You have to go through each white level eliminating red opponents. However, the twist is that time only moves when you do. Anticipating where enemies will fire their weapons or appear from is necessary for success. When we reviewed the title over a year ago, we said that it was an innovative and perfectly executed time-bending concept.

Since then Superhot has launched on many platforms including virtual reality headsets. Unfortunately, the same content — no matter how great it is — on different devices can feel stale after a while. Luckily, the developers heard gamers loud and clear and today announced the Superhot: Mind Control Delete expansion.

Mind Control Delete is a standalone expansion set in the Superhot universe. It's designed as a roguelike twist on the linear nature of the original game. According to the developers, the expansion distills and expands upon the same intoxicating rhythm of slow motion combat. Mind Control Delete will force you through dozens of increasingly difficult challenges. Each challenge will make you more powerful and bring you closer to deciphering hidden secrets behind the cryptic story of the game. As you unlock powerful new abilities and gain access to new playable characters, so do your enemies. They become stronger, smarter, and incredibly desperate to stop you, so mastering all of your powers is necessary for survival and reaching the end.

If you already own the original game, the expansion will be completely free. Mind Control Delete is coming to Steam Early Access on December 7, 2017, but a release for other platforms hasn't yet been announced. Considering that the main game is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and other platforms, the content might hit those versions too.

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