Streamlabs announces Lucra, lets creators sell tickets to exclusive livestream events

Lucra Announcement Image
Lucra Announcement Image (Image credit: Streamlabs)

What you need to know

  • Streamlabs is a very popular service that streamers use to customize their streams, from Logitech.
  • Today, Streamlabs is announcing a new service that creators can use to organize exclusive livestreamed events.
  • Lucra lets you create and promote events, and sell tickets for said events to your audience.
  • It integrates with all major streaming software, and makes it easier to engage with your audience during events.

If you put any significant amount of time into streaming on popular platforms like Twitch, there's a very good chance you're already using Streamlabs, a popular suite of tools and features for creators to customize and enhance their streams. Previously, streaming as a living was about donations from the audience, ad revenue, and sponsorship deals, but Streamlabs wants to give creators another way to grow their business and connect with their audience. Enter: Lucra.

Lucra is a new service from Streamlabs and their parent company Logitech that allows creators of any kind, be them gamers, artists, musicians, or anyone else, to create exclusive events catered for their audience. Lucra's features include:

  • Create exclusive livestream events by setting title, description, ticket price, seat capacity, and more
  • Lucra handles payment processing, ticket sales, and event analytics
  • Events can be shared with unique URLs, embedded in personal websites, and integrated with all major streaming software
  • Live chat allows creators to engage with their audience in real time during events
  • Creators using the free tier keep 70% of all earned revenue from ticket sales. Steamlabs Prime members keep 100%

Lucra makes it completely free to create and run events, and it gives creators more ways to connect with their most dedicated audience with exclusive events, with ticket prices and rules that are set by the creator. Lucra will even let you know how many tickets have been sold in real-time, where your audience is coming from, and how much revenue has been generated by your event.

Lucra has the potential to be a great asset for long-time streamers. If you're interested in getting into the game yourself, or if you need an upgrade to your current streaming set-up, consider one of the Best Microphones for Streamers to upgrade your in-stream voice.

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