Super Meat Boy Forever targeting 4K 60 FPS on Xbox One X (update)

Updated December 8, 2018: Super Meat Boy Forever should launch on Xbox One in April 2019.

Super Meat Boy Forever is the long-awaited sequel to Super Meat Boy. The original is regarded as a cult classic by many due to its tight controls and punishing gameplay. When the sequel was announced, many gamers were ecstatic to play a modern Super Meat Boy game on Xbox One because, right now, only the Xbox 360 version is backward compatible. While the original Super Meat Boy looks great even today, you can easily notice the blurry presentation on a 4K display. Luckily, Super Meat Boy Forever is targeting 4K 60 FPS on Xbox One X.

Today, a fan asked the Super Meat Boy team on Twitter if Super Meat Boy Forever was coming to Xbox One and would target 4K 60 FPS on Xbox One X. The developer confirmed that the game was indeed coming to Xbox One and targeting 4K 60 FPS on Microsoft's latest console. Due to the unclear nature of the conversation, we reached out to the studio for clarification and received the following response.

We are aiming to support 4K 60 FPS. Half of our assets are vector, which means its easy to do 4K, the other half are not so we're exploring how to make it look as good as possible in 4K. The game runs well at 4K 60 FPS in our initial tests, but if the end result is a 4K game that doesn't run at 60 FPS, we'll keep it at 1080p since that frame rate is so important to us and what people expect. If we can pull it off, it'll be 4K 60 FPS on all the consoles and configurations where it works well.

Hopefully the game will run at 4K 60 FPS on Xbox One X, but frame rate is always more important than resolution. Maintaining 60 FPS throughout the tense levels should be the main priority. We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more about the game or get word of a concrete release date.

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Asher Madan

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