Surface 2 is selling like "hotcakes" - best time to jump into Windows 8 is now

If you have been thinking about preordering Microsoft’s Surface 2, you might want to hurry up and get your order in. According to Microsoft, the new device has been selling like “hotcakes” (yes, they were that cliché) and they expect the Surface 2 (64 GB) and Surface Pro 2 (256 GB and 512 GB) are “close to selling out.”

Within the United States, Microsoft’s Arc Touch Mouse for Surface, Type 2 Cover (purple and black), and Touch Cover 2 have already sold out. The company’s General Manger for Surface, Brian Hall, stated that “pre-order stock of the Surface 2 (64 GB) and Surface Pro 2 (256 GB and 512 GB) are close to selling out.”

Analysts have been much more positive about Microsoft’s latest product and expect the tablet to sell much better than its first generation brother. The new Surface 2 tackles many concerns and issues with the original Surface and creates a much more appealing experience for users. Every aspect of Surface 2 has been improved, from its weight, to its battery life, to its everyday operation. The new Surface has the typical specs bump that we expect to see from new tech items, but also new leaps of engineering for better user experience.

The Surface keyboards, Touch Cover 2 and Think Cover 2, are now thinner and include backlit keys. Major improvements to the device itself include a new two angle kickstand for more comfortable use (especially on laps or surfaces that aren’t perfectly flat) and a battery that Microsoft claims has been improved by up to 75% efficiency.

If you intend on picking the Surface 2 early and want your choice of keyboard color, now is the time to head to Microsoft’s online store and pre-order. If a product that you want is already out of stock, you can sign up for email notifications for when the item is available.

Click here (opens in new tab) to visit the Microsoft Store online and preorder Surface 2.

Have you preorder Surface 2 yet?

 Source: Microsoft

Michael Archambault
  • I preordered
  • I am replying to this comment like hot cakes.
  • lol +2
  • Ha :D
  • Haha lol
  • I've never heard anyone use the word "hotcakes" other than in this saying. 
  • Can anyone comment on the battery life of Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro. Nothing is less productive than a tablet/laptop with no battery.
  • Obviously since its not out yet, we can only go by what MS claims. Surface 2 is 25% more (10-12hrs). Surface pro 2 is 75% more (7-8hrs). Adding the power cover will extend the battery an additional 50% (15-18hrs RT) (11-12hrs PRO)
  • Power Cover doesn't work on Surface RT
  • @J4rrod it does with the surface 2 though.
  • I'm loving all these new Windows 8.1 Tablet Announcements. Asus, Dell, HP & Surface. Can't wait to get some hands-on later this month at Best Buy before making my decision.
  • And Nokia... :)
  • Also preordered. I skipped the last Surface because the hardware worried me and the apps just weren't there. Looks like most of that is fixed :)
  • I'm getting one... For the holidays. :(
  • I feel you man, all these cool announcements and I have to wait for months...F***
  • Would they say anything else?
  • They wouldn't say anything, actually. Saying you're almost sold-out of preorders is more than just going "eh, it's doing well" or not saying anything at all (which is what usually happens). Of course, some will subscribe to the school of thought (i.e. insanity) that they want to create artificial demand by forcing scarcity. But that's nonsense.
  • Dan with spec leaks alone of nokia tablet would you recommened nokia lumia tablet or go for surface 2?
  • Honestly, no idea on that. Sorry. FWIW, I pre-ordered a 64GB Surface 2.
  • If you want cellular, I'd guess Nokia will be the cheaper option. Other than that, there has been nothing to make it stand out.
  • I can hear it now..."They only sold so fast cause there wasn't that many."
  • So they have learned some tricks from Nokia?   The acquisition works.  :)
  • TBH, there likely wasn't as many as last year. Although this year it's a much more desirable device and ecosystem.
  • I agree, but also believe that Microsoft did not overproduce Surface 2 after last years writeoff. That may have been one of the reasons for being sold out so soon? I do believe it is a great leap for the products and both Surface 2 and Pro 2 will do way better this time.
  • Wasn't it the same story with the original surface. I remember some stuff about them selling out here and there.
    Honestly, I love Microsoft, but there is not way that someone other than apple can sell overpriced stuff like hotcakes.
