Surface 2 with LTE to go on sale tomorrow, 64 GB for $679

It was just one week ago that we brought you exclusive photos and details about Microsoft’s Surface 2 with LTE. Priced at $679, the added benefit for LTE anywhere (on AT&T) will cost an extra $130 for the 64 GB machine. Now, Microsoft has made it official, and the device will go on sale tomorrow at Microsoft Stores and Best Buy.

Microsoft has not announced any new carriers for the Surface 2 with LTE, just AT&T and eventually Vodafone in the UK (announcement coming later). The device itself is exactly the same as the current generation of Surface 2 devices, with just a little extra weight (5 paper clips, according to Paul Thurrott, who was able to preview the device).

The Surface 2 with LTE should be a nice option for those who need connectivity everywhere, while having access to full a full Office suite and reliable battery life. Combined with the Touch or Type covers, the Surface 2 with LTE should be a powerful mobile solution for many professionals or students.

A contract with AT&T is reportedly not needed, meaning users can drop in any SIM as it is SIM unlocked. However, it’s optimized (i.e. compatible) with AT&T’s LTE network, so if you try to use it on Verizon or T-Mobile, you will probably show a decline in network performance. The SIM tray also does not need a tool to open it up; instead you can just use your fingernail.

People who buy the Surface 2 with LTE will also get 200 GB of added storage on OneDrive in addition to Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 RT and Outlook 2013 RT.

The Surface 2 with LTE goes on sale tomorrow at Microsoft Stores and Best Buy. Microsoft has not announced a Surface Pro 2 with LTE, nor commented on the prospects of that happening. So far, it’s only the 64 GB version for AT&T (and eventually Vodafone).

I’ll be picking one up tomorrow and will post my thoughts later in the day.

