Surface Hub release delayed again as Microsoft jacks the price up by $2,000

Microsoft has some bad news for businesses who wanted to get the big Surface Hub touchscreen PCs. The company has raised the prices for both the 55-inch and 84-inch versions of the Windows 10 PCs and has delayed the release of the products again as well.

According to Petri:

"When the Hub was announced, it was initially priced at $6,999 for the 55 inch and $19,999 for the 84-inch model, but now the company is going to increase the price of the device for all new orders. Starting today, if you order a 55-inch Hub, it will cost you $8,999. If you purchase the 84-inch version, the price will now be $21,999. For those who have already ordered the devices, the company will honor the initial price.

In addition, Microsoft's plan to start shipping the Surface Hubs on January 1 has been pushed back. Petri was told by a Microsoft spokesperson that the new ship date will be sometime later in the first quarter of 2016, but no other information was revealed. Microsoft began taking pre-orders for the Surface Hubs in July, and this new delay won't make those folks who put their order in early happy.

Source: Petri

John Callaham
  • How do they justify those prices...and delays
  • they have completely lost their minds.
  • MS is probably high on all the W10 apps being released. ;)
  • I was never sold on this tech anyway.  They should just drive down the cost of large touch screens (55" & 84"), and then allow people to plug in Windows10 PC's into them.  Nothing I've seen from the Surface Hub is exceptional (IMO).  If that doesn't kill it, delays and price hikes might.
  • A surface hub is just a way for a businness to show muscle when it receives a client. Prices and delays should not change much in the big picture because of this. When you buy a diamond a little price variation won't change your mind (it was actualle the point of the purchase to spend a lot of money just to show you can), and since it is not something NEEDED you won't care about some months delay.
  • Yes and No. True telepresence setups are A LOT more expensive than this.
  • Actually, priceswise, it actually stacks up well against the competition. If you compare it to a like for like from say Steljes. Even a basic Polycom or Cisco unit, with panel, with maintenance is gonna run you close (at least on the original pricing). Its not so far out for corporate use, its also got all its cables hidden away. Anyone who has had to deal with people pulling VC units apart will understand. The hub itself is "consumerised" meaning you won't need to train anyone how to use it. Sure, us nerds could just use Win 10 and an HD or 4K screen. But the way the Surface Hub schedules meetings, and wipes itself after use and other user friendly techniques makes it very nice for shared meeting areas.  The biggest problem will be the expensive pens going walkies. I've actually used both versions, and they are amazing.
  • Made in Oregon appears to be very costly indeed. Perhaps I'll complain less about made in China labels on everything.
  • New Lumia devices seem to be coming from Taiwan o.O
  • It's coming soon...
  • How did they justify the price of pixelsense?
  • Same way they justify destroying Windows phone's ui by replacing it with a cheap Android knockoff plus live tiles launcher.
  • It's not all that different. I loved the ui on my Lumia 1520 and I love the ui on my 950 XL.
  • Always finding new ways for people not to buy their products!
  • Any realistic fan will agree with me when I finally say that MS sucks!... And, that's coming from a MS fan... SMDH... It's something stupid everyday..
  • And again you're basing this on an uninformed opinion. This piece of equipment isn't really overpriced when you look at what it does and what it competes against. But you'd know that had you actually researched anything beyond the fact that the price has increased.
  • Thank you. The Surface Hub may look like a consumer able item, but it isn't design for the basic consumer. Most of us don't work in this part of the world so we can't appreciate the value or the pricing.
  • Whos talking about price?.. What are you talking about? SMDH. What?
  • So what are you complaining about, a delay on a product that hasn't existed yet? Face it, you don't know technology or business. Go do what you know, what ever that is, and troll forums for that.
  • Few mistakes like this cost more to MS.
  • Gee!
  • All going according to The Mastermind's plan! /s
  • While I'm glad they're honoring the original prices for those who already ordered, a price increase AND delay? Doesn't exactly instill faith in the product, does it?
  • Actually it kind of does inspire some confidence. It depends on the reason for the delay and increase. If they are the result of initial testing showing the original hardware was not good enough to meet the quality expectation then this is good. That would mean they are delaying in order to get the better components and increasing the price to new customers to cover the cost of these better components. That would be good quality control. That inspires more confidence than somebody saying the ship date must be met even if it the product is not right.
  • Thanks for a thoughtful response not based on enmity, frustration over an unrelated product, or some other non-sequiter.
  • Wow, and I already thought it was expensive :/ 
