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What you need to know

  • The Steam Deck is Valve's handheld gaming console, designed to let players enjoy PC games on the go.
  • The first wave of games was recently verified for the Steam Deck.
  • The Steam Deck now has a release date of February 25, when the first batch of orders will begin shipping out.

The first wave of Steam Deck units is slated to launch on February 25, Valve confirmed on Wednesday. Valve had previously confirmed that the Steam Deck would be launching at some point in February 2022, following a delay out of the holiday 2021 period.

On February 25, Valve will begin sending out the first wave of email invites to the first group of reservations. After receiving an email, anyone with a reservation will have 72 hours to finalize their purchase of a Steam Deck. Emails are being sent out in the same order as the reservations were originally made, so you may have to wait a bit before checking your email to find the invite.

The first batch of verified Steam Deck games recently showed up thanks to data being scraped off of Valve servers. Some of the games that are sure to run on the device include Dark Souls 3, Death Stranding and Hades.

The Steam Deck specs are fairly beefy for a handheld, with a quad-core AMD APU and 16GB of RAM. Some models include an SSD, while every Steam Deck supports expanded storage through SD cards.

An ultimate PC handheld

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Steam Deck

Play your Steam library anywhere

Wanted more places to play your Steam library? Now you'll be able to with the Steam Deck. This machine comes in three configurations, each allowing you to play your games locally and portably.