Steam's annual Winter Sale is now live with huge discounts on tons of games

Steam's annual Winter Sale is officially here, offering up some truly massive deals on tons of PC games. Running rom today, December 22, through January 2, you'll be able to grab everything from classic PC games to popular newer titles and even obscure indie offerings on the cheap.

Steam Winter Sale

Some of the more notable sales running right now include DOOM (one of this year's best games) for just $20, up to 75% off the Just Cause franchise, and half-off Tom Clancy's The Division. The Total War franchise is also on sale for up to 75% off, and you can nab Payday 2 for just $5. Of course, if you're a veteran of Steam's frequent sales, you'll know there's tons more where that came from. You can head over to Steam now to check out all of the deals, and more will be on the way before the sale ends on January 2.

Lastly, if what you see on Steam doesn't strike your fancy, you can grab some popular EA titles at a big discount as well through Origin's Winter Sale. In fact, Battlefield 1 can be had for as little as $36, while Titanfall 2 is up for grabs at $30.

Is there anything you're determined to pick up? Let us know in the comments!

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • I don't know if GRID Autosports is part of this Steam Sale, but it's only $10 right now on Steam. I don't recommend buying it on Steam though because the Steam for Windows version is free on the Humble Bundle right now as part of a sale.
  • ehmm... its completely free on Humble for 2 days:
  • Two different games. Grid Autosport and Grid are different. Grid is the older one which is being given away for free by humble bundle.
  • Update: It's actually just GRID that's on sale.
  • I'm a veteran of Steam frequent sales.
  • Titan Fall 2 is cheaper on Steam right now than Microsoft's sales price a week or two ago.
  • Microsofts sale prices are usually twice the price of a store. (outside of the US.)
  • If there is one thing Microsoft are good at, it's awful sales.
  • Got myself Witcher 3 GOTY during autumn sale. It was a really sweet deal. I don't think any other platform can match these kind of sales. Steam sales makes my wallet is empty.
  • Picked up TitanQuest twice :) once for me and once for my son so we can co-op on two PCs. Only $10 for two people, what a steal! Great game!!
  • Picked up the Quake Collection and Unreal Deal Pack for a total of $13.85!!!! I've been waiting on a price drop for both of those for the last few years!!! Let the 90s era First Person Shooter good times roll!!!
  • I wish Microsoft sales were this good.