Source: Surface Blog

Daniel Rubino

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  • Costs too much. I can get a dell 8 inch tablet with full windows for $299. Less than half of the surface 2 w/ lte. And if I'm not mistaken the dell has a microsim slot as well.
  • You're mistaken
  • Yeah but how about someone who is not looking for an 8" tablet and want something bigger.
  • The Nokia Lumia 2520.
  • The dell does not have a SIM tray. But overall I agree this is too expensive when you have options like the DVP8 that can easily be found for close to $200 (got mine for $175!).
  • Comparing prices of 2 tablets with completely different specs is rather pointless. So apparently someone who is looking to buy an 10'' Full HD device with LTE certainly will not consider a DVP8. Comparable device would be the iPad LTE, or the Sony Xperia Z1 LTE. Both device cost between 600-750$ as well.
  • At least someone gets it... People do all this whining about the price of the Surfaces,but what it offers compared to it's real competition blows them away for a better cost.
  • Price point is compete joke. 700 for RT tablet? Another niche device.
  • Microsoft's pricing strategy is always to ask for as much as possible at first.  They feel they can always drop the price later, but can't raise it.  This is crushing their image, and they haven't realized it yet. However, this is how it usually works out for them  (Surface, Surface RT, Xbox One, etc.)... They produce a really cool product with great buzz and excitement The time from announcement to arrival is forever (or seems like it) They let out all cool features before release (no pleasant surprises at launch) They kill remaining optimism by pricing the product too high The product numbers are below expectations and/or competitors They wait a while for something to change magically People begin to lose interest in the product (developers, etc.) The product begins to be called a FAIL by everyone Once interest is almost gone, they finally lower the price to where it should have started Everyone reports the lower price as a confirmation and admission on complete product failure Product now has the image of failed, discounted product, that only losers or fanboys want Product never gains market share Surprisingly, they seem to be in love with this pattern because they repeat it over, and over, and over again.  The real pity is that they are producing great products right now, but they use the above pattern to all but destroy them all.  It's really frustrating to watch.  
  • Agree
  • Totally agree
  • What's frustrating is that people bitch about the prices about such Microsoft products that are better than and better priced then the competition. You admit that they are great products. Pay for the great products then. If you introduce a lower cost,then most people will think that the products are cheap. Double edged sword. How about complain that all the other crap on the market is overpriced for what they offer. That's one reason why Microsoft is having problems is people's twisted perception. This is priced very competitively with it's real competition. So are the rest of their products for what they offer. People need to stop accepting garbage for quality,and accepting the prices that accompany them.
  • Touche', but that's not how things work when you're coming from behind in terms of market share, and when people already have a predisposed idea of what a tablet should be. If the surface came first, it wouldn't have the task of changing peoples minds, but because it came last it has a lot of catching up to do which means WORK. Sitting on the shelves and claiming superiority means little. Ask the average person what a tablet is and they will tell you it's a large cellphone minus the radio (no additional functionality). If the Surface is "a large cellphone minus the radio," BUT with added functionality, MS needs to get it in the hands of the consumers and redefine what a tablet is. That might mean selling for a loss, but they would be actually "paying" for the attention of the consumers; a price worth paying for future success. ONLY AFTER THAT will people understand the slant in prices and realize that the first gen tablets have a redundancy with current smartphones. Having logic means nothing without execution. Microsoft has no finesse.
  • +1  
  • you nailed it man! if the kitchenis too hot, then get the hell out and stop complaining.  although, i think these are Samsung/Google trolls are here to stir the pond.  Fortunately, the pond is clear and there is nothing to stir to cloud out the fact that Surface 2/Surface Pro 1&2 are sumpreme products.  I WILL spend the money on these regardless. There is nothing prouder for me to be seen in these EXPENSIVE Premier products. So stop trolling, because Microsoft fanboy will buy them regardless!!!!
  • You really nailed it. I agree it rather sad to watch Microsoft ruin itself by these boneheaded moves. I wonder if it will ever change or whether it will eventualy lead to the downfall of Microsoft's device bussiness altogether.  
  • I think I read somewhere that Samsung/Google pay them to troll here and try to muddle up the supreme products made by Microsoft. so ignore them.
  • Excellent analysis.
  • I'll pass, too expensive.. I already have a Dell V8P, let's see if the rumored Surface mini offers something more than my current Dell
  • There hasn't been any new news about the Mini in a while. The more I keep waiting the more I think I'll never buying something.
  • It was always rumored to be revealed at BUILD this year.
  • Man I really hope this long awaited surface mini actually has something to really set it apart. A surprise early build of intel Cherrytrail CPU would be nice :)
  • Hmm, Cherrytrail is 14nm. So i predict you will not get a Cherrytrail device this year. Besides of this, Cherrytrail is x86, so not the preferred option for a Surface device.
  • I need it for T-Mobile
  • Unless I'm mistaken, it should work with T-Mobile LTE since its SIM unlocked.  I base that on the fact that my AT&T L920 gets LTE on T-Mobile.
  • If it don't have TMobile LTE bands it will not work.
  • Lol itll work with T-Mobile.   If it was a Verizon device then it wouldnt, but AT&T to T-Mobile will work just fine. 
  • Its not too expensive, as the Return on Investment should pay off many times over
  • Unless you will use it for work, there is very little return.
  • And do that many people us Windows RT for work as opposed to full Win8.1?
  • I do, but anecdotal != empirical. I use my surface 2 pretty much as an iPad replacement. Outlook and Office do what they need to do, then Netflix when traveling.
  • Of course i use it for work, as far as a tablet can be used for work (e.g. email, calendar, office). The restriction here is not so much RT as the available RAM, screen size, keyboard etc. For heavy work i have an ultra-book with according specs.
