Story Remix shows its face again, for non-insiders this time

It didn't come across as the most popular name for the new app when it first pushed out to insiders in mid-August, though Microsoft did say it wasn't final and was taking feedback.

In a somewhat surprising turn up, it seems that an update is pushing out to regular, non-insider folk that changes Photos to Story Remix right now. We've seen it on multiple of our own PCs, complete with the change box you see up top.

It could be a mistake, it could be intentional, it could end up being the final name and we all have to live with it whether we think it's silly or not. Guess we'll soon see.

If you're getting the same update sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of it.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • I just hope this isn't the touted Windows 10 replacement/follow up for Windows Live Movie Maker, because if it is, it is sorely lacking in just about everything Movie Maker offered.
  • It's still in development, most features will be coming in the following months
  • More of a well overdue update to photostory 3.
  • Im more confused everyday what this app really is.
  • ... and why not name it Gallery and unify there Movies&TV? On the other hand, remove the horrible name of Story Remix and use Movie Maker or similar.
  • WTF??
  • They spend a good couple of years making the Photo's app usable instead of a flaky mess and then this, I really hope it's a mistake, wind up or anything other than a permanent change.
  • I shouldn't be finding this funny.  The photos app is **** (excuse my language). The couldn't learn from their mistakes. They shouldn't be trying to highlight a half-arsed feature. There are so many things that thry could be working on and other things to rename. *sigh*
  • LMAO. Anyone that doesn't that that direction and leadership isn't a disaster at Microsoft is nuts. In, out...left, right...up, down...create, kill off....back, don't back. WHAT IN ALL @#$@$ ???
  • I got this update but it's still called Photos. I think MS screwed up.
  • A/B Testing? I think they still cant believe noone likes their new name and still want to try.
  • 🤣
  • You should throw a hissy and threaten to go Linux if they don't deliver ......
  • Same here. Got an update to Photos, still named Photos, that has Story Remix as an option under a menu heading Create. That sort of makes sense. Story Remix isn't as full featured as we have seen in demos...yet.  I is being aggresively worked on though. Use the Feedback hub folks. With limited resources, the team needs to know what is wrong (broken) and what you/we want (next features). My next desire is transitions. The wiz bang stuff looks neat, but lets get the basics in there.
  • "... Story Remix as an option under a menu heading Create." From the moment the originaal news was released about changing the name my response was, why don't they just make Story Remix a feature built into Photos.  I guess someone at Microsoft ready my post.  LOL!  :) 
  • awesome ill need to check this out!
  • Dumb MS being dumb. Why not bake it in and advert it as a FEATURE of the photos app. Or even better, split the apps into A) Photos: Simple, fast and reliable photo viewer/manager and B) 'Story Remix' (or whatever flashy name): Editing.
  • "Photos is now story remix" - who on earth would see ANY logic in this?
  • I have got it as well. Release Preview ring.
  • nothing in finland yet
  • What is the website address?
  • I just went into photos to import pictures and ended up stumbling upon the editing albums feature. I ended up piecing together a short video using ink and the text features. I was pleasantly surprised at just how quickly I picked up on it. It was kind of intuitive, I liked it.