Surface Hub demand is 'exceeding expectations'

Microsoft's impressive Surface Hub is "exceeding expectations" as demand increases and production ramps up. There's even going to be a 'try before you buy' scheme, but don't get too excited if you think you're going to trial one!

Today's news comes from Microsoft's Brian Hall who shared the details on the Windows Blog earlier this morning:

In only nine months since our launch, we've shipped Surface Hubs to over 2,000 customers in 24 markets. The average deal size is approximately 50 units, but we've seen orders as large as 1,500 units to a large car manufacturer. This makes our team so, so proud.

Given the price of the Surface Hub, that 1,500 unit delivery is a pretty amazing sell for Microsoft, and production of the Hub is now being ramped up. Resellers worldwide have stocks and Microsoft is introducing a try and buy scheme where companies can try out the Hub before committing top a large order. The US and European markets will be first to get the chance to try one for 30 days with Asia to follow at a later date.

Good news to close out the year on for Microsoft for sure!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • Woah
  • Hot damn!
  • Why don't get too excited?
  • Because you can't try one. Not unless you're gonna spend tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Not even themselves have access to them. The Microsoft Spain guys at the Xataka Awards had to deal with a prototype that shutdown itself every five minutes. It was both amazing and depressing.
  • But they have them at MS stores. Well, at least in my last visit to San Diego (black friday weekend) they had the 88inch version of the hub for anyone to try (I did). Or you meant that they send you one to try it, and if you don't like it you can return it? I wish they had MS Stores here in Mexico :/
  • Pls MS this must be true. Well done if true. 
  • It's from a Microsoft press release. It's true.
  • Meh. Only rich people and large businesses care.
  • you care enough to comment, so which one are you?
  • well...they're made FOR businesses..and I guess if someone is rich enough they can buy one for fun?
  • Ok, let's do some simple math, folks. 2000 * 50 = 100000 units. If 50% were 84in, that equalled (50000*22000)+(50000*9000) = $450M. That's not including accessories and Microsoft complete. Even though corporates got good deal, I would think we can put the figure to around $400-$500M. Now, that's huge. Edit: The correct total sum should be $1.5 billion. Thanks for the below reply. Windows calculator got me somehow.
  • Reaching man of steel s total collection.
  • Your math sucks. 450M is just the small ones, add the 84in an the sales value goes to 1.55M.
    But I think they sold a lot less of the 84in, at max 30%.
  • I don't get your English.
  • More like $1.5 billion if you assume a 50/50 split between the 55" and 84" versions.
  • Thanks, yes, you're correct. Amazingly, 450M is the result of that equation when I type it in Windows calculator though.
    Edit: Now I knew why, the calculator need me to press"=". Hmmm.
  • I think you need to redo your calculation as you seemed to miss the first term of the equation lol. 50,000*9,000=450e6 on its own. However, 50,000(22,000+9,000)=1.55e9. I would be more conservative though and assume maybe 15% of those sold were the 84" model. In that case you are looking at approximately $1.095 billion. Also, in the deal with the large automotive manufacturer of 1,500 units, I would assume they probably got a nice price cut. ​This is a fantastic start for the Surface Hub, but I would be cautious in saying that they broke the billion dollar sales mark just yet. Kudos to the Surface team, and hopefully momentum picks up!! Would love to see one of these in the wild at some point :)
  • Thanks, I already corrected my calculations according to above comments. The reason why I put 50% on 84in is only that to me, 55in is not a good collaborative device when you work in a group. The bigger screen can differentiate.
  • I work for the auto mancufaturer. I see these things all the time. They really are great.
  • which auto manufacturer is it? Just curious
  • the one that recently moved to Texas and starts with a T.
  • Toyota
  • Come-on, you don't have to say it.
  • TESLA. Moved to texas to work with Nasa in Houston
  • I'm in Dallas so there's your answer. Really though the interface on these things is pleasing to use. I actually tried touching an TV while shopping in Best Buy - it didn't work, but using a Surface Hub for a 2 hour meeting earlier, my mind was still in touch mode. You get use to it quicly, a testament to is simpleness. The day this tech is consumer-priced I'll be a buyer   
  • I'm on a call deploying a pilot unit for a major PC manufacturer as I type this. I'll tell you these things are very alien to most Exchange and Skype for Business admins. They run on Windows 10 team. Can only be pseudo domain joined, do not recognize group policy, require a unique Activesync policy, and a few other quirks.
  • That's why It's called a collaborative device.
  • We have 2 at work. Pretty cool.