  • For people who want this, it's perfect for them.
  • Can't that statement be applied to any product/service?
  • Oh man, I can't imagine them moving too many of these.
  • 200 made nationwide probably. ;-)
  • $ thanks. I'll stick to the tethering option. Only good thing about that having LTE is you can use it as an upgrade and get a new phone. Then sell one of the phones to pay for it.
  • I can't think of a single reason for anyone, including Surface owners, to pick this up over a Nokia L2520. Even if they already have the covers, buying a 2520 with a cover is still cheaper than this. I can see another flop for the Surface with these kind of prices.
  • I know you'd never believe it, but I believe the Surface is a higher quality product. Although, I would buy neither and would prefer a Surface Pro model.
  • Why do you consider it a higher quality product?
    To me, the Surface has a nicer design than the 2520 (the built-in kickstand is more practical than have the stand only on the cover). But that's it.
  • See, the S2 LTE apparently has advantages to the Lumia 2520. For me for example the kickstand alone is worth a price difference of 100$. However i am satisfied with Wi-Fi only so the question of Lumia 2520 or S2 LTE is irrelevant for me.
  • I like the Surface better than Lumia Tablet.
  • I think the S2 design language is better modern than the Lumia, however I feel the build quality and hardware is better than S2. It just depends on preference. The slimnest of the Lumia and screen is better for me.
  • I agree the Lumia 2520 is a better deal for many users. They are both great products, each with their own advantages. The 2520 has only 32gb of memory and a micro USB 3.0 port, but you can add up to 128gb micro SD. Of course you cannot use the extended memory for apps at this point. You also sacrifice the kickstand and the strong case of the Surface, but for much lower pricer of $499, you get GPS, one of the best screens on a tablet, and ultra fast carging. It all comes down to what is more important to you, and if you are willing to spend the extra money if the Surface features are what you feel you need. I think the pricing is going to make the Lumia look like more of a bargain for those who need cellular connection. I do not use the 4G at this point on my 2520. I thought I would add it to my plan later, but with the ATT share plans, tethering is free, so I can tether it to my 920 and not pay the extra $10 a month to add the device when I need cellular data connection.
  • Any word on the pro 2 with LTE?
  • Read the article and you'll have the answer to that question.
  • What are you all talking about?!?!? The iPad 64 with 4g is 730$ here your getting LTE for less!
  • I believe the Lumia 2520 is 499$ no contract is what everyone else is talking about.
  • No thanks. I'm sure somebody wants this, but being on Verizon, I'll just stick to tethering my internet to devices from my phone when not near WiFi.
  • I thought it was great for iPad with and without LTE. When I traveled abroad, I bought Data sim card from that country to use my iPad when needed. Surface LTE will be using in the same dynamic, so I'm looking forward to use my MS Office and sync to Onedrive.
  • Can we 100% confirm its same hardware?
  • just need Here Drive+ and Cortana for Win8/WinRT and I'll build it into a car
  • That would be cool.
  • What soc is using, Tegra 4i or Snapdragon?
  • The Surface uses the Tegra 4. The Nokia L2520 uses the Snapdragon 800.
  • It's kinda late to the game.
  • late and expensive
  • The product I was waiting for to replace my Surface Pro, was the Surface Pro 2, however the changes are too minimal to even upgrade. They could make it at least a bit thinner, like they did with the Surface 2. I am patiently waiting on version 3
  • Way to expensive. I'll keep tethering my 64gb WiFi only surface that I got for 250 less
  • I want me a surface 2 so bad
  • Still costs too much
  • make it bigger
  • Well, Microsoft is getting there, slowly. Though I am can't shake off the feeling MS still needs a wink with a brick to get it right.
      They should offer more color options other than onlygrey; same for the Pro with it's only black. However, the fact that the Pro 2 is only available in black is not the deal breaker for me, it is the missing SIM tray. MS once said, no compromises and they kind of going in the right direction, but currently I still see too much compromises in the Surface lince of devices. Let's see what will come with the 3rd generation; all good things come by three ... right? Like in Surface Pro 3, or a 3rd angle for the build in kick stand ;)
  • One thing I don't understand is how LTE devices are so much more expensive than their Wi-Fi only versions. I have a hard believing the added internals would even cost a quarter of the extra $130. I guess they just want to make a huge profit on each device sold. This makes the Lumia 2520 a bargain.
  • Meh, I tether, so a Surface 4g doesn't tempt me. But it is good news that their is a demand.
  • Ouch.
  • I thought it was great for iPad with and without LTE. When I traveled abroad, I bought Data sim card from that country to use my iPad when needed. Surface LTE will be using in the same dynamic, so I'm looking forward to use my MS Office and sync to Onedrive.
  • Any word on when this will be sold thru ATT for a discount? If I connect the device before April 1, I get $100 bill credit. I asked a rep at the store the other day, and he smiled and said he didn't know (as if he was hiding something).
  • Microsoft needs to realize that this isn't the 90s anymore. They have competition and they're getting their asses handed to them. They need to undercut Apple and Google in price in order to compete.
  • If this can be ordered by ppl of corporates. Umm I mean pro 2 which will suit better to them
  • No, they do not have to at all. Microsoft is offering premium products. They leave the cheap stuff to the OEMs. Besides the Surface 2 LTE is alreaddy undercutting iPad 64GByte LTE in price.
  • Might as well just get an ultrabook...
  • Even though, the price might look good if compared with ipad or sony z but nokia 2520 at $500 with outstanding brightness and same RT is going to make it tough for Surface 2 LTE.
  • The 2520 as far as I know is 32 gig only and that's a big difference for me.
  • As soon as the pro version is out, I'm getting it!!!! This is exciting. I have the first version of the pro and I love it, but I'm tired of trying to find hotspots or using my phone to tether. Can't wait for the pro version!!!
  • Hard to believe there is any market at all out there for this particular device at this price point. Daniel will be one the 10 people who actually bought this.