  • $9000 is almost nothing for a business that is willing to have a Surface Hub. This is not for consumers.
  • What on earth justifies such a hike?
  • Because the original prices weren't expensive enough.
  • Better have an 8k resolution
  • Only at Microsoft: Delay & higher cost. Because your our biych. Only at............................................. Microsoft.
  • Lol! Nice one
  • WTH are thinking with such a Product Price! Anyways! Next year:
    Apple Screen! 40,000
    Six months later: 5 millions sold so far! While the surface hub at MSFT:
    We are to proud announce that the first millions Hubs have been sold ^o^
  • Millions?!lol its an enterprise device not a console...
  • It's apple dude! 10+000 for a watch! Why not their "apple screen" for 40,000* not 4M* my bad! But indeed!
  • Whatever crack you're smoking I'll have two.
  • lol
  • I'm sitting at my desk looking out the window at about 20 corporate jets parked on the ramp. The least expensive is probably around $20million. All of them will purchase jet fuel from us before they take off. That will range anywhere from $1000 <> $4000 (prices are down right now) Surface Hub isn't for my living room, or even the conference room at the local law office. I can see it being deployed in a few multi-location corporations and maybe even be used in luei of a few take-off and landings. The accounting department might even be able to report it paid for itself in short order. My point being that this product isn't aimed at the consumer value equation. Just as the Gulfstream isn't.
  • Are you in Dallas? Atlanta? Houston?
  • True that... But you can't blame those who blame Microsoft... Coz they are trained by Microsoft to be like this for years...
  • How come Windows 10 doesn't have that type of lockscreen on PC or Phone?
  • Phone had it for a bit, via a MS Garage app. Nothing else looks like that though, you're right. They should use it more places.
  • Ask to Belfiore....I m still waiting the promised Lock screen APIs from 2013...
  • I remember you even made an app
  • Belfiore is out of office. Probably indefinitely. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • He's not! Well ge is back in mid 2016, or what he said...
  • Yeah! On my history I found your app today! Long memories, that promises...
  • Not to bad of a price, alot of beginning company's can benefit from this.
  • Yeah if I was a company owner I would not purchase that. Too many bugs. 10 has crashed with bsod sooo many times for me for no reason. System process should not terminate for no reason.
  • Anecdotes aren't useful. At all. Look at my household. Three Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4, Surface 3, Alienware X51 Gen1, Alienware 18, home built PC, Lenovo W540, and Dell Inspiron 2-1 running Windows 10 with zero incidents. Does this mean the rollout was flawless? No.
  • And my point was that it did have flaws and by demonstrating flaws it proves that there WERE flaws (not flaws for everyone). However, if I wanted to say it was 100% perfect with no problems whatsoever, then the anecdote would not work as it does not rule out the possibility of something going wrong based on everyone. Example: I say that humans CAN get sick. I show you a sick person. Then that proves the point. However, if I say that people can't get sick, and I show you 1 million healthy people, that isn't useful as that is a hasty generalization as there is still that sick person. Therefore, what you said is half correct, as it works if it is not a hasty generalization.
  • To use your analogy, your original post was the equivalent of: I'll never hire a human employee. I know a guy who gets sick all the time. I'm sure if I hire another human they'll be exactly the same and therefore a waste of money.
  • Not even. I never even said "All the time." My point is, if a person like me winds up with blue screens after never having them before, it MIGHT happen to others. (Also considering the thousands of people on that speak of their problens and that leading searches in Bing and Google are "I hate Windows 10.)
  • Those same google searches existed for "I hate Windows 8"  'I hate Windows 7" 'I hate Windows Vista"............... I suppose Microsoft is actually happy that it is their product that is on so many machines in the world that it isn't a competitor that has those leading Google searches.  :) As for the analogies that were being discussed, when my mother was asked "Why did you have so many kids?" (seven) she would simply reply "because I was so certain that if I had enoough kids, I would surely get one good one" She was an amazing mom. She told each one of us that we were the one she was talking about. :)
  • You are engaging in the red herring fallacy.
  • Nadella keeps delivering.
  • ¡¿What is going on over there up in Redmond?!
  • Sculley time. Happens to most companies at some point. Some survive.
  • An 9000$ is high but not that much for the 55 inch , but it's absolutely very hight for the 84 inch , I mean they increased the size by 29 inch but that doesn't mean the price have to go up by 13000$ !
  • There's more than just a screen involved, it's not a T.V. It's a multi-touch display, which when you get in these huge sizes, does get huge prices.
  • Lol... You're a great mathematician it seems... It's not a stick to talk about the one dimensional length... Think about the surface of the surface hub...
  • It'll never be released.
  • Come on...