Superhot to get Japan-inspired sequel on PC

Superhot is an incredibly popular first-person shooter available on Xbox One and a variety of other platforms. Your goal is to basically eliminate all of the red enemies. However, the catch is that time only moves when you do.

For years now, gamers have been asking for a sequel to the acclaimed title, but there was no indication such a project even existed. Luckily, that changed today because developer GameTomo announced it's working on Superhot JP. Superhot JP is set in Japan and features hot springs, samurai castles, Tokyo alleyways, karaoke bars, and bullet trains.

GameTomo posted the following information about the title on its website.

The iconic red guy is coming to Japan! With the innovative time-moves-only-when-you-move FPS gameplay, Superhot JP (not the real title) is a new game set in the Superhot universe. While maintaining the same intoxicating rhythm of slow motion combat, this new Superhot presents a brand new adventure with a distinctive Japanese flavor. Dodge bullets, while bathing in a hot spring. Battle the red guys in a variety of new Japan-inspired environments, from hot springs to samurai castles, from seedy Tokyo alleyways to karaoke bars and bullet trains. Escape the 'real world' and into the mysterious reality of the new Budd-OS. One step at a time.

Hopefully Superhot JP will make its way to Xbox One down the line because the developer plans to release the game on PC and PlayStation 4 "at least". We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more about the project. Until then, be sure to check out the original game at your favorite retailer.

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Asher Madan

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