Surface Neo TwopaneSource: Microsoft

What you need to know

  • Microsoft's Surface Neo store listing no longer states the device is "Coming Holiday 2020."
  • The Surface Neo was already suspected to be delayed, but the page adds confirmation.
  • Microsoft will release Windows 10X to single-screen devices before any dual-screen devices.

Microsoft's Surface Neo listing on the Microsoft Store no longer states that the device is "Coming Holiday 2020." Delays of the dual-screen PC were already suspected, but the update to the page provides some confirmation. You can check out the current store listing and compare it to this archived version of the page from the Wayback Machine. The only difference appears to be that it no longer states "Coming Holiday 2020."

With Microsoft shifting the priority of Windows 10X to single-screen devices, it's not a surprise that the dual-screen Surface Neo would be delayed.

The Surface Neo is a folding device with two screens and was set to be one of the first devices running Windows 10X. Windows 10X on any device, single or dual-screened won't be released this year, according to recent reports. When Windows 10X does come out, it will first arrive on more traditional single-screen devices, though it could roll out to dual-screen devices at some point in the future.

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