Streamlabs Creator Sites is an easy to use website builder for streamers

Streamlabs is one of the top service providers to streamers handling donations, merchandise and so much more. The latest addition to the platform has been revealed today in the form of Creator Sites, an integrated website builder to add a professional homepage into your streaming profile.

Like the rest of Streamlabs products, Creator Sites is integrated with the big platforms like Twitch, Mixer and YouTube, as well as the main social media services like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Creator Sites will aggregate your content across all of the supported platforms in one place and display it in an attractive, professional looking template.

"Live streamers are unique in that their online persona is their brand. Showcasing that becomes complicated when your online presence is spread throughout a dozen different platforms," said Ali Moiz, CEO of Streamlabs. "Creator Sites provides an opportunity for live streamers to unite their online presence and reflect a consistent brand."

While Creator Sites is available to all Streamlabs users free of charge, the additional Streamlabs Prime package at $149 a year will unlock a number of advanced features not just for the site, but other Streamlabs products, too, which will soon include the mobile app and merchandise stores.

Main features of Creator Sites include:

  • Domain with information protection and enterprise-grade security
  • 1-click custom email setup on personal domain
  • Integrated commerce and monetization
  • Website builder for beginner to advanced users
  • Content Creator specific, drag-and-drop building blocks
  • Website theme gallery with content from top industry designers
  • SEO friendly websites with 100% user control and ability to add custom headers
  • Content aggregation across all major platforms
  • Cross-platform stats aggregation
  • Unique website layouts optimized for both desktop and mobile

Additionally, Streamlabs Prime subscribers will get access to:

  • 10 additional websites themes (only two are available for free)
  • The ability to add an additional page to your website
  • A professional contact form
  • A custom email address to protect your email from spam
  • Advanced SEO settings and analytics
  • Full CSS control of your pages
  • Domain, Identity & Spam Protection on your website

Streamlabs continues to invest in its offering for streamers, and its suite of easy to use tools remain essential in the space. To get started with your own Creator Site, head on over to Streamlabs right now and get started.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • Stay away from Streamlabs "Creator Sites." I did not mean to purchase the Prime package for 1 year. I wanted to do month-to-month. Streamlabs advertises their package with a MONTHLY BREAKDOWN, which provides the illusion that there is a monthly option, or that the monthly fee is what you'll be paying. I checked out with PayPal, not realizing that I was never going to be presented with the option to only be charged monthly (if that option was available, and it isn't). After realizing my error, I was informed that, "We can cancel it such that its not renewed next year but do not offer refunds for Creator Sites, we apologize for the inconvenience." I literally informed them of my mistake and requested a refund within seconds of the purchase, and there's nothing they can do? Nonsense. Streamlabs is just another unethical corporate monstrosity. Stay away from them. If you need a website, you can get a domain cheaply and then have someone on Fiverr (not an unethical corporation) build your website for much less than what they're charging. WordPress, for example, is an easy platform to work with. In any case, I'm out $149, and I'm going to make it my personal mission to inform everyone of how scummy Streamlabs is on all of my streams, my website, throughout the Discord community and other places. Unethical companies like Streamlabs do not realize that a single person can cause more financial damage than the mere cost of simply issuing a refund. If 10 people choose not order because of my honest review, they're out $1,490. Moreover, if they did issue the refund, and I was happy with their free package, I would have upgraded later. In the Age of Information, unethical business practices is a pretty stupid idea…but Streamlabs thinks they're untouchable. Help teach them a lesson by investing your money elsewhere. Thank you for reading.