  • They could say nothing.
  • I haven't, but I want one...
  • I'm glad to hear that im probably gonna hold out for surface Gen 3
  • I'm a Surface RT owner and I use it everyday, but I'm probably going to hold out for Surface 3 too, or Surface x86 non-Pro.
  • I also own Rt I think the hate for it is undeserved..
  • I agree. I like mine. However, I would prefer a 2. The faster processor, new "flick stand",... All those the new things add up to a much better device. I'll hold out though. Maybe towards Christmas...
  • I have a Gen 1 and I hate it but will live with it for another year - Gen 3. Wont spend money again on them until they get them up to speed.
  • Yeap. Simply misunderstood.  I own an RT and I want to replace it (since I gave it to my brother for school), but I'm having a tough time choosing which I want. The RT did everything needed it to but there is a part of me, "what if I want to do more?"  The Pro is awesome, I'm just thinking that practically speaking maybe the pen would be the only thing extra I'd benefit from.  I already have a full time laptop that I use for moderate gaming/ work use.  The Surface would be my everyday tablet for every other use plus work when I don't want to lug my laptop around.  The remote desktop app is excellent.
  • I own the RT and love it, but it was a stop gap waiting for Haswell, I've pre-ordered the Pro 2 with the 256 SSD and 8 gigs of memory. Looking forward to loading Lightroom and Photoshop on it. It's going to be an awesome traveling machine to go along with the Lumia 1020 and Nikon D7000.
  • I have the Surface Pro. but whenever I use it in public, people mistake it for RT, so they stop and ask me how do I like it, is it useful or better than iPad... I love my Pro, its fast enough for everything I need to do as a developer. I use it as my main dev workstation connected to 27" monitor @ home with just a $15 mini DP to HDMI converter with another $20 for USB 3 hub connected to bunch of devices including 1.5 TB hdd with read/write speed faster than internal hdd on most desktops. But, I made the mistake of falling for the 64 GB instead of waiting 1 more month for the 128 GB. after I install Office, Visual Studio, SQL Server and dev tools, I'm always teetering around low disk space (less than 5 GB). whenever I want to develop for Windows Phone, I had to uninstall something to free up space as WP emulators take up nearly 4-8 Gigs....
    MS should at least make 128 GB as the base model for Pro. 64 GB is almost useless for Pro model (especially if you want to download large porn files on the side... I'm only kidding).
  • Imma hold out for Gen 5
  • I'm waiting for Hen 5. So there. (Sticking tongue out at you emoticon)
  • Anyone know if I'll get it sooner pre-ordering online vs. in store?
  • In store..
  • Last go around, they delivered it the day it was released.
  • Depends on your area, but I'm thinking in store.
  • Either way it will be sooner than an AT&T Lumia 920 getting a GDR2!
  • Oh snap!
  • Online orders are supposed to arrive at your home on the 22nd (same day as available in the store) and you won't have to wait in a long line to pick it up.
  • i am 90% decided to preorder the Surface 2, but the rumoured Nokia tablet is what is stopping me completly
  • Yeah. I'm at least going to wait till Nokia tablet to be released to decide between the 2
  • You only have 32GB RAM though.
  • You mean 32GB flash storage.  RAM is much faster volitile memory and 32GB is more than most modern servers have in them.
  • I'll wait for Nokia gen 2
  • Surface one sold out too.
  • Exactly. This mean nothing.
  • This is different! Surface 1 sold like hot dogs and this is selling like hot cakes!
  • Hot dogs > Hot cakes.
  • @rockstarzzz. I have to agree with you 100%. lol 
    hot dogs rock. lol
  • Selling like Lumia 520...
  • Didn't they say the same thing last year.
  • I'm hoping they'll be back in stock by November. Seriously contemplating on getting one then (if I don't change my mind)
  • My issue is playing media on my surface, I can't play Windows Media Center files and the codecs aren't around fir many of the other formats . Microsoft should have got this right first time with an awesome media player.
  • A year ago we were hearing noise about a VLC player coming to Win8, but I've heard nothing since.
    What I have found with my 128GB surface Pro is that Windows Media Center HDTV files are huge and fill the device in a hurry. You may want to recode to h264 anyway just for space.
  • Isn't there a Vlc app?
