Subnautica partnering with Panic Button to speed up Xbox One development

Subnautica has been in development for years now and many Xbox One owners were frustrated by the fact that it's still a broken experience on Xbox Game Preview. Luckily, the developer is partnering with Panic Button Games to speed up development of the console port. You might recognize Panic Button from the recent Nintendo Switch ports of Doom and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

The developer issued the following statement on its website.

Subnautica has been in development on Xbox One for quite a while now. We're painfully aware of how long you've been waiting for us to finish the game. We've struggled to deliver updates quickly... Subnautica is a... complex piece of software. Lots of nuanced interactions with the host hardware need to be... rebuilt. Performance is a huge challenge... We were not moving fast enough, so we decided to... bring in outside help. We've partnered with Panic Button Games to finish Subnautica on Xbox One. Panic Button know consoles inside out. They have lots of experience bringing big games to consoles... As usual, we won't promise any dates... We are sorry it has taken so long to deliver updates.

Hopefully the final version will hit Xbox One soon. In our review of the PC build, we said "a game full of liquid is a difficult selling point on its own, but throw in base building, meaningful progression and a feeling of being way out of one's depth, and it all makes for quite the experience."

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