The Stellaris: Federations expansion gets a new features overview video

Stellaris Federations Expansion Hero
Stellaris Federations Expansion Hero (Image credit: Paradox Interactive)

What you need to know

  • Stellaris is a sci-fi themed grand strategy game with deeply intertwined mechanics and addictive gameplay.
  • It's getting a new expansion dubbed 'Federations' that adds new diplomacy-focused features.
  • It now has a feature overview video that goes over what players can expect from the expansion.

Stellaris is one of the best games for fans of real-time strategy titles, since it has everything you could ask for: a moving story, powerful mechanics, a ton of tactics to employ, and an expansive universe that can easily take hours from your day. A new expansion coming for the game is turning away from the military-focused strategy that many people choose and instead relies on the power of negotiation and diplomacy. In Stellaris: Federations, the pen is supposed to be mightier than the sword.

The Federations expansion adds a Galactic Senate that allows you to set laws, regulations, open trade deals, and far more. It's not all fun in games, though, since manipulation and corruption are present here, and players have to navigate this diplomatic battlefield to pass the laws that benefit them the most. It should be a very different gameplay style than everyone's typical "lets-just-blow-it-up" mentality, and shows just how versatile Stellaris can be.

The 6-minute video is a quick overview of a lot of the features you can expect out of the expansion, and should serve to hype you up for when Federations comes out on March 17, 2020. If you haven't given it a try yet, Stellaris is actually available through the Xbox Game Pass for PC. The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is just $45 at Amazon for a three month pass and nets you Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass for both consoles and PC's. Stellaris is there and ready for you to try it out.



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