  • VLC took all our Kickstarter money, used it to develope the UI look for it, implemented it into iOS, and then has spent the last year telling us why Windows 8 sucks. I know there is no guarantee with Kickstarter, but this French companies whole approach and demeanor is completely unethical and immoral. I dont want to invest in a product, wait 10 months, see the product given to a different costumer base for free (that looks exactly like the mock up I invested in), then proceed to tell me why the product I will eventually get two years later sucks. Most un-user friendly company I have ever see.
  • I didnt at all take it that way. Their difficulties with Windows 8 are definitiely self-afflicted, however. Their commitment to only use open source code and tools is making it unneccessarily complicated. I havent seen an update since August.
  • They don't care about WMC anymore period and have said so. They aren't developing it any further.
  • Except it's not just WMC files, there's plenty of formats that don't play in RT.
  • Think Cover 2?? Am i missing something? 
  • I am sure he meant "Type".
  • "RT is fail, Microsoft should drop it." Yeah right.
  • I can't think of a better tablet for my couch time. The Pro is too much for my use and liking.
  • FYI RT did fail.. and it cost a CEO
  • Pretty big fail - $900M write-off
  • Xbox was a massive write off also in the first Gen. They should have killed that off.
  • They still have a chance to make some of that $900M back since they will continue to sell the original at $349.  Rumor has it that they started selling better after they dropped the price.
  • Um...if it failed, why is it still being made use of in new devices? You could argue that they are failing perhaps, but it has yet to fail...
  • Some people are just dying for another Kin or Zune to mock MS over. They are obsessed with wanting to call RT a failure. I think they will be disappointed..
  • Even Zune wasn't a failure. It was just rebranded and modified a bit to become Xbox Music. The Zune devices "failed" like every other mp3 device except the iPod. They were all late to the party, and the party was over when they arrived.
  • I wish Xbox Music was Zune software rebranded and modified! Not even close. Zune software was a thing of beauty; no one will likely say that about Xbox Music for years to come.
  • Good news for the guys over @ Redmond.We always want to see microsoft grow.
  • Well the battery life of the surface pro 1 hold me back, and the performance issues of the surface rt hold one of my friends back.
  • When my Dell Laptop dies, Surface Pro 2, I will get you!
  • +1. I still using my 6yr old Inspiron640m. Win8.1 preview made it a new machine but SP2 w/ battery cover will be mine.
  • I have an extra inconspicuous hammer if you need it...
  • I don't quite get this. What makes this iteratoin so batter, relative to the competition? The Surface RT ran on the then-current harware, and it was not received well. This one runs on a simply-upgraded version of that same hardware, and it's now seen better? The only possible answer there is that the applications available on the platform has reached a satisfactory level, in my opinion.
    Also, the "sell out" term never gets me excited. They saw how much excess stock existed with the first RT device, so they could have scaled WAY back, leading to selling out with only moderately-improved sales. I have to see comparative numbers (to the competition AND the predecessor) before I take this seriously.
  • Actually the Surface RT running tegra 3 was not "then current hardware" at all lol the Tegra 3 was released November 9, 2011 and the Surface RT was announced October 2012. MANY people were mad about Microsoft choosing the Tegra 3 instead of Qualcomms latest tech last October (the S4 Pro was already available) But anywho, I agree with the rest of your post, the "sell out" term doesn't mean much until I see numbers come this Holiday season how many units were ordered per country and then how many were actually sold. I can at least predict much higher numbers than the last gen just by the simple fact that they are getting the distribution channels correct this time and a much wider audience on release date.
  • The SurfaceRT ran on hardware over 6 months old. So, I wouldn't consider it current by tech standards
  • Outside of missing a few Apps, what makes the Surface RT worse than the first gen Android tablets or even the Android tablets today?  The only issue is that MS played themselves by not offering the Surface RT at a respectable price and sold the keyboard accessories for too much.  I bought the 64G Surface RT off eBay for $199.00 and love it.  I love the fact that my Surface RT is part of my home workgroup and can access and work on spreadsheets and word documents when I am at home.   Furthermore, I do play some games on it and find “Gunslinger” quite interesting.  The issue is perception.  You always have these so called hardcore bloggers bashing a product when they truly are not that tech savvy.  That said, I can access my banking app, stocks, NY Times, KHAN, AP and other apps from the RT.  I just want someone who actually does work and casual activities on a tablet to judge them.  That said, I do have an iPad and only use it for certain F(x)s.  I always see people talk about power and speed heck I have a high-end desktop and rarely run it to the max.  We can say the same about cars as well.  This is all marketing BS.  MS just needs to show what the Surface devices can do in a positive manner.  My only grip is the keyboards cost too much IMO.
