SteelSeries launches the APEX M750 with new QX2 switches

The APEX 750 is a new mechanical keyboard from SteelSeries. The company announced the keyboard and highlighted the "complete package" on offer to gamers. This takes into account RGB lighting, support for SteelSeries Engine, enhanced durability and stability, and a striking design.

The new QX2 switches provide a quiet response to the touch, much like the similar Quiet RGB offering from Cherry MX. The keys on the APEX M750 are too rated for millions of presses (50 million to be exact). The switch actuation point is just 2mm, with a total travel of 4mm, so you won't need to hit keys all the way down to register movement.

It's a sleek-looking keyboard that will surely last the test of time and endure battles in luggage to and from LAN events. To take advantage of this new keyboard, SteelSeries updated the Engine suite to offer new apps to deliver reactive lighting effects, chat notifications, and enhanced customization. This also includes Discord, which is officially supported by the team behind the popular gaming chat platform.

There's also full support for PrismSync, which allows for anyone to create their very own light show at home. A premium keyboard will demand a high price tag, and the APEX M750 is no different here, coming in at $139.99. It's also available for purchase right now.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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