Steins;Gate games head to Xbox backward compatible list — but only for Japan

A few new titles have been added to the Xbox backward compatibility list today, but only if you call Japan home. Revealed by Xbox Director of Programming Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb on Twitter, three games from the Steins;Gate series are now available through the program.

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The Steins;Gate series was only published in Japan, and is thus only available via the Japanese Xbox 360 Marketplace. The games themselves are a science-fiction visual novel series in which students at the center of the story change the past through technology.

The first (opens in new tab) and third (opens in new tab) games in the series are available digitally, while the second is only available if you own the disc.

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  • Wonder how many of the 5 xbox one owners in Japan will actually play them on an Xbox One? :p
  • El. Spy. Congroo.
  • Is it El psy congroo?
  • No it's El Psy Kongroo. I've played the game on PC, Steam and Vita.
  • Xbox one is no planning do new games? So many backward compatibility
  • backward compatibility getting more games is seperate from xboxes inability to get exclusives. They just seem related due to timing.
  • The last major XB1 exclusive announce was more than 2 years back: January 2015. Forza 6 Last E3, they hardly made any announcements. There were what? 3 console exclusives? The annual Forza game with FH3, the multiplat Dead Rising 4 which is timed and State of decay 2 which is made by a smaller indie studio and which will probably also end up on steam. For me it looks like the only announcement they are making is these BC of these old games, new paid service to rent old games, controller design or hardware news. I'm HOPING MS turns it around and I will be waiting for E3.
  • There are plenty...
    Cuphead, State of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3, The Culling, Ashen, etc.
    Third party games like Middle Earth, The Surge are games too.
    All games are backwards/forwards compatibled and some even works on PC.
    * Unlimited active cloud sync is free for everyone btw.
    I carry my Bluetooth XB1 Controller and Surface Pro4 (sometimes Alienware) with me all the time., which is why I switched to MS store (gave up on Steam, PS Store, and Play Store for movie)
  • If you own the *** discs of these games, will they work in a US XB1?
  • You can hotswap store in Win10 Settings or in Website's language setting.
  • Would like to play it if it was available not only in Japan
  • You can hot swap store in Win10 Settings or in Website's language setting.
  • No, you can't. 360 games are tied to the 360 marketplace system, you need the discs or a Japanese account.
  • Since there are only a handful of Xbox users in Japan, they should make these available in the US too.
  • Actually the information is not accurate. The first title of this series also has official Chinese version on Xbox 360, and I personally have both Japanese and Chinese version discs (one of them is collectior edition). I'm surprised to see non-English game on the BC list, and hope there will be more (I have 3 other such games on 360).
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