  • In terms of speed, Surface 2 has the Tegra 4 and more imprtantly an increase in the bus speed. That last item means that disk and display access is greatly improved. That ended up being one of biggest reasons that Gen 1 RT felt slow. Early reports indicate that it is indeed much snappier.
  • Apps have a long way to go, but are much better now than when the original launched. Speed is up, battery life is up, and all the people with the mindset to avoid a gen 1 of any tech product no longer have that excuse. I also think word is starting to spread that the gen1 actually was a pretty useful device.
  • I honestly don't care how it stacks up against the competition in sales. I just want to see them make a profit on it and continue to build newer and better versions. If Zune had sold well enough without outselling the iPod, we'd probably have an awesome 4th or 5th generation Zune by now. It just has to be successful and that doesn't require it to outsell the competition. The Apple Mac is a prime example of how that's possible.
  • I sure hope English is your second language.
  • The differences between Surface RT and 2, besides RT's use of a not top of the line available processor and being overprices also included a launch with 10,000 apps in the store. As it turns out the device also had a few other nagging issues, that combined with that irritating Tegra processor, took the shine off the device.
    Surface 2 is much faster. I set the 2 next to my RT and launched the same apps and watched the differences. It was clearly much faster. The screen is higher res and brighter. And the nagging issues have been fixed: kickstand with choice, better cameras, much easier access to the SD card slot, Win RT 8.1 actually sees the SD card slot without a hack, 110,000 plus apps in the store, and a feature that I think is overlooked by most commentors but which makes a big difference to me: 200GB of SkyDrive for 2 years (and Skype too). That is a $200 retail value. All this for a lower starting price. After my experience with the RT, I wouldn't agree to buy the 2 through pre-order like I did last year. I needed to see it and touch it and use it first. I did and now I will buy one very soon.
    And I also have to believe that someone high up in the the corporate finance office at Microsoft had to sign off on this year's production order.
  • I wish it came with a 13" screen, so I can finally replace my home computer. But I suppose at 13", it wouldn't be as portable.
  • Buy a separate monitor.
  • ^+1 wait for that docking station and all your prayers will be answered.
  • Hmm ... Surface is already has full-scale USB port and HDMI port. So, does it still need any docking station I wonder?
  • I think the surface 2 has a micro-HDMI port and the pro 2 has a mini-dvi, unless I missed something.
  • Kiss of death cliche.
  • I ordered a Surface Pro 2 256GB in Germany, bad thing is u can't preorder colored Type Covers here (not Think Covers ;-) )
  • I'm waiting for someone to give me the Surface 2 Pro with 8 GB of RAM.
  • Who? The tooth fairy?
  • No. Santa.
  • Maybe Satan cause its Halloween your soul is mine hahahaha.
  • Sorry, but Santa is currently detained in federal lock up. There are no details available other than his arrest came about through data obtained by the NSA PRISM program and alleged violations of the Patriot Act. Looks like the 'ole boy wasn't as lucky as Edward Snowden or Julian Assange.
  • It's a shame Surface 2 don't have 128GB option. I'll be giving my RT to a family member and getting Surface 2 64GB.
  • I think after the surface rt fiasco they simply didn't build up such a big stock this time.
  • Wasn't a "fiasco". Just the people that didn't want it, wouldn't STFU. I dont want a Subaru, but I don't spend 10 hours a day telling everyone else why they shouldn't want one.
  • A $1 billion loss due to unsold product is a fiasco for any company.
  • It's only a fiasco or failure if a company doesn't learn something from the experience and make the appropriate changes (i.e. Vista got us to Win7).
  • I thought it was $900 million? I suppose $100 million between friends doesn't matter.
  • Eggs-zackt-lee!
  • I want to buy an Impreza, tell me why it's a bad car.
