strip Mall on the plateau map (I believe...), it comes with a small alcohol shop that says it's clear able but does not actually give the option to clear it.
  • I'm on XB1, downloaded the game a few days ago and haven't been able to play past the tutorial because every time I get to the end and drive the car heading to the homestead it goes into an infinite load screen.. this needs an immediate fix so I can actually start the game lol
  • I havent had a chance to play it because whenever i tried to play it will not launch i would only see the logo then it would me out. Does anyone know how to stop this? And before some smartalec comes along yes i do have the game.
  • I've been having the same issue. It's annoying considering that I've been waiting for this game prior to its reveal. I've updated my drivers and it still won't work. I know that if I can run Skyrim on ultra settings, it should work on SOD2. I email Microsoft but they didn't help me yet.
  • Really am loving the game. But just started having issues. When i go into a house to scavenge items. Everything i open is empty. I am receiving nothing at all. Not sure why.
  • Can anyone help me I have an Xbox 1 but I can’t even play the dam game. It gets to the unreal engine screen then goes black and goes back to the home screen of my Xbox plz help
  • Stuck on black screen during initial load (PC) after selecting my community
  • The bugs I've encountered other than the ones that are already listed would be going towards an area that hasn't fully loaded in and would bring me to a black loading screen and keep me there. Getting stuck in a loading screen when I switch characters and getting stuck in a loading screen when I exit. Forces me to quit the game and brings me back to where I would have to redo something all over again
  • Enjoying the game to a degree solely got the game for MP on X1, the whole getting back to base and having to leave the game and rejoin to just use the locker is a real pain, losing multilayer bonus isnt that great. Another issue I found was cars just randomly exploding, had 5 vehicles do this so far loosing 4 characters that where all max level. Another biggie been both passengers jumping in the car car, initial drive from launch of game is fine, but after leaving the c at fighting a few hordes ramsacking a few houses, getting back in the car, the car then bugs out unable to open doors to take out zombies. The feature then becomes annoying. Other than other problems people have mentioned its been decent.
  • Sometimes skills books are not working, spent 3 gardening skill books on a starter character with an empty slot and nothing, he consumed it said that he learned it but he did not. What a waste. And pls fix how the npc uses the facilities in the base, like whstd the use of the beds if they arent using it? State 1 used it.
  • I'm playing with my friends and I searched about 50 boxes and only 3 of them had loot keep finding nothing, this needs to be fixed how can you possibly survive finding nothing??? Seriously?
  • Basically same game as state of decay 1 but 100 times more bugs how do game producers develop a game like this and actually lanch it? Typical of Xbox no wonder Sony didn't want anything to do with this.
  • Ok so. My problem during multiplayer on xbox 1 is error code 3? And it happens constantly or I crash or get loaded into a structure and cant move.. The fact that we cant build together is a tremendous let down.. But i still love the game wtf is error code 3??
  • Playing on Xbox One X and every time I go to the community screen the console fans wildly rev up and the system shuts down. This is the only area I've experienced where it happens. I can play for hours as long as I don't go into that screen. However, as soon as I enter the community screen it kills the console. Some others over on reddit also have the same issue.
  • Not being able to use the hosts facilities in their base when you try it says “ you need to be in the base to use this”.
  • I’ve had two bugs involving bloaters. The first one, I entered my base and suddenly a couple of my characters started doing the animation like they were in a cloud of bloater crap, and started taking damage. One of my characters died from this, despite they’re being no cloud or bloater nearby. The second one happened when I was driving along the road when my car seemingly hit an invisible bloater. I was just driving along and then my car was covered by the damn bloater crap and I had to bail. These both happened on the Xbox one
  • There’s also a bug with making things at the infirmary. I kept trying to make plague cures but it would never give me them. It used the materials, but it never gave me them. Now I have one less survivor and a lack of medicine
  • Anyone getting stuck on Legacy mission for the sherriff: gone missing? i am at the point where it says defeat the raiders, but there are no raiders at the spot where they are supposed to be. i have switch people in the middle of the quest to try and reset it but that didnt work. any thoughts???
  • so i bought the game from microsoft store and play it on PC when i start up the game it shows the state of decay 2 logo and goes to black screen and closes
  • please fix it fast i really want to play the game
  • All text on the screen such as dialogue, goals and base goals is flashing, disappearing and being completely broken like showing only a handful of letters... With my hearing problems it makes playing the game and knowing what to do extremely difficult if I don't have text to read, not to mention it's majorly distracting when it's flashing on and off constantly!
