If you are on Windows 10 tonight, you may want to use the Windows Store app to check for a Store update. Yes, the always odd 'let it update itself' feature in the Windows Store is alive and well as we jump from build 8.12.1 to build 8.25.1.

Along with it comes at least two changes and possibly a third as well.

What's new

  • MenuDownloads is renamed to Downloads and updates for Mobile and PC
  • Settings – Removed Only update the tile when I'm on Wi-Fi for PCs (remains on Mobile)
  • Taskbar icon – The Windows logo on the icon reflects the Accent color instead of hollow. We are not sure if this is a bug, however, as only one of our computers is doing this while the other is not
  • Check for Updates – (Bonus!) On Mobile, the Check for Updates button has moved to the lower app bar

How to check for app updates on Windows 10

The update for the Store applies for Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 for PC.

Notice any other changes? Let us know in comments!