Subway Surfers takes you to Paris in latest update

In this latest update, players will continue their world tour all around the majestic city of Paris, France, picking up new awards and outfits along the way.

Here's a rundown of all that's new in Subway Surfers version 1.37:

  • Follow the Subway Surfers World Tour to France
  • Grind trains with Jake and the crew in the stunning Subway of Paris
  • Beat your friends in Top Run to earn coveted Top Runner Awards
  • Add some playfulness to your collection with the new Jester Outfit for Coco
  • Go on Weekly Hunts for colorful Eggs and win great prizes

Overall this looks like a pretty fun update, especially with the egg hunts coming just ahead of the Easter holiday. If you'd like to run the tracks of Paris, you can snag the update from the store link below.

Download Subway Surfers for Windows Phone

QR: Subway Surfers

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Seems faster
  • Seems surfer
  • 2013 wants it way beyond dead saying back :)
  • Seems cliché
  • In this case, I will have to agree with you. This update seems to fix that issue where the program wouldn't respond fast enough after collecting a power up causing you to crash. I'm finally reaching the same numbers I am getting on my Android phone. Definitely seems better optimized.
  • This game is so addicting to me. Can't wait to try Paris.
  • ❤ this game and the regular facelifts
  • Can we just applaud this developer for consistently caring about the Windows version of this game?
  • I was about to say the same thing. We should really support these developers. They are right up there with the likes of Gamepoft when it comes to supporting Windows Phone.
  • Typo: Bringing is to Paris
  • Again???
  • Appreciate the developer but pls make another awesome game for us instead of the very frequent updates
  • When are they going to make this available on W8.1-10 PC's and tablets????
  • Was addicted to it, but got me bored two updates ago. Requires too much grinding to collect everything and collecting was the only reason to play left (all achievements on gold).
  • While it's nice to get frequent updates it's about time to get some new cities instead of always the same again and again. And of course they should try to improve the performance on WP in general.start up time is still too slow (930 compared with the G2 which has the same SoC and ram) and its laggy on many low and midrange devices
  •   Sure its easy to release frequent updates, if you reuse the same content updates again and again. There are so many more interesting and famous cities in the world
  • I failed to update, remove & redownload doesnt work, now I lose my game :(
  • I restarted my phone and successfully redownload the game :)
  • I'm totally addicted to this game these days... Gotta get the diamond medal once; have reached until gold.
  • Jesuis Charlie
  • I seriously hate this game , this game offers the same thing but only just the different colour scheme in the name of new update.. Lol i seriously sometime think that the developer is not having any other idea to promote his business but just to update and promote fucking idiocy..
  • I accidentally touched the start button but went back in anyway and suddenly the game environment changed entirely...anybody got a clue what happened?