  • I tried launching the game on my Xbox one to naturally play the game... And it's a disc... And it wouldn't even launch... The screen went black then just when right back to my Xbox home... Here is a video of what I'm talking about
    ( )
  • hey I,m having the same problem but on PC
  • Me too man, have u fixed urs or found out anything ?
  • nope sorry still broken
  • After the patch update, I can’t even start the game. It shows the logo for about 15 seconds and then the whole thing crashes. I had no issues prior to the patch update. It’s kind of frustrating. I’ve read that other people have this issue and they reinstalled it and it still doesn’t work.
  • True true, me too. Its monday ,do u know if they fixed it ?
  • I cant even load state of decay 2 any more. Every time i click on it from our main xbox screen or go into our games app will not load
  • My only problem I have had with this game is that recently, it won’t even let me log in and play. It just keeps me on the loading screen between the main menu and the game.
  • Beds not adding up correctly:
    I currently have 1 outside large sleeping area upgraded to 6 beds, 3 outside small sleeping area's upgraded to 3 beds each and 1 outpost with 2 beds. In total it should say 17 beds but it is showing only 14. (My plan was to remove the 6 bed area for an autoshop but if I remove it then my sleeping area will show too little beds.) On xbox one.
  • My game is brand new and it doesn't wanna start up , so I uninstalled it and installed it again. And now it doesn't even want to load , or show me the main menu options . Any suggestions
  • Is this problem on PC or console?
  • I have state of decay 2 on x box downloaded and it does not load new communitys for me. What can you do about it
  • Infinite loading bug (Xbox). All I see is a black screen please help!!!
  • I’ve been having trouble loading in once I have selected a new community (Xbox). I have just bought this game online and download seemed fine. Though, like I said, the initial load in screen after selecting a new community is black but I can hear background music. I don’t know what occurred but thank you for allowing me to share it with you.
  • Also got some loading issues but when it finally goes in the game it causes my game decor to load in cant see houses everything is blurry
  • I'm not all too sure if anyone else has encountered this or not but my game seems to have a serious Juggernaut problem. I can't even go down the street from my base without seeing at least 2. And the further I drive there seems to always be at least 1 every few houses. It's hard to clear out infestations because there's usually a Juggernaut that spawns at every one of them. And what's worse is that so many spawn right outside my base and when I kill it another spawns a few houses away and idk what's wrong...
  • I've had a lot of problems with getting my car stuck on small things like this metal guard rails on the road, small rocks, and various other small objects. I somehow get my car pinned on just the right spot of the object and then i have to spend the next 2-5 minutes trying to unstick it usually resulting in me having to refuel my car to continue getting it unstuck. I understand that my car can get stuck on things but it happens so often and so easily. even when I'm not driving very fast I'll somehow get it stuck on something small.
  • Well I'm going to say i got the game to play but I cant play cause it not loading I have sat here for hours not being able to play the game at all what going on
  • I've had this same problem! Super annoying considering I have the first one and I splurged and got the $50 game with the addons. I finally rest my xbox through settings but it keeps freezing at the intro 🙄
  • I lost 3 of my most powerful and important survivors after exiting the game at my base and returning later. Unless this problem is made right by undead labs I’m not playing....I had a community of 9 that’s down to six and I can’t fully operate my base because of my remaining survivors do not know utilities, electricity, chemistry or computers.....FIX THIS UNDEAD LABS!
  • My husband and I have both run into infestations that seemingly cannot be cleared. They aren't big areas, but no matter how long we stay and research the area, we can hear a zombie that we can't see. Wondering if they are stuck in the floor/ground.
  • I have playable survivors who won't progress past 3 stars. 1 in medicine, 1 in cardio.
  • On Xbox One my followers disappear and go back to the base. I tried the fix where you switch to them in the menu. But when I switch back, they disappear again. It happens no matter who I pick.
  • They need to patch the game so that if you're controller disconnects because of low battery, the game pauses. Just as I was being attacked by hard my controller disconnected. The only way to save myself was to turn the game off. Well at least I hope it's saved me, because I didn't play the game anymore after that.