  • I loved my Outbacks over the years, but finally switched to Toyota for a vehicle that could pull a reasonably sized travel trailer. If Subaru had a car that could tow 5,000 pounds I'd still be a Subaru owner.
  • No and I won't
  • Well the battery life of the surface pro 1 hold me back, and the performance issues on the surface rt hold one of my friends back.
  • Are they going to sell these at best buy like they did the originals?
  • I talked to a floor reo in Best Buy the other day and he said yes, but wasn't sure when they would get some models in stock.
  • Cool, thanks!  I picked up the original from them and would like to do the same with the 2 to take advantage of 18 months no interest financing.
  • No. Best Buy has opted to sell hotcakes instead because...well...they sell like hotcakes.
  • Well all of you "kill RT" people, "no one wants it", can suck an egg now.
  • While I realize people are entitled to have their own opinions, I find this (99.999% of the time) totally based on ignorance. Sure, the majority of people DO NOT know the difference between RT and 8 so that certainly contributes to my sentiment. These are people that wouldn't be able to install legacy apps since there is no CD drive and they do not have the savvy to know external drives exist. I'm not naive in thinking people don't try to download desktop apps, but the reality is that the most commonly used desktop programs are a web browser and word processor, which RT comes with. Sure, people "want" choices, but there are very few "typical" people that download a different web browser based on specs as opposed to assuming it is what they are supposed to do.
    Having built my own desktops for over a decade and owning a Surface RT that both my wife and I share for our professional jobs, I plan on getting a Surface 2 at some point to replace my desktop for all things except storage and playing console-quality games (that I actually rarely play as it is now). It's funny that people complain about not havings apps available in the Windows Store and yet there still exists a vocal community that want the world switched to Linux and even OS X. People use the tools they have available to get jobs done unless they work in a very specific industry. I've been working with college student-athlete's in my recent job and I have had many ask me about my Surface RT since (in their words) "it seems like a better idea than my iPad". Of course, these are kids that have never seen a Surface and likely ignore Surface ads, if they ever see them. Without any doubts, the next device my mom and aunt both get will be Surface RT devices.
  • I pre-ordered a surface 2 last night. After i played with one at the microsoft store i was sold. Its much faster than the surface rt and is extremely good build quality. It was that or get the T100 and I dont think i'll regret my decision.
  • This is pretty much to be expected. That's not a knock on Microsoft. The first "wave" of stock available for pre-order was probably modeled after what "sold out" last time around with the Surface 1 RT and where sales are now. Both numbers are comparatively low, so Microsoft has wisely made an appropriate amount of stock available this time.
    What matters is If they're ever confident enough to release sales numbers for the first weekend or for the first 30 days. Apple and Samsung do this for their successful products. Microsoft does it for Windows 8 licenses. If they don't do it for Surface, we know nothing has changed.
  • I wish they had better trade in for RT users.
  • Yeah, I would love to upgrade from my RT to a 2!
  • But I guess they don't care about early adopters/Loyal customers. But the silver one just looks amazing.
  • is the surface pro 2 also available in stores like best buy?
  • Currently in two minds having not bought the lumia 1020. O2's sim free price was beyond eye wateringly high. Right now im waiting for nokia's event before i make my choice. Also I'm more interested in the gpu capabilities of haswell.
  • Yes, but how fast do hotcakes sell? Aren't they down from last year. Should I buy Microsoft stock or Betty Crocker? I just need to know if this is good or bad news?????
  • I'd like a stack of three with maple syrup and a side of bacon.
  • It all depends, if you have a family of 5 you'll need at least 10 hotcakes but the store only had 6, you ask the manager if they have more and says no cause the company only sent 7 but he tells you that the first hotcake sold really quick....... Just ignore me..
  • MS products are GMO and gluten free. Not true for Betty Crocker. It's your health!
  • Honestly, it isn't impossible for Microsoft to market Surface 2 as a damn good product...and they've been doing just that with the new ads, productivity-centric messaging, etc. Maybe they just finally got lucky.
  • Ok....since all the anti-RT clowns are chirping again, here is the honest break down for those who are new...
    If you want an iPad/tablet experience and word processing, apps, email, and browsing is essential want you want.... Get the Surface 2.