  • They need to patch the game so that if you're controller disconnects because of low battery, the game pauses. Just as I was being attacked by hard my controller disconnected. The only way to save myself was to turn the game off. Well at least I hope it's saved me, because I didn't play the game anymore after that.l
  • When your companion steps into your line of fire in aim mode and ruins your shot.
  • A lot of comments in here, hard to read them all....not a bug, but definitely a game play issue...siphoning gas from other cars, and when you scrap a gun, how about putting the bullets that are in the gun into our inventory. seems a shame waste all that ammo, at least give us an unload option.
  • *Gas consumption is rather extreme. *The rate at which infestations keep popping up is rather extreme as well. Being that when you erradicate one. It's seems as though three more take it's place. *This is the MOST annoying thing is the saves. I play for some hours. Get alot of progression. It says saving in the corner when I get back to my base. I switch characters. Then boom. It says saving again in the top right hand corner. So one would conclude that their progress has been saved. So yiu exit the game to the title menu. Then to the desktop. Then upon my next bootup of the game. Allof my progress that I thought was saved. Is nowhere to be found. FIX THIS ****! This is a game breaker for me.
  • I'm playing on Xbox One and, while enjoying myself, I have consistently run into an infinite loading glitch while traversing the map in a vehicle. It happened several in game days into the playthrough every time and when it does, I'm in the process of traversing the map by vehicle when the loading icon appears in the bottom right corner....and then never disappears. If I force it to quit the game and then restart from dashboard, any attempt to load that previous save now brings me to the loading screen with tips that never ends. At this rate I may never see an ending. It's very discouraging.
  • I'm in the Bell Tower in the church on the hill, and it won't allow me to use the ladder to get down.
  • And I'm on Xbox One, FYI.
  • I don’t know if anyone else has encountered this, but while driving to a plauge heart I flipped my Kraiser, I went to the front to flip it but the icon isn’t showing up.
  • So I have an xbox one and i had trouble with it loading past the black screen. So i restarted it through the setting and it worked only to freeze at the intro after I picked my characters. Trying for the 3rd time now.
  • since the dlc update. When i search for resources through the network, all the places are empty!! although i search endlessly, nothing comes up. please fix imediately! Also, when i do a resource search, it makes me travel clear across the map, is this normal? it used to be very close to my base. please fix asap
  • I am having the same issue. My resources are reducing dramatically because of this which is making the residents want to leave. Makes the game unplayable after a while.
  • I have a problem when doing resource missions. When I have entered the building that is surposed to have the rucsake in it hasn’t spawned and there is no container to loot. And the building icon won’t remove because it still believes that there is a rucksake there.
  • I am playing State Of Decay 2 and I used to ask for location of resources rucksacks through radio and then could find them easily. However, after updated with the very recent released patch 2.0 (7.5GB), I go to the correct location among the three provided by radio (I know it is correct because the map mission icon remains there while I arrive there but the mission icons of the other two position disappears when I was there) but I cannot find any rucksacks there. Previously the upper left corner should indicate it has one remaining container which is the rucksack but now nothing (only say the site is clear and can be claimed). I tried to delete and reinstall the game but could not help. Please advise.
  • Would like to supplement that I am playing on xbox one.
  • It’s happening to me as well and I have done the same I have even played on both pc and Xbox one and still the big remains. I have even started a new community and to no avail.
  • The same thing is happening to me as well on the Xbox one X. I had no problems other than an occasional stuck vehicle in the terrain before the update. It's really annoying and the game is becoming unplayable due to the frustration from wasting so much time.
  • Really loving the game... the update was great, but there's now new bugs also... 1) Gunslinger ability is not working. Aim is not snapping when you hit Spacebar, 2) when u are in building mode on your base, pressing escape takes you totally out of the mode, instead of just out of upgrading the building. I play on a PC.
  • Since I downloaded the independence content my locate people/resorces is bugging out 2 of the three locations for the resorce will clear but the third will not using xbox one to play
  • So not only is the locate resorce/ people showing empty locations survivor quest to find rucksacks are also giving empty locations
  • My new base in the game has no storage, i can't put any resources in the base anymore. So it is keep losing everyday in the game i can't do anything for it. This was not happening before i moved the base. The storage slot it showing me it is empty and also the car parks are empty as well, what happend to this game?
  • SO the Patch 2.0 that was supposed to fix some bugs, made more mess. The game was playable before this 2.0 patch. Granted there was some graphic glitches, which can still be played thru, but now things don't even work right. Come On!!! Fix Please!!! THis is a Great Game!!!
  • Concur and total agree.
  • I second that. Started my fifth play my fifth playthrough with the independence DLC only to get to the final mission with my Warlord and I can not finish,. It is the mission to see who is allied with me near the end. when I get to the home and no one's there and it tells me to search and find out why I can find no body and there are no containers inside the house. Also resources have seemingly completely disappeared from anywhere on the map especially food. Enclaves no longer sell food either. Please fix ASAP. New bugs have rendered a great game completely unplayable
  • Did anybody else have the feeling that the spawn rate massively increased with patch 2.0. If the developers want to increase the difficulty level just build in different modi. Or do we need more zombies so that there is a use for the firework guns?!
  • "Fixed issue with ladders where players would sometimes not mount the ladders properly during descents and as a result fall off and take damage." Absolute. Complete. Utter. Rubbish. This happens to me consistenly post the alleged fix some 15 days ago. Other than that, vehicle dynamics are sometimes a joke. I can hit a tiny bump and my truck flips end over end. Other than that, there is an issue when using the radio to scavenge for resources. I don't know if it's a bug or not, but most times in the past few days, I get sent to a location I already picked clean and find nothing there. Previously, a single rucksack would spawn in one of the three locations. Other bugs include locations not flipping black when fully searched and all of the items on the roof of the Barricaded Strip Mall existing several inches above the roof. This makes getting down off the ladders nigh impossible.
  • I play on xbox. When I exit the game my load screen becomes infinite. It's not frozen. The circles around the emblem in the right lower corner continue to spin but it just never loads and goes to the next screen. This isn't that big of a deal but now I'm trying to switch maps and it's doing the same thing. Infinite load screen.
  • Glitches I am having on PC. I've been getting these glitches a LOT lately in my game. It didn't start happening til I got to around day 20. But it's with when I call in to search for resources, when it's the building with the resources in it, I can never find it, all the boxes are looked through and no rucksack but still has the mark on the building. So weird and irritating, especially when running low on supplies and cant get rucksacks for my community because the glitch won't let me find any. Other one I've been having is when I have a follower from the base, they glitch and I can't see them and if I go to choose a different follower, I can't because I can't see the glitchy one to unfollow. Or if I go to the character screen to take control of the one that is glitched out, it makes the other one glitch and disappear. And also, when I do have a follower, sometimes it glitches and my follower will just start doing their own thing and leave me, like they are just heading back to base for no reason. Oh and I also get that bug where I can't climb up ladders either sometimes! That can get pretty frustrating! Since the game is already out, can they still fix the bugs?
  • Overall I absolutely love the game but my issue is that ALL MY VEHICLES DRIVE LIKE THEY R STUCK IN 1ST GEAR imagine having the FASTEST car in game but it drives slower than the meat truck can STOD2 DEV please help me!!
  • So I lost my burinator due to my character walking completely through it can not even pull the rucksacks thay were in it platform xbox 1
  • I really like the game but I am facing some irritating bugs, originally started as sheriff in Cascade Hills. Would never start Legacy quests, so I started and finished another game as Builder on the Plateau...made sure I had friendly enclaves before eliminating all hearts-added friendlies after that w/sheriffs game but will not start Legacy(killed hearts at 38days, now 46days). Started a new game with builder Legacy perks in Valley, at 2 days at SAME map location while driving, game froze 2 different times, restart ok back to last save. Game froze again during farming area that I found Tassie Devil while looting, game froze when I tried to switch characters to fill their inventory-it went to loading screen where it generates the game tips but would not load game(did same thing twice) no leader chosen btw. Restart game again, now game will not load at all, same loading screen indefinately. Went and played a previous save as Warlord(9 days in game) and played about 30 minutes and when switching characters game went to loading screen and is unloadable now like other game. Went back to my original Sheriff game and it loads and plays fine in spite of other games issues. This is on Xbox One.
  • Hey guys, before I begin with my list of the most irritating bugs, I can confirm the invisible wall on roads issue still persists.
    Now, the multiplayer mode would be a blast if we did not have those constant network lags. And I bet the other bugs are also in relation to the disastrous network infrastructure: 1) we always have to keep our distance between cars on the road, since if are too close to each other and one of the lags happen the cars can simply explode due to the collision (we have had 15-20 network glitches in our last 2 hours session), 2) the zombies can get out of sync completely on the client side: when my friend is hosting, we are already 30 mins in the game, we are attacking a horde, and all of a sudden I don't get to see any of zombies anymore but they are still attacking me. So I end up fighting invisible zombies, while my friend can see them next to me (we get this bug in every multiplayer session).