    If you want a complete laptop replacement.... Get the Surface 2 pro.
    Some of you people. You go into an Apple store, the people looking for a MacBook dont go over to the iPad stand and tell everyone iPad's suck. I actually think one big downfall is the fact that the RT and Pro look identical, causing people to naturally compare the two when they are COMPLETELY different products aimed at different people.
  • Because they're complete idiots. You sir, have my vote.
  • Clowns chirp?
  • I registered just to say this comment is my favorite ever.
  • Preordered my Surface 2 64 GB. But it says it won't ship until October 25th. So if they are almost sold out, why are they delaying the ship date? I would go to the store but then I can't use my student discount.
  • I'd be willing to wait an extra three days of I got a student discount.
  • i honestly dont know how much i believe MS here...but if they are close to selling out pre-orders good for them. its hard to believe considering how poorly the RT/Pro sold.
  • They didn't sell that poorly for a first generation product.  Like any product they tend to hit their stride second or third generation.  
  • I hope that's the case...I'm just reiterating the press as according to them it sold poorly.
  • And the press really don't have any sources, do they? Everything is based around speculation and the $900 million writer-off. While the latter is certainly not a good thing, all it shows us is that they made too many. The implications could go either way on actual sales. Also, there's no proof that the surface was the reason for Ballmer to retire earlier than he had previously planned. His yearly bonus took a hit, but they're continuing with iterations of the surface and the board members want to keep him on the board.
  • Can't wait for the power cover to become available, that's all I need for my 1st Gen surface pro. Oh...i forgot about the car charger also.
  • Preordered Surface 2 for my wife who finally got tired of not having multitasking and inputs on an ipad.  The commercials probably helped. 
    I'm waiting to see what kind of heat Nokia brings with the 2520 or will wait for the mini for myself; too early to replace my pro. 
  • Waiting for review of the second generation surfaces, like hotcakes.
  • Yes, me too. It is a bit disappointing that MS didn't have surfaces for testing by the press right after the presentation. So far no reviews, only first impressions.
  • I am not going to pre-order.  I think Microsoft will keep cranking these things out as demand dictates, so I do not anticipate long delays getting one.  I definitely want to try before buying and compare to Yoga 2 and possibly other hardware.
  • I am going to buy a tablet in the next 120 days or so but before I do buy one I want to see what Nokia has to offer...if they really do..then I'll buy. But not before.
  • In the name of truth you should also have noted that they also said that the pre-order stock was limited.
    It doesn't change the fact that those limited numbers are selling well but still.
  • I want to see if the 2520 is as good or better first before choosing between them
  • I want lte and then I'm in for sure. Need connections. I don't like hotspotting takes tooooo much power on my 1020
  • All the type cover 2's are out of stock. I want the purple one with my surface pro 2.
  • The US is certainly the world leader in creating a feeling of scarcity amid abundance. Better order now, before it runs out!
  • Bought my surface rt a few weeks ago for 200 bucks brand new, couldn't be happier.
  • 2...where?
  • I preordered surface 2, but touch cover 2 was never available for preorder for my country.
  • Damn, Surface 2 is so fucking interesting device but.. So is Pro 2 :(((
  • They said the same thing when the orig surface came out,
    OH WELL..
  • Surface mini,1520 or if the surface is price $300 bucks i will definitely jump on this, msft never learn, they cant compete with the iPad, they have to built cheap tablet..
  • Apple? Really? When was the last time Apple did something INNOVATIVE? None of they laptops or all-in-ones touchscreen - and thats a company which brought touch to public. Or what iPhone still 4" screen? And they homescreen still looks the same since iPhone 1.0? iPad? Same iOS as they iPhone? Just bigger screen. No file brosers, no software installs only apps, no USB. Pffff you must be joking. Apple is not innovation anymore, they playing catching up now with the rest of the world. 
  • I agree with you.
    But msft is playing catch with people's mind share, people always say msft products are hard to use and expensive, that's why they have to compete with the pricing department of the surface, the pro is just too expensive, the surface is a great device but still the $499 price is just too much for a lot of people, they have to create mini tabs and cheap, im currently using the iPad mini, and I must say that apple is way behind but its still very easy to waiting to a surface mini.
  • They are close to selling out because Microsoft offered them as prizes to anybody that agreed to select Bing in the Bing-It-On Challenge.
  • LOL! I wish. :P
  • I bought a dell xps10 with windows it...nice to know the SP2 is selling. Did u know Delta pilots are using them for flight data now...
  • Should i better avoid Delta until tests have proven surface 2 is fast enough?
  • Glad it's working out for them, but really - all this proves is that they didn't manufacture more than they could realistically hope to sell this time.
  • True, so true.
  • But I haven't landed the dream job yet!. I just need like a month..
    I guess its Surface Mini, or Surface 3 for me..
  • Lets hope there are long lines in most cities around the country. Long lines. Even at Best Buy stores and Staple's
  • Find it hard to believe anyone would pay for a $2000 device like the 512gb model. They are only almost sold out if they made 4 devices. I love the look of the surface pro 2 but I'm not ditching my pro for it. I can sell my 128gb for about $700 and I would need to get the 256gb 8gb ram to justify the upgrade in the first place. But at that point it would cost me another $700 to reach the $1400 cost of the surface pro 2 I would need. NOT WORTH IT. I will live with abysmal battery life (literally I get 3.5 hours doing nothing on it) and terrible speakers for another 8-12 months...
  • This feels quite distinctively like manufactured scarcity, and yet I can't help but think there are a lot of people out there like me who were very interested in Surface RT but found performance & screen resolution to be lacking. Maybe they were all similarly waiting for the update we all knew was coming?
  • Woot, this is good news!!
  • I'd love to pre-order the surface, but will have to wait till November/December to pick one up.
  • I'll keep both of our RTs, but would like to add an 8" tablet for myself. iPad mini and Android based tablets shouldn't inquire. 
  • I'm waiting for the 40" tabletop version with an aquarium under it. :)
    I'm only half kidding
    I actually plan on getting a Surface soon, not sure which tho.
  • I think all surface rt buyers should get a discount for the surface 2
  • I've already pre-ordered the pro 2 :)
  • its funny how people havent preordered Surface 2, because of an imaginary Nokia tablet... really?
    what does have nokia that Surface wont have? only LTE (supposely) but what abotu accesories? do you think Nokia tablet will have the same amount of accesories.
    Well its not my money but its silly wait when its obviouys surface 2 will be probably better, and better supported by Microsoft ;) just saying
  • The Nokia tablet will be a different style. I am interested to see what that is prior to committing to the Surface 2. Accessories are not that interesting to me. Only thing I ever got for my iPad was a plain cover. Assuming similar price and performance I'll go for the one which I find more appealing to hold.
  • Why not wait to see what they have to offer?
  • What's a Think Cover 2? Shouldn't ut be Type Cover 2?
  • I SO want a Surface 2! Yay
  • I find this news so nice, I want the Surface to be a grand success but also I would love to see this in India.. !!
    Will we in India never get it ??
    Are we so useless a market that we are even behind New Zealand?
  • A lot of the anti-Surface crap is identical to the Zune situation. Almost everyone I knew that bashed the Zune had never touched one. These people have invested 1,000's into iTunes between apps, music, and movies. They are mainly worried that if the community shifts back to Microsoft, that to have the "cool" device they'd have to switch and in turn leave all that media on the table. I actually had to of my friends admit to this.
  • If John Lewis allow me to pre-order then I probably will. But there's nothing on their website at the moment. :(
  • I just tweeted JL and they will NOT be offering the Surface 2 on pre-order. :(
    I will wait as their 2 year warranty is worth it.
  • Feeling left out, and poor like most. I probably won't get one until my Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2 dies, which probably will be a while.
  • I want a 512gb version of Surface RT to download all the market on it!
  • I just preordered the 256gb Pro... It is now listed as shipping on Oct. 29, was still the 22nd when I almost did last week. Lends some credence to this. Really looking forward to the device.
  • I didn't preorder - reason is simple Dell Venue 11 Pro! 50% cheaper then Surface with the same stats - even micro SD and USB 3, 1920 res, ssd etc etc etc... and $500.
  • Yep... I pre-ordered a pro
  • Nokia should hire people too to camp out outside Nokia Stores or ask them to go there infront of the door early in the morning to queue, just like Apple does. This kind of trick works in Korea, China, and the US.