  • Game will not launch says my anti-virus may be blocking it but how? every other game works fine with it on and no settings ever changed. Why would this game be blocked?? Dodgy game?? anti-virus is Micro Trend
  • Fix the fps drop already getting sick of losing my survivors due to the whole game lagging out and only temporary fix to dc my internet from my xbox and reconnect
  • Frequently when switching characters especially if one has a quest line, will not switch and goes to the loading screen with game tips but never loads. Quit can and often loads and plays ok, several times playthrough is broken and stays in mention load screen unable to start. On xbox.
  • I think I have a bug that I have not seen reported yet. My base is a beginner's base and will not have this problem when I upgrade. However, I am currently producing a lumber material each day with my workshop 2. This is being powered by the peddle bike, which costs morale, not fuel. However When I check my materials overview screen it is costing me the morale AND fuel everyday. I assume this is a bug that the player is still charged the daily fuel for the peddle bike even though this should not occur. The other major problem I have is vehicles getting stuck in the environment.
  • The sound makes a static noise and then the sound goes off and whilst the sound is off it goes glitchy and the quests get messed up. Exit game and go back in fixes it but it does it again and again just at random. Also need a stuck button for the cars as they get stuck when you have to quickly dodge stuff in the road.
  • Im having the exact same problem. Tv makes a crackly static noise and the sound stops. Ocassionaly I get the static again but no sound returns. Desperately need a fix as hasn't always done this.
  • Also my followers still disappear for ages then teleport back. It usually happens when you switch characters. If like me you literally usr your second person as storage from scavenge hunts then you end up with no meds or food to help when you're fighting the zombies. Have had character actually die because of this
  • On the Xbox one, getting a major audio glitch in game. There will suddenly be very loud static, and then sound will just not return, and the silence will periodically be broken with more static.
  • For PC I keep running into missions where I have to speak to someone, but they're not there. I can see them on the minimap, but when I got to the location on the minimap there's nobody there.
  • Im also getting this on my xbox one, finding it annoying.
  • So while playing a mission where you can cure or kill rae, i went to get a blood plague cure and when i returned rae had glitched out. Its telling me shes there on the map but shes nowhere to be seen and as this is a timed mission i find it very frustrating that i cannot save her :(. I left the area a few times and returned and even made noise so zombies would come in the area with hopes she would appear to kill a zombie but nothing has worked.
  • During Xbox multiplayer sessions usually driving a vehicle the game sound would create an ear shattering pitch followed by complete sound loss for all players. Resets only temporarily fix it. Any clue as to when this will be fixed? Love the game won't play until this is fixed.
  • 4 bugs i have experienced:
    1. Sometimes there is a extremely loud static sound before the game just goes mute. Have to restart to fix and blew out old headphones.
    2. Multiple times two screamers will have glitched into each other making them impossible to melee. Had to shoot them to kill them.
    3. The HUD flickers randomly for no reason.
    4. Sometimes I want an outpost and I have the influence and the slots for it. Even the icon is white instead of red, but it stills says requirements not yet.
  • On my xbox 1 I had a problem where I moved from one map and moved back to the other map where I was originaly at and there was no vehicle's to be seen..... They were all gone please fix.
  • On Win 10 pc, losing UI. Happens when entering any locker (comm, storage, med, etc) at random...hit E to open locker and lose control of the UI/HUD. Mouse arrow moves around, but cant do anything in game. Only solution so far is to force exit the game (close the window in the task bar) and restart, losing any quests. Also, why so many needy'd think these folks would know how to do something for themselves, but they whine the need materials, meds, bullets. I am all for helping a guy out, but how did these folks get past the first day of the zombie apocalypse??? And, stuck vehicles. There should be a stuck vehicle button that will move it 5 feet so you can get out of an impossible situation. So far I have been able to beat a stuck vehicle out by ramming it with another one repeatedly, but my insurance company is charging me a fortune for my repair deductible. No tow trucks in the apocalypse. A stuck button should be reusable in case the 5 feet moves it to a worse stuck area, or being able to push a stuck vehicle. If I can singlehanded flip one over, I should be able to push it...